Taking off my car stickers

The incident with the big rig has me thinking about my bumper stickers. I’m taking two of them down. The gratitude=happiness and the Smile More/Complain Less one.

I think, and I know this is going to piss some people off, that a lot of people are suffering right now. They are having difficulties in life; extreme difficulties. And selfishly most people don’t care about all the people that were and have been suffering before them.

They are suffering so it means much more. Plus in their eyes everyone else mostly deserved their suffering or their wasn’t anything they could do about it, so it therefore didn’t want or need to be acknowledged.

I am not in that desperate of a situation so I’m trying to be mindful that people are suffering more and maybe my signs though well intentioned did hurt or offend other people, especially the most marginalized.

I would say that hunger and dying and the emotional toll of all this like what is happening now with Covid-19 is not a fair comparison. But to the vast majority of marginalized people their life is sometimes fraught with danger and with a lack of opportunities and resources even to just survive and also extreme depression and suicide.

All that to say I’m being aware of the blessings in my life right now and be mindful of how others feel and are living in the world. Trying to help.

Which reminds me.

At the market by the laundromat where I stopped to get change a little boy didn’t have enough money (or any , his card declined) to buy candy. $6 in candy. I almost bought it for him but I hate candy and he was sporting a potbelly. Which even in kids has got to be unhealthy.

In retrospect I should have still bought it. We all have our vices and maybe he needed the emotional pick me up. Sugar is a very powerful addiction. I should know.

But it got me to think that I’m going to take rice and beans in baggies down there. See if the owner will let me put a basket there to give to people. Maybe some fruit, if he doesn’t sell any and lets me. I hate to make him have to monitor something though. I guess I can go ask him and not just show up with it.

I don’t know. How I gained compassion and introspection from almost getting killed (exaggeration) is beyond me? You should have seen me when it happened. I shook my head for 5 minutes straight and was so angry, but you know….in a very pacifistic way. Lol