Classical music

I’m laying in my bed listening to classical music. I forgot how much I love it. I’d love to go hear a live symphony again. My mother used to take me when I was little and I used to laugh at all the old men who fell asleep during it, some even snoring. That and her love of theater, ballet and museums has stayed with me.

Classical music has so much depth. It can have any mood; scary, happy, sad, romantic.

Tonight I played Just Dance with my little one and a game of chess with the middle. It’s been a very relaxing evening. I’m in a calmly good mood. One of those nights where it feels like I’ll sleep really well. That would be nice. I’ve definitely eaten enough for it. I think I’ve eaten more today than any day all month. I even had cake. Maybe that’s also why I feel so satiated. But it’s probably mostly the THC. Lol

Goodnight world.


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

32 thoughts on “Classical music”

  1. Interesting post and the dialogue between you and Kdady23. it does come done to respecting one another and being non judgmental . Ah for the days of peace and love. As for the movie i believe the message is the history not the messenger. i played alto sax in Jazz and blues clubs in Chicago in the late 70’s until mid 80’s . Met some very interesting characters thru the love and language of music. Miss those days.
    Thanks for a lovely thoughtful post that brought back some fond memories.

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  2. I’ve been a musician since I was seven and when I got to junior high school our music director would take us to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra perform… and I got hooked on classical music and Bach in particular. He was teaching us that the root of our music is found in the classics or, as he’d often say, “This is real music; it speaks to you in so many ways and my job is to not only teach you how to play your instruments but to also teach you how to listen to what music is saying to you.”

    Wise words and words I continue to live by.

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    1. Listen to what the music is saying to you. Ah yes. Love for classical music, like love for reading is something that needs to be fostered and I know I’m so glad to have been exposed to it and learned the joy of it. It has definitely added a lot of value to my life. Both. Although I can directly related my love of writing having come from my love of reading. Not quite sure what my love of classical music has had a role in, except for joy.

      I enjoy that it has no lyrics. I enjoy that you can take your mind on your own ride with it. Build and destroy entire worlds of imagery along with the music.

      Funny story. So I have a friend who is deeply into heavy metal and hard core music like that. He goes to concerts often. There is one band he follows that sings (if you can call it that, more like screams) very woke songs. But he laughs because at the concerts you’ll find people that are hard core KKK and other trolls. Who obviously haven’t bothered reading the lyrics to the songs because they actually talk of unity and compassion. Just that they’re screaming so much no one understands the words. Now that’s funny. You made me think of it with your “listen to that the music is saying to you”.

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          1. I’ve read a lot of trash talk about it doesn’t represent black culture as deeply as it should and that a middle aged white woman shouldn’t be having the epiphanies in the story of some such through the body of a black man. About being disrespectful. I’d love your take. On a spiritual level I liked the movie. And in the movie Tina Feys character is simply a female soul, not a white woman. Stuck me as odd but I know sometimes they push bad publicity. Any publicity is good publicity maybe?

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          2. Goodness… so much stuff about race these days and, frankly, I’m kinda sick of hearing about it and more so when I grew up when it was a lot worse than this. I know the history of jazz and the role so many Blacks played in it… but music is a universal language and one spoken by every culture that has ever existed. I don’t have to speak Mandarin to play a jazz piece written by a Chinese musician… because I speak the language of music.

            I really don’t know what’s being said about the movie and I wouldn’t pay any attention to it anyway. Maybe they’re trying to send a message that says that we should listen to the message and not be all that concerned about the messenger?

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          3. Maybe. I’m conflicted about the race issues right now. Of course I wish we could all be treated fairly and as equals. But it doesn’t happen between men and women. It doesn’t happen between rich and poor. Between corporate interests and environmental interests. Between governments and people. Between any fo the many sexual genders and cis.

            So why fixate on this one? All that is doing is pushing the other side harder and making them hide and probably grow stronger. Seems idiotic to me.

            We should be working on making humanity more civil and humane in general and everything else will follow.

            But I really loved the movie.

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          4. Yeah, I’ve been scratching my head over this as well. Sure, it needs to be dealt with – and along with all the other inequities – but I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on and why.

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          5. O… the same time I realize this is a serious issue still to this day. I mean didn’t they just lynch a few men recently? Clearly there is still a lot that needs to be addressed to at least make the government programs and services fair. But I don’t see it happening until the hatred ends and status quo becomes one of compassion.

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          6. It definitely seems that way. It truly does. Look at all the turmoil worldwide. So many countries with revolts and protests happening. I’m just sitting here eating my popcorn watching it all go down, while still trying to help those I can when I can. It’s all I can do. I’m not prepping for the apocalypse. I don’t think I want to live through something like that.

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          7. You honor me. I just know some stuff about sex and beginning with it’s okay to want to have sex and if you’re unconventional, that’s okay, too… and I don’t layer it with nonsense nor am I PC about it. The only abnormal sex is not having sex at all. Instead of looking for someone you think is gonna take care of this for you, it’s not okay to hand that responsibility to someone else – it’s best left in your own hands because it’s your responsibility.

            I just tell them what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced; what they do with this is up to them… and those I’ve mentored more often than not do what they gotta do and in whatever way they can. I mean, I would and do… so why not? This is Rule Number One – look after your own ass first and because no one is gonna do it for you. If you’re not gonna be part of the solution, don’t be part of the problem. Sometimes I simply tell them to grow the hell up or point out to them that what they believe about sex is another fairy tale they might be better off not buying into and like so many do. Hero? I don’t see myself as one… but I happen to know some stuff.

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          8. Lol. Your openness and compassion, leading by example in a way that works for you is great. As a woman I can’t put myself in as many situations as you do, nor would I want to but I applaud it all the same because you can do it and you do do it. It but be so much sadder if you wanted to and couldn’t. Now that’s bad.

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          9. Very bad… and what does being a woman have to do with it? You could, if you wanted to, have it your way and still be the responsible person you also need to be… but you know this already and I’ve told you as much. Why ignore Rule Number One when, more often that not, it’s really not in your best interest to do so given that the rule also says that if you can’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anything – or anyone – else.

            And tomorrow, my friend, isn’t promised to anyone so if not now, when? It’s okay to just do it because you need to even in a self-care mode… but many believe that they can’t or shouldn’t or, worse, they live in fear of repeating mistakes or making new ones… and a life lived in fear is not worth living. And the only way I won’t be able to will be because I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil but until then?

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          10. I’m actively searching for what I need. Which yes I will admit is predominantly sex driven, but it also has to have some form of intimacy to it. I need the intimacy and connection to the same degree I need sex. They are not connected by necessity but because I want them to be. I need them to be right now at this stage of my life and I know what I need.

            Now unfortunately I can’t do this as systematically as I would if sex was seen as something people could genuinely discuss openly in regards to needs, expectations, desires, experience and their own and their partners boundaries. But honesty is lacking in all society. So I won’t take it personal.

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