Us vs them, “Only the Truth” media outlet

Jeezus H. Mary!!!

I’m so sick of this. Is anyone else sick of this?

Frankly, I don’t care if it’s the apocalypse.

I don’t know that I truly believe there is a secret organization of people, as high as the pope, feeding off the blood of small children and organizing pedophile rings.

And while I do believe that 5G is knocking down our energy fields and killing our immune systems.

And that Bill Gates is trying to help the government perform genocide and population control.

Ultimately there is almost nothing I can do about those things.

Because singularly, I have so little control over the atrocities in this world.

So I try to do what I can from where I am.

My goal is to exemplify and deliver kindness to this world… everyone and, of course, to myself as well.

Because even though I am a huge conspiracy theorist at some point we all have to come to terms with the fact that our actions need to be accountable.

We can say we care. We can get up on our soap boxes and rant and rave. We can display our various flags and tout our positions strong and proud.

But ultimately, what will really matter, is who we are and what we do.

And I choose to not be part the problem, to not be part of this “us vs them” mentality anymore. To not just sulk in the corner bemoaning the horribleness of it all.

And I absolutely refuse to carry hatred around as a badge of honor, even against those that seemingly deserve it. Because that is how evil prospers. That is how evil wins; by justifications, by turning a blind eye, by contempt and self-righteousness, by selfishness and thinking oneself better than others.

Look…. life is hard. Now more than ever it seems so chaotic and difficult to see the way.

But our hearts, our souls, our intuition, our connection to Divinity is there to guide us, if we let it.

To guide us to a place of hope, of compassion, of building the bridges that are being torn down.

This is the time to choose. Are you walking the walk of your beliefs or just grumbling and moaning your way through this life, trying to find cover?

It’s one thing to say you care and/or to consider your heart and soul to be good and quite another to actually demonstrate that day to day through real action.

I believe now more than ever we need to unite. We need to look beyond the lies we are told. We need to look within ourselves and find our hope and faith and love for all of humanity and for our beautiful planet.

Because we are part of it all, and it is all part of us. This is our saga. This is our chance. We must decide to stand for something or accept we will die for nothing.

I stand for love!

I stand for compassion!

I stand for kindness!

I stand for truth!

The truth in my heart that tells me there is hope; that mankind is not destined for self-destruction. That the capacity that we have innately inside each of us; to love, to heal, to bring out the best of ourselves is there.

And I’m hoping maybe the time has come to turn this boat around for all of humanity towards a better world; a world of more compassion.



There should be a news outlet called Only the Truth. Where everything is triple cross checked for accuracy and nothing is slanted in any one direction.

A place any “side” can go to for accurate and unbiased stories. One where they do not retract anything but only correct innaccuracies when they are found.

I wish something like that existed that was truly trustworthy. I think I like the BBC and PBS as the closest to that, but I recognize that everyone and everything has a slant… even me. Lol


Voice of reason

I was wondering today why I have been surrounded by narcissist, pessimists and bitter people my entire life. I realize the world is full of them and they can’t be avoided but I seem to have close and inescapable relationships with them since birth.

Why, I can’t say for sure. But I do firmly believe we are all where we are for a reason.

And I think….

now more than ever the world needs voices of calm, reason, peace and acceptance. The world needs to be reminded of how much love we all carry in our hearts and that kindness and consideration can be and should be extended to everyone.

I know we can all be and have all been narcissistic, pessimistic, selfish, childish, irrational beings at one time or another. So we all understand those feelings and know how detrimental they can be. We know how insidious they can become.

And it’s up to each and every one of us to not just guard against it taking up root within ourselves but also be a beacon of hope to others mired in it.

We don’t do this through self-righteousness, lectures or taking harsh stands. We do this by example. Showing an example of the kindness we wish to see. Showing an example of the wisdom we wish to impart. Showing an example of the benefits of kindness.

And that’s why I suppose I’m here now. Why I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through. Why I’ve learned the lessons I have. To stand here today and be a voice of reason, even if only to myself.

Or maybe I have just had a shitty life because I’ve had a shitty life. Lol. Who’s to really say. And who’s to really care.

I’m not even complaining really, just making observations and trying to see some benefit and reasoning to it all.

It’s hard to grasp that sometimes, but being grateful helps clear some fog away and at least make things bearable and sometimes even enjoyable.

But then again I’ve always had a bit of a martyr streak in me. Which I’ve made peace with. And it makes me laugh when I take a stand for something, because I generally do it without any forethought. I just do what I think needs to be done.

Some fights I’m willing to pursue. Some hills I’m willing to die on. They give my life meaning and worth, even though they at times cost me greatly.

But hey…no one comes out of this life thing unscathed. Do they? 🤣🤣🤣