Take it Easy – Eagles

I’ve been taking it easy on myself. Not putting unreasonable expectations on myself. Just going with the flow and resting a lot. I want to start an exercise routine here soon. Which I’ve been telling myself for years, but I’m feeling close to actually starting.

I have about 30 boxes of junk to sort through. Stuff that I accumulated in the garage and house that I simply don’t know what to do with. Purge comes to mind. I am tackling this huge project by taking care of two boxes a day.

That’s my minimum requirement for myself. And I’m treating myself to a hammock on a stand for my yard when I’m done. That will make me more apt to meditate too, since I’ll have a nice sunny, fresh air space to do so. I prefer meditating laying down; true savasana. But right now I’m not sure how close that day is. The wall of boxes is a bit discouraging.

So I will just chop this all up to fate. I’m gonna keep the things that are either of sentimental value, can not be replaced or I can sell for a good amount of cash. All else gets donated or trashed. And that’s that. They are just things. Probably all easily replaceable, if I so choose to.

And I figure if and when I get back into my house or elsewhere it will be fun shopping for new stuff anyway. Or maybe I develop a true love for minimalism. That would be cool.

Growing up poor instilled a fear in me surrounding “lack of” and also an inability to get rid of potentially useful things or pass up a great bargain on something I may use. Those are mindsets I want to let go of; primarily the fear and feeling of having to hold on to things. It’s not necessary. None of that stuff is needed to be happy and at peace with my life. None of it.

It’s time for a new me. A me that is truly healthy and at peace with her life, from the inside out. That’s the goal. That’s the vision.

Now I just gotta walk the walk.

Enjoy the journey ❣️