Escort service

I’m going to try it again. This time I am going to actually market myself to the few men I met when I was trying to date.

Dating is too much for me….I like it. It’s usually quite fun, but I don’t believe the fairy tales. I want to. I just don’t. I like to concentrate on one guy really…aka boyfriend. But the treachery of getting there is so much work….or feels like it sometimes. Just ugghhh.  And then you have the blown hopes. The toxic guys. The Rico Suave ones, the ghosters, there are some nice guys of course for good measure.   I’m just looking for the truth and it takes a while to get there and make sure it is the truth. Of course I would like to take everything a man says as accurate but that was a hard lesson to learn….over and over. I have my feelings to help but they’ve let me down before. So I’m maybe too pragmatic now.  I don’t want my heart broken again.

But anyway  my priority in life is paying my mortgage and feeding my kiddo’s.

So escorting it will be.  I will have to hire a bodyguard and also make sure that the legalese is all done accurately.  Then I need to look into a bond; similar to one maybe a stripper would get if that even exists.

First though I gotta run it by my ex again  make sure he’s still ok with it.  When I started out last time* he seemed fine but maybe he really wasn’t.  Who knows?  I don’t need him to get angry or think about anything with the kids so I want to double check…maybe even make him sign a contract of some sort.  I love contracts.



* I had the website up for maybe a month or so and not a single booking.  Then I got persuaded to put it down.  It was a bit different than it looks now.  It’s had a few reincarnations.




Some of feminism sucks ass

I can’t say when I embraced my own sexuality

I think when I was a teenager maybe

Don’t know

I just always felt sexual

I was sexualized early

and I just accepted it and have fully embraced what that looks and feels like

and it’s glorious

is it objectifying?




but I am in control of it all

and that makes all the difference

when men allow you to make that choice

Or you make it clear for them

either way

there is freedom

and the wonderful erotica

that’s available around that freedom and power



I Love Chivalry

I went to the sex club a few weeks ago…alone. I had so much fun. I got decked to the nines. Thigh high boots, sexy long wig, fake lashes, fake corvette-red colored nails. Cute top buttoned down too low, but yet not quite low enough and way too short schoolgirl skirt. Boys… I looked good.

Shout out to Billy. You sure do know how to make a girl feel great. I felt so welcomed and adored. He really pampered me. Billy I’ll come back any day you’re working. 😉

So then I meet a few men and a cool other single girl (albeit supposedly in a relationship). But I have a feeling that these places are worse than poker halls in that you can hardly believe a word people say probably. Either what’s coming out is pure truth or pure trash and it’s your guess which one. Lol.  It’s kind of what I love about these places though. I can be whoever I want for the night. That’s how I like my sex. Sometimes I want mystery. Sometimes I want excitement. Sometimes I want to be thrilled. But don’t get me wrong quickies and everything in between have their place and time too. For sure.

So anyway… there were all kinds of boys; nice, stand-offish, lusting from afar, not acting extremely interested but if you threw it at him you know he’d pounce, cute, sexy and then one off the charts, just wow. Wow!  I flirted outright with the (not so obvious) cute guy. He was a bit dreamy in his own special way. But like Cinderella I ran into technical difficulties at midnight and left in a mad dash.

But I had no intention of sleeping with him from the get go* so I left him with the girl I was chatting up. She seemed way into it anyway and I still had a blast. I go there to be inspired and inspire anyway. Kind of like watching a movie with any of my fav hunky leading men; Cooper, Brosnan, Cruz, Pitt, Moore, Grant, Humphreys…… those are sure fire ways to get the engine running. And the kitty was sure purring that night.

Guys, if you aren’t taking girls out to get their engines purring then you’re wasting your time. Think of a totally and completely unexpected new experience, an adrenaline rush, something extremely sensual, something that takes your breath away, something pleasing to the many senses; right?  If you are wanting to have sex with this girl that is the best tactic.

Here is my final take for the night. Make a girl feel special and you’ll have her wrapped around your fingers; but do it with no intention of getting anything in return. Now that my boys… true chivalry.

Before I go; another shout out to the guy that chased me out the door.  You were walking out of a room with literally naked girls younger then me and yet you told me, in what seemed like complete sincerity, that I was the most beautiful woman in the room and not to leave. I hadn’t heard or felt that strength of emotion in what seems like a very long time. It was so nice to feel that again. I am not in your age range and who you thought you saw isn’t the real every day me.  Trust that it would not work out, but I so appreciate the fabulous overture.

There is a line between too aggressive/desperate seeming and charming. Chivalry keeps you on the right side of that line. 😉



Stoned when I write.  So.  Yea.  Don’t expect it to make sense to anyone but me. I think it’s cute.  Lol  Can I say that?




  • I’m liking not adding notches to the bed post right now.

Why Porn Girl?


Porn Girl was a nickname I got from a cute guy behind the video store counter because I used to rent so many porn movies.  I enjoyed it then and now it just seems a funny way to start this written saga/blog/diary about my life and sex.  All true!

Because the truth is…. I love sex.  And I feel very fortunate to be a girl, in the sense that sex has always been very easy to get.  Even now, while I am actually on a bout of celibacy, I still appreciate that on any given night I could have sex if I really wanted to.  As to why I still call myself a girl, when I am a grown woman who is in full command of myself and my sexuality?  Well….. simply because I just don’t take myself that seriously.  Life is all about fun and sex should be too.

So here I plan on discussing my past adventures, my deepest desires, my current escapades.

So here’s to you. Thank you for reading.  May you be inspired to let your wild beast out as well; albeit in a consensual and healthy way.  😉