Sound of Silence – Disturbed

That is such a good version of the song. Typically I don’t care for remakes but sometimes they are done well. I think this one was done really great. I’ve had that song in my head for two days. Woke up singing it yesterday. Then went to bed watching a viral video of a guy belting it out at a stop sign.

So supposedly the song is written about people unable to communicate with each other. If ever a song was more appropriate for a time period I think that one is.


Everyone seems to have a list of people they are more than happy to leave behind in society. They are more than happy to do without them, turn their back on and disregard their humanity. I’m sure it’s all very justified too. I have no doubt about it.

But at what cost? In who’s name? Who is the ultimate, rightful person to judge?


We need so much now to come together to solve these dire issues in the world. We, now more than ever, need unending compassion with each other, for each other, for ourselves.

Now is not the time for self-righteousness. Now is not the time to point fingers and see who is more right and more wrong. Now is the time for real change. The kind that will benefit all of humanity. And no one group or party will be able to accomplish that alone.


I was thinking. Morbid thoughts.

Schools may be the one of the few places large crowds of people congregate, if they are allowed to go back. Making them even more of a target for mass shootings, since anyone wanting to make that kind of statement has very limited options now.

Just a bad thought. But with everyone having so much time on their hands and people being so frustrated and with everything being so damn politicized here, from the stupid mask/no mask issue all the way on up.


I’m so sick of being led, like a bunny chasing a carrot, towards the leader of less potential disaster. There needs to be a wave of compassion and change and it will probably not happen through government or religion and definitely not through corporations. It has to come from the ground level, with people banding together to make a real positive change in this world.

So that’s what I need to focus on. That’s what I need to find. Because silence like a cancer grows. And I’m sick of being silent.