Taming of the Shrew

I think I’ve said this before. But I really wonder about myself sometimes.

I lasted less than 24 hours on FetLife and changed my mind. It was just so overwhelming. Note to self. In the future do either submissive or Domina. It was way too much switching and it was overloading my circuitry.

The flattering part is seeing the thirst. But dominants are really, truly, deeply not my thing. They don’t yield and they don’t listen, at least not most. And I don’t care to repeat myself or answer dumb questions. A lot of submissive men, the well trained and real ones, will give proper introductions: say something very flattering, tell you about themselves and ask something precise. They try to entice. That’s what I need. As it is I’m a huge flight risk anyway.

Well….. best case scenario I somehow, someway, find and fall in love with a good, decent man that is submissive enough and then maybe he will indulge me. Do I need all those games? No. I really just need to feel loved, deeply understood, a strong bond and truly adored beyond measure.

But honestly…… right now I’m just gonna do nothing about getting laid.

I’ll get my ass exercising, which will improve my slump. And focus on the big picture. Maybe I’ll make a game of it. See how long I can not have sex before I go crazy or become a major pent up bitch. No. That’s not me either. But sex does relieve a lot of stress and improve my mood greatly.

I just don’t have the stamina for the online dating thing. It’s a huge nuisance. And how am I supposed to really judge someone based on a few photos and blurbs? A few texts back and forth. I don’t have a problem dismissing people, nicely. But all this is just work. I may go on again just looking for a submissive but I doubt it. So many small penises.

You know…….working that hard to build up to possibly wanting to get laid by some random guy I know tidbits about is just insane to me. But I get that this is how it’s now done and many people succeed at it.

Count me out.

And to clarify, absolutely no one is taming me, ever. I’d rather be single the rest of my life and invest in more sex toys and myself than spend any more time trying to decipher idiot dominant men. But there were quite a few super cute young submissives just foaming at the mouth. That was pretty adorable. Their awe was absolutely palpable.


See what I do next. Not like I know.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

25 thoughts on “Taming of the Shrew”

  1. I guess you took the other one down (She is gonna…). Well i still thin you are going to . get want you want and desire .. And i know you wanted it ay.. But you will have to be patience and the right foit will be there.. btw not all male subs have little ones.

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    1. Not all male subs have little ones?

      I’m not sure exactly what that means. If you want to explain please.

      What I do know is that the range a submissive or a dominant can be is vast. Their needs, their level of devotion, their fetishes, their criteria.

      When you enter into a relationship it’s to benefit and support both parties and one should never impose ones needs above their partners especially against the partners will. This is something I understand very well and honor as a Domme. However I have yet to see that same care and consideration from male Dominants. My experience is limited but I’ve talked to enough of them and a lot of them don’t seem to have a clue as the work and devotion involved with being a good Dominant. It’s just about their willies. Sad. I feel bad for full time sub girls. Disappointing to say the least.

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        1. It’s very, very sad actually and even dangerous.

          I know a man who is submissive and he loves being pegged and he would love it to be from a real man but he is literally terrified of being with a man. So he tries to find a Domme but that’s not his true desire and it is very obvious. And that’s the saddest thing to me. Because honestly I can’t say his fear isn’t slightly justified.

          You know
          I have been ruminating about this all day. All day. The D/s lifestyle. You’ll have your sub view but here is what I’m thinking.

          I sincerely above all else want to fall deeply in love. Above all the games, above the dynamic, above the fetishes and checklist of musts and hard limits that’s my truest desire.

          But I sincerely believe that the level of devotion and care, honesty and commitment that I require I will only find with people who deeply comprehend the true sentiment behind the D/s roles. The commitment to truly and deeply caring for your partners needs and then building a relationship together based on a well defined structure (that can be adapted continually or as desired right?). But one that deeply satiates both parties. But to me the emotion is much more important than the roles. And I think that a very good, caring, devoted, true dominant man could satisfy me if he knew me very well and learned how to lead me affectionately and gently. But that’s not in most male Dominants wheelhouse it seems.

          But….. theoretically being that I have such a wide range and deeply enjoy both spectrums it seems possible, though not probable, for me to be able to have a relationship with either that could be satisfying if my deepest needs are met. But this is in theory, of course. I still think I’m much more likely to find the depth of emotion I want with a true submissive because they are not as apt to try to bend me to their will. And the last two men I had relationships with that were in the lifestyle both wanted me to be who they wanted me to be without even asking for my consent. Not truly understanding or caring what I wanted and I can’t go through that again.

          So I think until I clear my head a bit I’ll just stay single. And I’m thinking Brad had me in almost a year solid of subspace sexually. I’m not just going to bounce back from that. If I want my Domina back I’m going to have to bring it back out of me. Maybe that’s what I should focus on. Because that brings me a unique joy and satisfaction I enjoy and miss and need and I lost a lot of.

          Does any of this make sense?

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        2. Oh yea. No. I definitely know not all subs like cock. Even some trannies or cross dressers don’t. One just never knows or can assume anything about some else’s sexuality. Its kind of the fun part. I just wish people were honest with themselves and others about who they truly are and they truly want and what they can bring.

          But who am I to say? I’m feeling so extremely confused today. Lol

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        3. Oh. Little cocks. Lol.

          No. You’re right. But a lot do and that’s part of the psychology behind it for them. But no. You’re absolutely right. Not all. Some are compelled to serve. Some just worship women. The reasons are wildly varied.

          But I do have to say the number to submissive men with smaller cocks does appear to veer a hair over 50%

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        4. But loving PIV as much as I do it isn’t my preference. But if I deeply, truly loved a man I suppose I could settle for a cuckold relationship. But if I didn’t love cock I’d start dating women because it would solve a lot of my problems in life. But I am a cock slut. I’ve accepted it. I love cock. Should I count for you the long, excruciating amount of days I haven’t had it? Lol.

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        5. I’m sorry. I’m probably coming off very anti-male. I’m just disappointed and wanting to be taken care of and loved and completely unsure how to find that. And longing for things I can’t seem to find has made me extremely sad today plus I already wasn’t feeling good.

          I adore men. I make far too many allowances for them and put up with too much and can’t seem to know how to select one. I feel I have to take some of the his blame. I know there are truly great guys out there. But that would be pretty obvious as you are one of them. Right?

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          1. no you are being realistic in your desires and needs. some things are in our nature. Example some women only want other women. some want both . and some want just men.
            i am bisexual i find both women and men attractive and have a desire to please the one i am with.
            i like to think i am pretty special but like you i am alone without a partner. I think you are pretty special and a great woman

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        6. Sadly. I don’t think finding true love is in my wheelhouse. I can’t seem to figure it out. “I go about things the wrong way” it seems. Or haven’t quite understood my own needs.

          I truly thought I had figured it out yesterday and then it all came crashing down faster than it went up.

          I think maybe I’m trying to hard. No. No. I have no idea. I’m failing but I don’t have the perspective to understand why exactly.

          I know I absolutely do not have the patience and energy for online dating though. So I’ll have to table my search until Femdom events pick up again. I should just stifle my desires for now and redirect them to something else. Like exercise. She keeps saying over and over and doesn’t do anything. Lol

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        7. sindee. You’ve devoted a lot of time and attention to me. And I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated it. But I understand if you are frustrated that I haven’t given you a chance I would think you’d understand that you are far and I absolutely can’t know until I’m face to face with someone how I feel.

          You are such a sweet friend and ally but this is all I have to offer you. I hope you can understand that. 🥰

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          1. i totally understand and sometimes what we all need is a FRIEND. someone we can relate to and not feel threaten or used. someone who understands and willing to listen. i feel that i am there for you as you are here for me. of course feeling hugs would be wonderfu;

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        8. I was thinking today that maybe I should see a sexual therapist. Not a pedo one but a generalized one. They could probably help me sort out this jumble in my head.

          There are always red flags. I see them early enough and then I seem to run towards them. So it’s on me that I am letting men treat me this way. And I refuse to let that happen again.

          Honestly I’m a bit scared. So maybe dating is definitely not the right answer. Except how will I know if I can pick better men if I don’t try?

          This is my last reply.

          Some other Domme’s have said I’m far too soft. I should be ruthless and put only my needs first. Treat men like little cockroaches. And that’s fun and funny to think of. But I try to treat men like individuals. I mean when I’m live and in person and not just complaining about them as a generalized population on my blog. Lol

          I really wish I had a gatekeeper. I’ve said that before. But someone who could narrow down the selections to a small number. I’m sure a gatekeeper would turn a lot of men off. But I honestly can’t do that again. It was intense. I think the switching over and over and over really sent me spinning into overdrive.

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          1. True Dommes in their real personal lives do have caring for their subs. If not they wouldn’t have a relationship with ne sub but many because after enough abuse a sub will . You are a loving and caring person and you bring that into your relationship. You want to be loved and love in return.
            Peace N Love

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