I am

I am content

For the first time in a long time

I feel genuinely content

With myself

Not because of anything special

Looking any particular way

Having accomplished anything at all

Having acquired anything in particular

Or anything really

Just absolutely because

I can

And I am allowed

And it feels so good

Like a natural state of being

Except one that is hard to accomplish in this day and age

In this era of stress and stressors

And yet

I defy it all

All the standards set for it

All the reasons not to be

All of it

To just be

To just let myself be

In this exact state

In this exact time

In this space

In this body

In these circumstances

And be alright with myself

And that

Right there

Is a glorious thing


And to think we could all have this


This “anomaly”

What a beautiful place

If that was to be