That’s that

I have a headache.

I looked into flights to Toledo. There are seats available this weekend, but no direct flights. Then I looked at Airbnb’s in Winameg. There are some right outside town that seem nice and are affordable. But I was hitting a wall with car rental. So I messaged someone on Turo (person to person car renting app) and left it up to fate. If the car comes through I’ll go and if it doesn’t I won’t.

Well. It didn’t.

Which honestly is perfectly fine with me. A dead indian chief wants me to visit ancient burial grounds far away from my house with no sense for why exactly, when I hate flying and I’m not trying to blow through my meager savings. I’m willing to go. Don’t get me wrong. But I need A) much more clarity about what I’m supposed to be doing there. I mean I’m happy to visit, bless and pray over the sights but that can’t be all, I’m thinking. And B) I’m hoping for the chief to find me a sponsorship.


The air quality is so bad right now. I’m pretty sure that’s why my head hurts. A neighbor lent me her air purifier, we connected through the Nextdoor app. Although I had already met her and spoken with her at my garage sale a few years back. She was very sweet and memorable. And it is the nicest thing for her to go out of her way to drop it off to me.

But as soon as I plugged it in it started emitting this florally air freshener type scent. And my sensitivity to smell is so high that I can’t take it. I can’t handle almost any smells, although natural body smells and food are generally fine. Some real flowers are ok, if not too powerful. But I can’t even be in the same (small) room as lilly’s.

Allergies, asthma, being an ex-smoker, and high sensitivity, all leads to being very reactivate to my environment. It sucks. Really it does.

But I remember being this way as a kid even. My mom would turn on the heat in the car and it would get so stifling in the car I had to put my mouth near the window crack to try to breath. She would think I was overreacting but I genuinely could not take it. I would feel like I was gasping for air and not getting any. It was the worst feeling. I can still remember it vividly.

So. It’s fine. Gotta find this situations window crack.

Supposedly we are going to get some westwardly winds in a few days and that will blow the smoke out and the fires back into themselves.

Interestingly, there were two police scanner situations today I caught wind of involving arson. First, two men with out of state license plates were trying to set off fireworks into a wooded area nearby. And another out of state vehicle was seen throwing molatov cocktails out the window onto the freeway which runs by my house.

I shouldn’t even be saying this. I’m not 100% sure it’s true and Oregonians already don’t like out of staters. Not even gonna start talking about the people that live here more than 5 years and start to consider themselves Oregonian. Lol

But still…..

Strange times we are living in. Strange times indeed.