35% food grade hydrogen peroxide*

I love this stuff. I use it for everything; religiously…. especially now. I even convinced Brad to start using it in his hot tub instead of chlorine. It works better than chlorine or bleach and is safe for humans. It is caustic but you just have to know what you’re dealing with and show it respect. Like all things really.

If I was a healthcare worker right now, seeing shortages of materials that need to be used for protection also need to be reused and hopefully thoroughly disinfected. I would find a way to use a humidifier or ventilator to pump in this full grade stuff into the room or area. It would permeate all the crevices and then you’d just need to dry it to use it again. Although truthfully 35% may even be too strong a grade, even when completely dried out. It would need to be tested and a hazmat suit would probably have to be used by anyone entering that room. But this would absolutely work, no doubt about it.

Then too, I feel like everyone forgets ears are orifices too. It is also an entry way. Not to make people even more paranoid but it’s like not wearing underwear and doing summersaults. You’re exposed, is all I’m saying. Lol

I miss pot. Once a week has been hard for me. It helps me deal with the stress of life so much and even though I do it after I’m already in bed, quiet at night, it is still pretty fun.

Good times indeed.


*Probably the funnest thing about using it is watching bacteria fizz when you spray it on. It’s just so satisfying cleaning an area up knowing how deep it’s getting cleaned. Lol. I’m a dork. Never said otherwise.

Your challenge

Should you choose to accept it

Is to forge peace within your soul

This is, of course, a monumental task

At almost any age in this world

At any time

In any place

It is a lot to seek

But you do not find yourself any other place but exactly where you are

And in exactly this body

With this mind

With this heart

With this past

And this now in hand

With your frailties

And your strengths

With your knowledge

And your blind spots

You alone, here and now, have the opportunity to take your life

Your very existence and make it worthwhile

make it memorable

make it truly impactful

By simply taking control of the narrative within yourself

And finding peace and calmness within

And it all starts with the simple practice of saying

“I am at peace with the world”

Taking a deep, rib expanding, stomach filling slow breath

And letting that truly sink in to the depths of your being

Even if the world is not at peace with you

Even as the walls of your comfortable existence start to falter you

Even in the midst of a raging sea

You can always find peace within yourself

If you allow it

If you look for it

If you bring it to the forefront of your being

And that is a most priceless thing


Ego me this

Our ego….

it’s there to keep us safe, healthy

To question our reality

And stake our individuality

To say “me first”

In order to survive

And so much of who we are

How we think

Our responses

Our actions

Is based around our ego

And yet we hardly stop long enough to look at this

Let alone question it

And the purpose it serves us

As sentient adult human beings

I think we do need our ego now

To remind us exactly who we are

To not get lost into the fray

And become one more automatron

Blindly following as our only way of survival

I like to think the ego can be utilized to push us to be the true individual selves we were born to be

If we can reign it in from trying to run our every thought and action

If we can keep it from powering over the soft whisper of our heart and the pulsing of our soul

We can then utilize our ego to uphold our singularity amongst our unity

But so often instead

We rely on the ego to stake our claim on

“What we deserve”

“What we need”

“How we should be treated”

“How we should be seen”

Instead of us driving the ego forward to power our hearts and souls to their fullest

To reign it in under our control for our own betterment

To not let it stop us from being vulnerable and open

But propel us to be more authentic and real with ourselves and the world

To give us the courage to stand in our discomfort and pain and say and really, truly mean

“This is me”

That would indeed be such a glorious thing.

We aren’t our past

We aren’t our past accomplishments

As much as we aren’t our past errors

Each day

Each moment

We are challenged to be

The person we are put here to be

We are challenged to bring forward our heart

And our soul

To bring out our true selves

And that isn’t in the past

Nor is it in what we want or expect for the future

It is in the breath of the now

And that is both as terrifying or as liberating as you make it out to be


Path to salvation/destruction

The moment I decide who I am

And who I am not

I designate my own destruction

For to be saved

I must look at the walls that were created for and by me

And destroy them myself.

The path to true salvation

Lies at the end of a road full of heartache

Trials at redemption

Chewing through the lies believed

And finally reconciling

That it all means nothing

And yet…..

Within that nothing I have the ultimate power

To forge something real and monumental

Not just for myself

In this tiny speck of expanse I currently inhabit

But for my eternal selves

In the realm of the divinity

I alone can make this path my homecoming

Morse code hamonicas

I signed up for two free Coursera courses. Not sure why. They were intriguing though; one on happiness and one on the art and science of relationships. I’ll give them a go tonight and see if I can enjoy online learning. I’ve always been a hands on, or paper, pen and in person lecture learner but different times call for different methods.

I would however like to learn Morse code. I wonder how easy or difficult that will be. I’ve always been very curious about it. How one can communicate with anyone or through virtually anything with something so mundane as simple sounds or lights. Something that few would even pay much attention to.

It’s a thought. Let’s see if I can make it a reality. If not that then maybe I can learn to play the harmonica or guitar. Although I don’t have a harmonica. Lol

I didn’t get to sleep until 6am this morning. I don’t know why pot gives me insomnia sometimes, but I very much enjoyed the ride.


I stand corrected – Sodium Ascorbate*

This is one of the only times I recommend something I had never tried to the point of diarrhea that is recommended and then pulling back to a slightly lesser dose.

But I took 1/4 teaspoon which is the recommendation on the bag of pure ascorbic acid to begin with. I have never had that much straight before just for me and not mixed into a smoothie or something communal to share.

But it got me thinking that maybe if someone doesn’t go to severely constipation it is a bit aggressive maybe for some people. Maybe. Who knows. I haven’t taken it in a while too. So it seems this acid which is also vitamin C but it seems to have a PH Balance of 7 which would be safe for enemas. Pretty neutral and won’t harm the acidity of the colon. Which one should take into consideration when one puts in stuff.

I said that recently to someone who has to use suppositories daily. What’s in it exactly? Could it be causing any kind of harm? Maybe there was no direct correlation but she started having massive hemmeroids from having started them. Which are easy to get if you sit on the toilet for any bit too much, over a bit of time.


Back to the last post………..

I just think we humans are capable of so much.

I had a great distance healing recently. Thanks Lisa!!

And then my kids and I did energy healings on each other.

Lexi who was the best before and really took it very serious

Was this time very childish and clutzy about it

It was a little cute but I wonder what that was about

Not everything always has deep meaning

But sometimes they do

I guess one just follows whatever leads one decides to in life

It’s the best we all can do


Boy it’s felt so very good resting. The teenager is going a bit coo-koo with the quarantine. She’s so used to roaming a bit more free, she was just starting to catch her wings. Like a kite as it is still within arms reach but we are running swiftly behind it.


Ohhh……. I missed pot!!!

I took to not using any at all because the anti inflammatory properties of CBD were making me dizzier. Don’t ask me how. But just the last two to three weeks or so. So I obviously stopped taking any and I haven’t been dizzy in a bit. But then I found myself some pure 100% THC tincture. Someone out there loves the wonderful lucidness and wildness of dreaming awake and solving life’s mysteries. I read it can cause brief to lasting psychosis. Lol. I say bring it on. This life is hardly all it seems to be. Which reminds me. I miss LSD. There. I said it. But those were also a time of having more beautiful friend beings.

I’ve come to the conclusion though too that maybe it’s also me. My situation doesn’t lead to have too many friends really. I wish that I could be friends with the world. I know. These days that almost seems like it’s commiting a crime to even say that. Don’t ask me why? Plenty of explanations. But none reach into my heart and contradict that we are all connected. All of us deeply. Even if someone isn’t connected to me. We all intertwine into the universe so intricately.


*I don’t know why I need to be saying this. No one reads my blogs for digestive wellness. But I haven’t tried this. I’m just saying maybe I guess and I’ll have to try it for myself as I am trying high doses of vitamin C. to see if I start healing my liver faster. This bitch has things to do. Am I right? Lol

Now wouldn’t it be funny if I changed my blog to digestive health issues; especially geared towards mmmmmm. hold on……thinking……

Constipation, amateur parasitology, SIBO, mucoid plaque cleanses, daily enemas, healing enemas, holistic health, energy healing.

Look. I never said it was competition with Western Medicine. I don’t see why we can’t cohabitate. Someone once took great offense to my cohabitate sticker. She seemed Middle East. She looked so very disappointed in me. I’ll never forget that moment. I asked her why she questioned it. She didn’t answer me. I said “why can’t we all just learn to get along?”. It seemed to really piss her off and she never even said why.


It would be crazier if I retagged it as a spiritual blog. I don’t know that everyone on a spiritual path has such wild life swings. Such torturous battles within and without. Oh I wish so much to be at peace with the entire world. I know. Even in nature it doesn’t quite work like that. This may or may not be nature’s wrath. But…..

It can also be such a beautiful life or at least I can find the gratitude of still being. And even though my normalcy is really crazy and I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone. The hardship is intense. I still just want some normalcy back. I’d really love that. I know what Trump says. I understand his sentiments, not just economically but mentally, physically. We are all getting a bit stir crazy. Aren’t we a tiny bit maybe. But whatever it takes. We will get through this as the resilient beings we are and at the end of it all my wish is the same today as it was yesterday; I wish the true suffering of all to end. Am I right?