Cancelled sex

Well he cancelled on me tonight. Says he’s going to urgent care because of his severe gout. He’s in a lot of pain. Guess that’s what you get when you date a 68 year old. Ugghhhh

Well. I have a date tomorrow. Hopefully. And I’m going to get an IV drip, infrared sauna and hyperbaric chamber session tomorrow too. Oxygen, vitamins, detox = health spa day.

So that’s something to look forward to. Now that I have no plans guess I can get in the bath early. Take a heavy dose of THC and masturbate a few times. No kids days are awesome. Wish they didn’t come with such a healthy dose of guilt.

I’ll aim for 3 orgasms. Doable. Potentially time consuming. Guess it’s better than watching TV.


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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