“None will be free

until the old ways are gone forever” – Kuiil, The Mandalorian

There are so many things I love about this world: the bright spirit of humanity, love, nature, the innocence of children, knowing, understanding and communing with God, kindness, dancing, the list is varied and long, and the beauty of this world could cover pages and pages in itself.

But conversely there are things I hate about this world: war, greed, oppression, lying, destruction of nature, hatred, selfishness, the many transgressions of humanity itself. I have an easier time forgiving mother nature and animals for their destructive ways.

Humans have a heart, a brain, a soul and more importantly choice and because of that I find it hard to ignore and harder to understand how we treat each other and the world as if nothing except our own desires and needs mattered.

I have hope for humanity, but not as things stand now. As things stand now we are on a definite course of obsolescence and probably quicker than anyone cares to believe.

Meanwhile, the rich and powerful keep believing they are impervious and their money and power will shield them. It makes me laugh at their selfish stupidity.

They could even build rockets and terraform new planets. But as long as the beliefs and systems of greed, class structures of oppression and abuse continue this destruction will follow.

I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of humans to believe their actions don’t affect the whole and the whole doesn’t affect each individually, not just while living but even more importantly the trajectory of ones soul upon death.

And so it is……

none will be truly free until we are all free.

“I have spoken” – Kuiil