Not a matter of force

I’ve been thinking of those oppressed in this world. Sadly and with no step by step guide to fix the problems, but…….

I don’t think violence, as seemingly necessary and/or retaliatory is the way to go. Violence just begets more problems. We all have to share this world: its bounties and its problems.

I advocate for creating solutions outside the box and not playing the games that are being drawn to play; create different alliances, forge new paths, divert your energy and time into building something up instead of tearing something down.

Just like you can’t force inner peace, you can’t use violence to achieve outer peace.

We are such intelligent creatures. We are more powerful than our own limited understanding and knowledge tells us we are. We are creative, forward thinking, natural problem solvers.

If the game is skewed, and playing it is set up against one from the start then don’t play it. Find another way. But violence simply isn’t it.

I’m sure this has been said since mankind first used violence against its own kind. It’s probably been said much more eloquently even. These are just things I think about and wonder why; why it has to keep being this way?