I never wanted to be a cop

I’ve known cops, even dated one. Even though it was instilled in me from a very young age to fear the police. Now, as a rational adult, I try to approach each one like I do everyone else, with an open mind and individually based on who they are and how they treat me, but I don’t envy them the position they are in right now in this country.

The bad ones are being put on the stake. The good ones are sharing blame for the bad ones and for the systematic issues they didn’t personally create. The anger and disrespect towards them seems to be boiling over.

Like their job wasn’t hard enough already. They are held to high standards and expected to deal with situations that anyone would be hard pressed to endure gracefully. And all while ensuring everyone is happy; the vigilantes, the boss, government officials, co-workers, citizens.

Then they have their own personal life issues to deal with. The stress and pressure must be so intense right now. You really couldn’t pay me enough money to be a cop.

That said….. I had considered volunteering with the neighboring fire department. They needed volunteers to help with emotional distress situations like fire victims. But that’s another story.

I like to talk about over-corrections a lot. I truly believe in the theory of the pendulum swing and resetting in society. But this feels more like a reckoning and I feel sorry for everyone swept up in it. No matter how justified it may be, it can’t be easy.

But I think if we work together and really try to come to acceptable terms and make changes where they are gravely needed then maybe we can get to a much better place.

It’s sad that the police are being taken to task for racist, classist and cruel systems that this entire nation consciously or subconsciously supports. It’s a good place to start I suppose, and it did have to begin somewhere but it’s just one facet of the whole and they can’t be expected to fix all of societies issues themselves.

While police forces could do much better and have systems in place that aren’t against their own citizenry, like over-militarization, overuse of force, qualified immunity and unions this just seems too much for them to take on at a ground level.

I try to see things from all sides. I really do. It’s a difficult situation we are trying to grow and learn from as a country.

All I can say is God bless us all❣️