Gotta use the pain to your advantage

We have to use the things that distress us in life to grow and heal, ourselves and/or the world.

We have to use our adversities and adversaries to our advantage as much as we can. No?

What’s the alternative?

Duel to the death?

Be bitter and hate parts of your reality to the point it causes pain, anger, distress, madness?

We have one life here……ONE.

I am trying to make the absolute fucking most I can of mine.

I guess we all pick our own battles. I lived half alive for a lot of years. Numb by the pain of it all. Then I lived a few years in sadness and some more in anger. None of them made me happy. None of them gave me peace.

And I have learned to use the pain to inspire me to be better than it, to not let it get me down, to learn from it what I can, if I can, and try to use it as a stepping stone up in life.

I mean really. It sounds like work. I ain’t gonna lie. But what else is there? Roll over and die? Violence? Hidden rage?


To each their own I suppose.