Marginalized people…

don’t usually ask for help. They are so used to being mistreated, misunderstood, and ignored.

This is hard for people that have never been marginalized to comprehend sometimes.

Basically the article says that while there have been online reports of LGTBQ attacks none have been reported to police.

Well… that’s a mystery. Ain’t it?

Maybe they should get some LGBTQ on the force and ask their opinion. Just a thought.

Maybe I’m wrong

Goodness, greatness, Godness

If you can be happy exactly where you are with exactly how things are you can be happy anywhere in any circumstances. (Happy is interchangeable… with another word obviously 🀣)

People rise up…..given the real chance….they can even surprise themselves is the funnest part.

I know nothing…..and it is my willingness to admit that which helps me learn things I never would have dreamed.

Anyone can have power over someone or something. Leaders whether by force, creed, vote, lineage, money, or whatever are always rising in their greed; but count how many are humble and mercifully humane, genuine egalitarian human beings.

Me First Bitch

I need it to revolve around me

As far as a romantic relationship

I need to be put first

I need to be placed high on a throne

I need to be adored


Protected and loved beyond measure

In ways I will never even completely know about

Because when I love

I give so much





And if it doesn’t start with me

Then what’s the fucking point?

I really don’t see one

I give in ways only love understands

I give the world

But first

I must see the world given to me

Or I’m happy alone

Alone is always better that in bad company

I suppose there is a middle ground

I like to call that friends with benefits.


I’m gonna be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers


True compassion seems to come from great tragedy; from carrying or having carried a heavy burden.

Pain has no prejudices though. It can come for anyone, of any creed, color, race, sex, age, orientation, status, wealth, class, title, whatever. It doesn’t care. It wields it’s sword mercilessly wherever it chooses.

While compassion and kindness is what makes us humane; sometimes commiserating seems to be what bonds us and can help release pain. I still prefer to focus on the positive. I like to reach for and expand on the good vibes…..but the thing about living authentically is that it isn’t always rainbows and puppies and lollipops. Now is it?

Psychedelic Pussy Lips Flight


While I slide down the bumps of yesteryear

Reliving the episodes


I’m laughing because it feels good to laugh and to just be on a smooth ride

Instead of the jagged edges they used to be

Cutting into my soul

Every chance it got

No more

It can’t call a price on me anymore

I don’t let it

I stave it off

Cut it’s head off before it comes

Full board

I ask for help

I ask for guidance

I follow the cues

I think of my own sanity and safety first

Just like they tell you on the airplane

Fasten your seatbelts please

The light has turned on

Sometimes it takes someone who has gone through some bad shit…..

to reach people going through some bad shit.

I had my first session where I full blown cried today. I’ve teared up before, because well……a lot of people with digestive issues have emotional trauma and/or an overload of stress and pain in their lives. In general I’m sure most people do but there is definitely an emotional mind/body connection linked in the gut and clearing that out can also let out other things. And since I’ve embraced the spiritual/energetic healing into my practice I’m allowing more space for that release and it comes.

Today I listened to two harrowing tales of food association and childhood trauma. And while this is not exclusive to women I was still so shocked at how deep and problematic these issues are for these beautiful women. My heart was breaking for both of them and the pain had to be released. I’m usually a suck it up and move on person but I know sometimes you just have to sit with it before you can make peace with it and truly let it go.

I’m glad I could provide that safe space for them. I still say I don’t understand the why to any of this, but I have a deep gratitude to God that for whatever reason I can apply my own extensive trauma and limited knowledge into a sacred healing space for both body and soul.

I’m definitely not claiming to be anything more than me here….. and nothing more than a colonic studio but that seems to be working out alright. Thankfully. πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒ·πŸ™πŸ½

Drunk Love – GOOAAALLLLLLL!!!!

I am a happy drunk……mostly. In fact the only time I’ve ever cried drunk was alone and earlier this week with Brad. Mostly I am over the top happy and spirited and loving….. too loving I’ve been told. Lol

One time I was out with Aaron at his local watering hole. He was well known there and not particularly liked. A woman came up to me to warn me about him. I explained that I had known him 20 years and that as tough and surly as he seemed he was completely harmless…unless you took into account his mean barbs. We both laughed.

Then she just stood and stared at me. I looked at her with an open heart, not wanting anything from her…just waiting for her to direct our exchange. Her look softened and her eyes started to tear and she told me that the only other person that had ever looked at her that lovingly was her grandmother. I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t find the words. I just kept holding her gaze….both of us a bit unsure how to proceed.

She then told me I was too good for him. I agreed and we laughed and kept drinking. She and I never spoke again.

I want to be the person I am when all my guards are down. I want to be completely love drunk while absolutely sober.

That’s the goal.

That is the goal.