Keep on Chooglin’

I had never heard this Creedence song until today. The beat of the song makes me think of Louisiana, even though I’ve never been there. Makes sense though since that genre of music has been called swamp rock. The funny thing is they formed in Cerritos, California, not far from where I was born. Nowhere near the bayou.

But that is the sentiment of today so it’s an appropriate song. Although I’m not gonna pretend to even know what Chooglin’ means.

Today the theme is keep on keeping on. Keep focusing on the good and staying busy.

Focusing on the good seems so hard right now, but I know it’s when it feels the most difficult that it is even more important to do so. There is so much turmoil in the world. That to feel calm, content, at peace, with acceptance and appreciation feels like an afront to the reality of existence. Yet that is when we most need to reach for it.

And that’s my goal. That’s what I am going to do; for myself, for my children, for the world. In this space, in this time and era, on the speck of dirt I find myself I will focus on the good. I will stay calm. I will reach towards Divinity with appreciation and pure faith. That is the job I give myself.

My sanity and happiness depend on it.