(hashtag) # end hate

I get it

The #metoo movement came and swept up the nation

Even I partook in that one

Now it’s on to #blacklivesmatter

And who knows what group will be next

It boils down to a way of saying “hey, I matter, and I’m sick of this”

It isn’t necessarily meant to exclude others

Or point out a common enemy besides the injustice itself

So does everyone deserve and get a hashtag?


Sure. I suppose so. Why not?

But we wouldn’t need any hashtags if we simply all treated each other with courtesy and respect.

Would we?

Should there be hashtags supporting hatred?

Should there be hashtags supporting injustice?

Where does it end?


I think that to most people the confederate flag and the white power movement feel like they support bigotry.

Now I completely get not wanting one’s heritage erased

(Although the irony of that is quite comical to me)

But, here is the thing, I personally, don’t believe people are truly trying to do that (for the most part at least)

But I would think people would understand that if one of claiming their heritage to be dating back to American Confederacy then that heritage must be acknowledged to have came off the backs of black people, both economically as slaves and also by integrating a lot of their culture. One must acknowledge the cruelty and long lasting effects of slavery.

The quality of exclusion, segregation and the taking of privilege, status, money and power from an entire race because of the color of their skin is something to come to terms with and accept and acknowledge as part of that heritage.

And it’s this that I don’t understand I guess.

Are we applauding that? Are we saying that was all ok? Are we saying that was a good thing? Are we proud of that? Are we saying we liked it that way and wouldn’t mind going back to that?

Because it feels like to a select group of people that is true.

So then how to differentiate between those that simply want to be proud of the “good” parts of their heritage and those that want to go back to the “bad” parts of it.

Maybe we need a new symbol for that? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ


I truly feel that hatred doesn’t have to exist.

We are such intelligent creatures. We are capable of building an oasis on this globe. We are capable of unity.

If we put our energy and focus and brilliance to work to make this world better for everyone, hardly any of our modern issues would exist at all.

Violence doesn’t need to exist.

Hatred doesn’t need to be part of our every day modality.

We are so much better than that.

We truly are.

I believe people want a better world. Can that mean a be a better world for everyone? Wouldn’t we all benefit from that?

#better world for all of humanity❣️