No box

How can I think inside the box when I can’t see a box?

All I see are these imaginary boundaries we put around ourselves and others.

They are shaped by who we think we are.

They encompass what we believe.

They attempt to define us

The universe we believe in

And who we see ourselves and all else as being within these contexts

But these boundaries

These imaginary walls

Are different for everyone

Even within well defined groups

They are ever so unique

So sure, put all the boundary type boxes together into their imaginary spot on some sort of graph and maybe the entire thing could be construed as a very abstract shape. But I doubt a box like shape at all. Maybe a quadrillion sided shape of some sort.

With all sides made up of thin wisps of air that create a small ripple right at the edge.

So imperceptible how could you call it any shape at all really?


That’s the supposed box? I guess if so I fit in there. Just like every single other all of us does.

After all, even in the context of said “box”, we are all stuck in this together. Why we can’t learn to use that as a positive is besides me. Use our differences as a force to help us survive as a race of people; on our beautiful planet with all of our however many different and unique individuals.

That’s how I see it.

So recap

Is there really a box to begin with?