And then there were two

So of my three choices (ring, Ohio, webinar) the webinar is officially out.

I’m so confounded by it too. Maybe these are pseudo-rich people problems I’ve never encountered before and that’s why it confuses me so much. But how a woman that speaks and writes book about empowerment can turn around and penalize someone for needing to opt for a payment plan option and thereby not give them a discount is beyond me.

Some blah, blah about there already being a discount and yes you could get over $400 more off with the coupon code but then you had to pay it all upfront. Like give or don’t give a discount. Totally up to you, but financially penalizing someone who obviously needs the discount or wouldn’t be asking for a payment plan option seems low. They offer the payment plan. They offered the discounts. It’s not like I was asking for special treatment.

This webinar lasts over 3 months. So it makes no logical sense to me why not, if payment plans are an option to also give people the discount, which was supposed to be available to everyone who attended the webinar series I just saw. That just seems a harsh penalty. I mean I do pay $5 per payment to my car insurance for not paying it all in one lump sum and although that seems very reasonable, I still don’t like it.


Honestly, truthfully, I’m actually a little afraid to go to Ohio. Not because I’m afraid about the traveling itself. Just that it sounds so crazy. My mom said the same thing and I said “mom, if you didn’t think it was a little crazy then I’d have to think you were a little crazy. Because it does sound crazy.”

But this is me following my soul and heart. The soul dictates, the heart confirms if it’s the right thing to do. And this feels like the right thing to do. Still doesn’t give me more clarity besides just knowing I should go. I need to go.

But…..then there is still the ring. What to do? What to do? Well. I decided if it’s there tomorrow I’m buying it and I’m going to sell my wedding ring set to not suffer a loss. I don’t want the ring, beautiful as it may be. I will never wear it again. So why have it around? Means nothing to me anymore. At one time it meant so much, but that seems like a few lifetimes ago now.

Soooo…..we keep progressing. The cheapest flights I can find put us into next month. I’ll need to make sure I can get a car and place first and then book the flight. Hopefully we can keep this as inexpensive as possible.

It still makes me feel nervous though. I don’t know if it’s the flight or the not knowing. It reminds me a little of going to the buddhist retreat. How apprehensive I was because I didn’t know what I was walking into, what it would look like, how it would be.

This is going in just as blind, if not more so. I am jittery even thinking about it. No one ever said following the signs would be easy though. Did they?