I’ve built immunity or antibodies

(thankfully, knock on wood)

Of course, I am also supplementing with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, hydrogen peroxide, vitamin B IV drips and nicotine gum. It’s a strange mix, but I don’t seem to be having many of the symptoms I was having at the beginning of all this anymore.

Even not that long ago, when I would spend a lot of time in public, running errands I would start to feel light-headed and dizzy sometimes, and get a nagging frontal lobe headache. These are things I never really experienced before the virus that started to become customary.

But as of late (knock on wood) I haven’t felt them at all. So I think I’ve finally built enough immunity or antibodies to not have issues anymore.

I’m still going to be cautious, wear my mask, and continue with my protocols, but I feel I am pretty clear of it. We shall see, but for now this is great news and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Today I’m taking food to the Voz worker center. I had been taking food to my local food bank but I feel they get a lot of assistance. There are several places to get food close by. A local church is giving weekly 30lbs boxes of produce and dairy. The food bank here and another close by provide weekly boxes as well. Plus if one still needed food for a larger family, one could drive into Portland for more.

But a lot of the people at Voz don’t have cars and some don’t have licenses, which some food banks require. I just feel that they are more underserved and these are men willing to work hard labor during a pandemic. So I am applauding their effort and addressing their need, because no one should go hungry.

I myself have been hungry, homeless and poor and it sucks, horribly. So I help when I can.

Well…..better get my day started.