This explains a lot – masks and Covid-19

I was wondering why if the Japanese and Chinese populations are completely compliant with the masks they are having a resurgence. It doesn’t bode well for the US, but I couldn’t explain why.

The article claims the aerosol can stay in the air for long periods of time and float for many feet beyond the 6 feet parameter. This now makes perfect sense.

I don’t think we really have a way of containing this thing. Especially not with people wanting to lift the quarantines and resume life as usual.

We have to accept that more people will die.

The sadness comes in that hospitals are going to get overwhelmed, as is happening already in Texas. Which means that people will not get the treatment they need. Which means that people that can possibly survive if treated promptly may not get that chance.

It’s so sad.

I for one absolutely don’t mind going back into strict quarantine. But I’m an introvert. I can do without human contact for an extended amount of time and be relatively fine. But I can see people like my teenagers are not so flexible. And I do believe at least one of them would suffer greatly in her mental health if we did have to do that again.

Maybe we should vote, state by state and let the people decide what to do. As it stands other countries have banned us from traveling to them. And who could blame them really.

We won’t know until the very end, whenever that comes, how this will all truly pan out.

I wish we had a leader more concerned for the populace than his reelection. One that had a solid plan in action. Does he even know that people have died because they took his advice and swallowed disinfectant? Absolutely absurd that someone in charge could be so idiotic. I used to think Bush Jr. was bad and now I feel like apologizing to that man.

Can we re-elect him?😒