Conflict Resolution

I’ve learned a lot lately, this last year specifically, about conflict resolution. And I can say that even though it’s been an uncomfortable journey it’s one that’s been pivotal in helping me grow as a person.

And I can most certainly ascertain that we need much more amicable conflict resolution in this world. We need to get to where every situation comes with a win/win or at the very least acceptable compromises on ALL sides.

The rhetoric of the current political climate is horrendous. The leader not just of this country but of many countries in this world is pushing a personal agenda that does not benefit the people. I am sickened by it. All of it.

“We the people” are being divided and pitted against each other and/or squelched of our rights for the personal gains and vendetta of the elite.

Frankly, if I were a police officer right now in this country I would be livid with Trump. He is stoking the fires instead of trying to actually address the issues. Putting them in much more danger than is already present in that job.

We truly need to come to a place where we have acknowledgement of a problem and sit down and figure out something that will take into account all sides.

It doesn’t have to please absolutely everyone, but it does have to take every view into account. Maybe not everyone will be thrilled because this is a very emotional topic and people on all sides are taking it very personal. But some resolution that most everyone can live with and will really help resolve the anger bubbling over.

Because beyond the rioters there are people serious about the issues surrounding the protests and there is a true need for accountability in the police and justice system in this country. There is a need for equal opportunities and an acknowledgement and honoring of the true history of all sides, not just the “victors”.

This is a time when we can truly embrace the need for change and make it happen. And sure it’s uncomfortable for some people to see the dark side of inequality. It’s uncomfortable for people to be called out for their entitlement. It’s uncomfortable for there to be a call to strip the shield of power off of corruption (like police unions) and hold people accountable that have never had to be.

But we can use this as a time to truly resolve these issues, come together and heal them.

And if I’ve learned anything it’s that once a conflict is addressed and there is a mutually satisfying outcome it actually brings people much closer together.

And that is a fact.

We can be this great country we all desire. We can! And if we pull together instead of rip each other apart I firmly believe that can happen.

And I pray it so.

I pray it so.