More days of doing nothing

I think I see why some retiree’s get depressed. It’s one thing to retire comfortably and healthy and be able to do almost anything your heart desires; travel, hobbies, family, etc.

Quite another to be limited by health and/or finances to doing not much of anything, all day long.

Gotta get creative. I wish I didn’t have my crafts in storage. I always said I wanted to learn to knit and now is the perfect time for something like that but I’m not going out to buy stuff now. I’m staying put right here inside. Books, puzzles, movies, I can not be this unimaginative. Can I?

I’ve been thinking of podcasting or YouTubeing. Maybe I’ll draft up something interesting to talk about. Maybe talk about the chief. Maybe talk about health. Maybe do a post about enemas. Maybe a post about spirituality. Sky is the limit I guess.

Not sure what I expect to come out of that, but we will see. It’s always fun to try new things and see what comes of it.

Anyone have anything fun or interesting you’ve been doing during this time?