Sad times

I get people that expose themselves to the virus willingly. People need to make money. One has to go grocery shopping. People need to exercise. And people want to go to church. Kids want to be in school. Some exposure seems necessary and unavoidable.


I have a friend, he’s a few years older than me. He had a career in telecommunications making decent money. Turns out he hated the industry and 2 decades and 3 DUI’s later he now finds himself with a revoked license, living at home again and working as a peon at Walmart.

He says it is more degrading working there than being in jail. Which I wouldn’t know but he most certainly would. And he’s pissed that the company refuses to disclose when his co-workers get the virus and mysteriously go on leave. No warning, no memo, no acknowledgement at all, just business as usual.

Now…. he knew what kind of company Walmart was before signing up. So I am surprised he would have expected more from them. But he is livid that a company that gives him zero benefits and only pays him minimum wage could put his life on the line so haphazardly; with managers outright lying to employees about it.

I can’t even find words to formulate to tell him. It sucks. It shouldn’t be this way. Corporatism at its finest. Walmart sure does blaze that trail with ferver. But how any of this catches him by surprise I still don’t understand.


I finally got around to the local food bank to drop off bags of empty bottles, food and kids snacks. They were very grateful. I seemed to be the only one dropping off and I had never seen it so busy before on a regular (non holiday event) day.

I have a stash of a few bins of toys I’ve collected over the years. Stuff I pick up cheap at garage sales or blow out store sales. I think I’ll donate them to the food banks gift drive if they are having one this year. I do need to put a few aside for the nieces and nephew, but I know they will get more than enough this year already. So anything I send will be fine.

I really need to get started mailing out my small and few family gifts. I did already send my great aunt in New York the cookies she loves. 6 boxes. She has severe dimentia now and she called me but she didn’t say a single word on the phone. My mother says her speaking is completely unintelligible. So I said hello and told her I loved her. It broke my heart a bit but I know she loves me and that was her way of acknowledging she got them.

The holidays for me are generally always a bit sad, tinged in melancholy. But this year for some reason I feel like I’m on the verge of tears quite often or at least much more than usual and I don’t have my period to blame. Tis the season for some bawling I guess. 2020. It’s a doozy!

I saw the Christmas Chronicles 2 last night. It was cute. I cried twice. I thought it was better than the original and it’s so endearing to know Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel are together in real life too. It adds a cute dimension to the movie as Mr. & Mrs. Klaus and I gotta say he is very handsome and charming in that character. I think he’s by far the best Santa I’ve ever seen. It’s on Netflix if you need some holiday cheer.

It’s just a fun, cheesy Christmas movie but I enjoyed having something new to watch in addition to the standards.

Tree and decorating today. So excited!! Late in the game but we will get there. Woot, woot❣️


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

5 thoughts on “Sad times”

  1. weird fact about Goldie and Kurt: They had been together for decades (3?) and made a life together, very close people before they officially got married. It was always heartwarming. They went to UAH hockey games and on occasion made it on our local news.

    (Cordial people for what I have been told, Kurt doesnt act famous! He acts like he could have been a north Alabama redneck!)

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  2. But yes. Thank you. I know there is a circle of life. She’s 93 but she has deteriorated exponentially during the last few months if not being able to go outside and see her friends and do her routines. She barely eats. She can’t talk. I think she probably won’t be around much more. Which makes me so glad I went to see her when I did last year. I followed my gut and I was right. I need to listen to it more often, it rarely steers me wrong.

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  3. so sorry about your Great Aunt. And you are right She loves you.. She will also enjoy her cookies.
    not sure that any company can really disclose if someone is off because of covid. There are these goofy HIPPA laws meant to protect the sick individual, i do believe they(company) should provide test for their employees and test more frequently if someone is off due to the virus.
    Woo Hoo do the tree Tis the season

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    1. I see. Simple contact tracing. Other countries do it without hesitation. I get we have rights but ones rights do not supercede others rights especially not with life or death. It’s one thing to mandate me to put something foreign and potentially dangerous in my body and another to simply advise people that I was sick near them and they should take caution.

      It’s on thing to protect our freedoms and quite another to be idiotic about things.

      Contract tracing seems vital to me.

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