A lot of rules, laws and regulations

Are just fear masquerading as order

People love to hide behind authority

There are some real rules

There are some common sense things

But rules and safety do not necessarily always go hand in hand

More goodness is born out of genuine concern and kindness

Than rules ever could do


How can you trust when you can’t trust*?

It’s been a hard question to answer

I guess you basically just keep going

Doing the best you can

Trying to live with an open mind and loving heart

Realizing sometimes your best was all you could give

Having forgiveness, acceptance and grace

I think in this world there almost seems to be a need to make and receive amends

Karma wants a role in all this too

Here’s to hoping our amends lead us to heaven on Earth and beyond


I still don’t understand why I have to play though. Having seen Nirvana. That’s where I’d much rather be. I wrote a blog……..I must refer back to it. Lol But if I remember correctly it was only as easy as you make it; which I guess can be hard because I’m not there. (yet?πŸ˜‰)




Such a brilliant girl….(I should say woman…she probably hates girl). She’s an exacting one. She was such a beauty in high school. Drop dead gorgeous. I was so in love with her.

Life happens. People change. She actually told me to “go to hell” aka “we are no longer friends”. I usually don’t have to get that notice but I can be persistent sometimes until I finally give up.

Trying to love women has never been my forte….ask my mom.

Well. Anyway. She knows all about hard lives too…..that brilliant little girl.

That’s a woman I think I’d love to have under my control. Lol. Like that could ever happen. Ay yay yay. Spitfire; this one.

Literally. She probably breaths fire when she thinks of me; I think she hates me so much. I never got why. I never do. Guess I really don’t know how to love women but I’m not quite sure they’ve known how to love me back either.

This is my only guess. I usually like having like 4 or five guesses. Narrows down the possibility of being wrong. Does anyone like being wrong? Lol

Let us pray

For those we love

Or ever did love

For those we knew

And know now

For those we will come to know and love

For those that set our soul on fire

Can we also pray for every living being

Can we pray for every living thing

Can we pray for a world so beautiful

It’s keeps us scurvies alive


For who knows how long

But who cares.

McDonald’s french fries are so good for a reason, but I eat them still, even with the stomach aches they sometimes give me. Lol

Still……let us pray


(Now that McJesus really makes me laugh.)

Oh come on. Show of hands. How many of you were actually praying? Most people probably wouldn’t make it to line 2…..wait does that have to include___________? 🀣 I so crack myself up. Is anyone laughing at least?

Did I lose my train of thought again mid post?

Pharmaceutical Commercials

I hate commercials, even the cute ones. Even the ones that make me cry. I appreciate the effort, but your still trying to sell me something. I hate even the public announcement ones. All commercials are irritating, but nothing gets my blood boiling more than one of these commercials.

I could go into it…….but I don’t see the point.

We all have our rationales and justifications in life. We are all just doing our best given the shitty world we were handed.

Christians think Christ is coming again. Ok. Sure. Go ahead. If it makes you feel better. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Some religious believe in a heaven and hell…ok, sure I concur but unfortunately it’s so far removed from this reality that no one really cares about those future possibilities..or at least that’s how a lot of people seem to behave.

But….it’s hard to play a game you were given no official rules for and seems to change every day. I fucking get it. Trust me!!! Following your heart changes moment to moment though… I’ve got it even harder😝….but personally…..that’s why I have to live it my way. I’d rather die knowing I tried to make a difference in this world and be myself and tried to be happy*.

What’s there to live for if you don’t like yourself or can’t save your own soul. No one knows when they will die, how, why. I’d like to leave a legacy, even if just to my little beautiful brood, even as a simple thank you to God. Hey it hadn’t been easy, but it’s had it’s really great parts…..luckily. πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


*One day I hope it stops being a run for the money situation. What’s the saying “a run for your money”. I may have that wrong. Lol

Everybody wants to rule the world

What would I do if I could do absolutely anything?


I would want my own kingdom

Because well….truthfully I just don’t get this world.

So I’d want to change it all

To a greater good world

With the earth* revered as much as God. If it weren’t for earth we would not be able to exist. Sooo yeah. Really.

I would delegate almost everything and everything would be run by volunteer work. Everything. With people doing what they most wanted or felt needed. Avant guarde would be a natural phenomenon. Artists would be celebrated for talent and not marketing and popularity. (Although popularity is a funny thing.)

I created my own world so long ago. It’s a trilogy. One day I’ll finish writing it for y’all.


*Mother Nature


What’s more dangerous in life

being completely, vulnerably transparent and honest

Having so many fortresses up you never let anyone in


I don’t know, but the first one just seems too obvious. 😝

What would a fortress be with everyone inside it? Who would we be guarding against?