Pedophilia is normal

to me……

It’s been in my world from a very young age and never left it. And I’ve met so many people in the wacky spectrum of it too from specialist to predators to victims to advocates and agencies against it and people on the legal side of this specialty. It’s a hell of a complex world. What is there to do about this problem?

There is no known cure. There is no known reset of one’s sexual preference. Just look at gay conversion and how that didn’t work at all.

But where I believe everyone is born inherently bisexual I do not for one moment believe anyone is born a pedophile. That is created, normally through trauma, sometimes just because of opportunity, and maybe some other wacky theories the pedophile loving specialist was throwing my way.

So I am very familiar with the subject matter. Especially having looked at scholarly studies and seen through some of their bias.

Overall, I feel I have a good grasp on the entire thing. And because of this I can absolutely not advocate for pedophilia to be considered a sexual preference on the same scale of the lgbqtia labels.

I’m sure there is some logical and scientific explanation that would back up this ascertion. Somewhere.

However, the thing I do wish society on the large scale considered is that pedophilia is rampant everywhere; in ever demographic there is to be had. It’s been this way for a long time and it will keep on being this way for a long time. But I do honestly believe that we could mitigate it if we took proactive measures.

But with pedophilia, which is so heavily scorned and yet also disregarded at the same time, how much can really be done? It’s such an interesting subject because it garners intense feelings of disgust, some acknowledgement that is it wrong, and yet it is something most people want to never, ever talk about, except anecdotally at best.

I’ve harped on this. But I truly do get the other side of this. Where does it end? What would we address next? Necrophilia? What else? Child sex dolls? Regular sex dolls?


switch gears……..


Does anyone make love anymore? Because you can’t make love to any of those things!!! Not with a child! Not with a corpse! Not with a sex doll! Right? Or am I wrong?

And maybe that’s what we are missing in society. Maybe we should start teaching what making love is instead of abstinence and then maybe teenagers will be so intimidated by it they will actually abstain or maybe they’ll fucking get over this sex crazed, porn addicted, perversion in modern society that lacks any real intimacy, connection and mutual pleasure and satisfaction.


I don’t know why I obsess about the topic of pedophilia. I mean I obviously know why but at the same time what does all this ruminating bring me? Not closure. Understanding?

But it’s something that is so deeply hard to understand. Why would someone do this to me? Why would someone want to take advantage of another person like that? How can life be so cruel? How can it be so prevalent and yet completely ignored by society at large? I mean. I guess I really don’t understand it.

But you know what?

Knowing I am planning on seeing a guy exclusively on the days my kids are not with me. Knowing he won’t be another possible toxic partner. And that even if he is I am going to keep them completely separate. It really relieves a lot of worry and pain.

Like I can have cake. I just can’t take it home. Lol

And who knows. I can’t see if I pick an appropriate partner until I start picking partners. But I finally did take my psychologists advice and moved my dating back to an actual dating app and not FetLife. I can pick them in a lineup, but why set myself up for more failure I guess is what she seems to be thinking. I don’t see merit to that but we’ll see I guess.

Could be because like attracts like. Victim meet predator. Predator there is your victim. Narcissist meet your empath. We are just different sides of the same coin. Where I killed my ego to survive my trauma, narcissist bolster there’s to survive. (I just learned that and it felt valid.)

But I am trying to break the pattern here. The very dangerous and harmful problem that is has been in my life for too many of the last 39 years.

I hope I get some clarity and that I can either see any danger before I develop feelings or can navigate to someone that I can truly, fully trust.

And then I also wonder does that even exist for me, in my world given all I’ve been through? To fully trust a man to live intimately with my kids?

I do truly know it isn’t an every man issue. Like I trust my teenager with her male teacher for after school and other events, though he always has an aid. But I trust any of my kids with their grandfather. Really. I know it isn’t every man.

But, best part is…….. I don’t have to worry about that one bit. And that’s really grand!


*I know. I’m being a hypocrit. I love kink. But remember. I personally was led to it through sexual abuse by many hands. And while I myself find BDSM cathartic and I can see a place for it in regular people’s lives, let alone my life….I still understand the underlying issues that can come up, or ones it makes worse.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

12 thoughts on “Pedophilia is normal”

  1. Hi again. You have read my posts so you know I have sex with escorts which may seem like having sex ‘at’ someone but I’m always looking for that connection that makes it real!
    I’ve been with young ladies in the early years yet I found myself thinking if they were my daughter would I like old guys doing this to them… a huge turn off lol.
    Also…. a few years ago my niece was only 13 but dressed in very sexy short outfits. Everything she did looked sexy , which she knew turned guys on. There was no way I was going near her but I wasn’t that surprised when her parents found out their neihbour was fingering her everyday after school. They took him to court but it was found that she was the active agresser.
    Still his fault because she was too young… also girls should wear what they want and feel safe! However many girls begin having sex by 11 so there should be a slideing scale…. from a 17yr old boy and a 15yr old girl ( not too bad) to a 60yr old man and a baby( cut his dick off and lock him up forever)🤔
    BTW that niece is now 22 and hotter than ever but I still stay right away.

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    1. Good boy. I have nothing against prostitution as a means to get connection and your tactile needs met. Good for you. It’s much better than being bitter and angry with sexual frustration.

      I didn’t mean to belittle that. But in this case it is you seeking your pleasure. It is transactional. So whatever you get out of it is valid. Since all she wants in this situation is money. You Seema really respectable guy. And I do get that teenagers can be very sexy and sexual. But I agree, and most laws agree that between kids around the same age, with consent from both it is acceptable, even if frowned on by parents or adults. That is how it should be though. 11 is way too young though. Maybe if we only lived to 30. But a sexually aggressive 11 year old points to probably being sexually awoken before that.


      1. 😇I’m not quite an angel but I try😉
        She was 13 but I do agree with your point. At that age its not a choice they can make because of the possible lifelong injuries , mental mainly.

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        1. No one is an angel. Our dark side is just as much a part of us as our light. Just a matter of not letting the dark take over and make bad choices for us and others. Right? And in that sense you seem like you have yourself in control. And that is commendable. Don’t slight that. Many people don’t live by that. And are just Tasmanian devil’s of destruction wherever they go.


  2. Thought provoking. I am fascinated by the exploration of sex by the young. The anticipation and newness of it for them. In that sense I can appreciate the attraction of younger partners. Of course, carrying on an adult conversation with a child fails miserably.
    I wonder if as a society we should try to separate sex from love. Too often the young are caught up with lust and believe it must be love. Likewise, if sex were separated, it might be seen as more recreational and free our imaginations for a variety of non-monogamous, non-vanilla explorations. By this I do not mean to imply that pedophilia is right under any circumstances. You could make similar arguments about incest.

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    1. Yes but incest has the added scientific backing of potential genetic disorders through breeding.

      While pdophilia produces long term and devastating psychological effects and creates predators. I get that people don’t know what to do beyond making it illegal. They don’t know how to fix the issue. But just talking about it, having dialogue, accepting that it happens and that more needs to be done is a huge start.

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    2. And yes. The innocence of sexual awakening is a luscious thought. But that’s not supposed to be an adult experience. It’s supposed to be a sweet exploration by the innocent and the person THEY truly choose and want to share that with. And at their time and at their place.

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  3. Good stuff early in the morning.
    (a) I think you are on to something. I think we are having sex at someone sometimes , not with someone. (or at least some of us are).
    (b) I think we are driving our selves insane with two sets of beliefs. We use the 18 y/old idea to say what is old enough to be sexually active but we dont want 18 year olds to be adults. And then we have parts of the media that normalize child like behavior of adults and weird sexual stuff. Then we demonize people, (generally men) that prefer younger mannerisms/features. (I forgot the evolutionary term but the crude term was “anime eyes”, among others)

    I had a run in with someone, (female in her 20s) that had some of these features. Her eyes were captivating. She was very young looking and fit. She would never age if she could avoid drugs and partying.

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    1. Oh come on. She will age. That’s the fantasy pedestal women get put on.

      There was this woman I knew. Beautiful and sweet. So glamorous. Her husband adored her. She had a small group of gay men who idolized her. But they all kept her in this stifling role of the perfect wife, the perfect woman. Always immaculate. Always on point. Always glamorous. Always fashionable. Full makeup. In restraint. I did not envy her. Because I can wear my sweat pants, eat a chili dog and fart in front of my friends and family and no one would even blink. Because that’s me. I’m not held up to these ridiculous, stereotypical and binding rules of what it means to be a woman. I couldn’t even remain friends with her because watching her literally submit to mistreatment because her nature was so darling was hell. And I knew one day her husband and I were going to go at it. So I made it a point to avoid her. Sad. So sad to me. And truthfully she didn’t seem all that happy either. But who could living like that?

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    2. About everything else you said. Yes. I agree completely. Good observations. Now none of this makes it acceptable to view children through a sexual gaze. But I do wish society could see how complicit and hypocritical it is.

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