Hmmmm…. deleted Fetlife

Ever since I’ve had that account I was proud of it. I didn’t ever anticipate wanting to delete it. I was pretty sure I never would.

But I just did.

For starters because I don’t feel like that person anymore and I definitely don’t look like anything anywhere near that right now.

I still am a sex fanatic. I still enjoy “naughty” or fetish sex….. all kinds of it. All kinds of sex in general but……

I’m not interacting with people at all right now and I want to break the bond of that life.

Move on to something else maybe. Something beyond.

Can’t quite formulate what that will be yet. What it will look like. I know going forward a vanilla sex life would be hard maybe but who’s to say.

Who indeed?

(But me I guess๐Ÿ˜œ)