Here’s the thing that I think people don’t know

The pharmaceutical companies in cahoots with the FDA/CDC have outlawed many holistic cures that actually work; and work damn well. Too well, that have been proven to work in numerous case studies and even court trials.

And in that same vein, colon hydrotherapist can get in trouble saying that colonics cured anything. Even if we knew it did. Even if we had proof. Even if we had scientific evidence, which does exist. Because we are not allowed to.

And that irks me to the end of the moon.

That our health care system is so corrupt. That our government is so deeply involved in some of these things; if not through corruption then through malice and intent.

And that’s just ONE facet of the magnitude of sheer evil governing our lives.*

And I also get that all governments have their issues. I see other more egalitarian countries seem to have much less and help their citizens more, but even within those countries there are always some issues.

Except the corruption of one’s body through purposeful contamination and then keeping us from any knowledge and availability of holistic healing techniques that have worked within the world for millennia, far predating western medicine seems unacceptable to me. There is Eastern medicine, herbal remedies, energy healing, fasting, purges, “old wives tales” remedies that actually work, like Castor Oil and so much more.

I get so worked up about these things because I care. I genuinely care for the world and all its beings. I genuinely wish the best for everyone. And I get that this looks different for everybody. I get that people have been brainwashed into believing the government has their best interest at heart. And I wanted to keep believing that too. But if I had kept living the lies it would have literally killed me.

We live and share only one world.

And I am running out of places to think I can live a happy, healthy, affordable life with true freedoms. It doesn’t seem to be here in my birth country anymore and I guess that’s ok.

But I hate to turn my eye on a problem and just run away to a safe haven. Eventually problems come looking for you; maybe bigger ones.

Although why am I thinking I’m going against the government and pharmaceutical companies?

Am I?


I don’t think I’m that formidable.


*How do we combat that? I have no idea honestly. That’s too big of a problem and far above my pay grade. But I do think a way to maybe eventually reach them is to try to get to each of us first.

I mean, if we are the most honest, compassionate people we can be maybe we can infect the whole world with it. Maybe we need to start one person at a time. Because honestly the only other solution I see is to just go ahead and annihilate the whole world now because that’s the direction we seem headed.

Actions speak louder than words of ideals or platitudes.

We have the weaponry to kill entire worlds; in many different ways too, not just nuclear any longer. We have leaders running their countries and others into the ground.

We have the rich 1%ers and more getting exponentially richer during a pandemic where people are lining up hours for food in “first world” countries.

We have a severe lack of humanity and appreciation for our world, each other and even our very own souls.

Jeezus how sad is that?

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

46 thoughts on “Here’s the thing that I think people don’t know”

  1. Good luck launching a campaign to get the FDA to approve those kinds of medicines and you can start by researching the whole process required for FDA approval. Pharma companies spend millions of dollars just working toward approval and it usually takes ten years from creation of a drug to approval by the FDA… or longer if the FDA finds reason to reject the drug. The laws they work under are very specific and it takes some very serious hoop jumping to get them to, say, what they’re gonna have to do for any coronavirus vaccine to get an emergency approval.

    That and their remit doesn’t include holistic medicines so much. I’m not defending them – I just know how they work since I worked for a major pharmaceutical company for a whole lot of years and the process is… daunting and many might be surprised at how many medications fail to get FDA approval. The amount of documentation the FDA requires for any medication is equally daunting and the process was made more… difficult when the EPA got involved in the process and set strict guidelines for how compounds were created to how a company’s computer systems had to be configured. Like any government entity, there’s always some shit in the game but one of the reasons why a lot of holistic medicine don’t get approved by the FDA is that few of the manufacturers have the money to do what the law says has to be done to get FDA approval nor can they do the very important clinical trials as the law says are mandatory and by those rules.

    And then, no matter what you do or how much money you spend, you still have to prove that the benefits outweigh the risks; a few years back, a major company got a drug pushed through the pipeline and the FDA approved it… then the drug was killing people right out of the gate and the FDA got big time egg on their face and a lot of heads rolled, the company in question got fined and shut down and wound up costing them billions of dollars.

    You need more than scientific proof that a holistic medicine works the way it’s said to be and not everyone who petitions the FDA for their approval gets it. Yeah, it always sounds like some great conspiracy going on and I’d not say that some shit ain’t exactly kosher in the process… but when you look at the list of things the laws consider to be medicine and approval is required, many of the holistic stuff just ain’t on the list and usually because there’s not enough proof.

    You could pitch a bitch with them – and a lot of good and well-meaning companies have been doing just that for a long time now… but nothing that meets the guidelines and regulations gets approved. I know the process and what they’re doing to get a vaccine out scares the shit out of me because the companies trying to make one are actually rushing something that shouldn’t be rushed. If you have the time, go look closely at what it takes for any drug to get FDA approval and what things are subject to FDA approval and why they are… or they aren’t.

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    1. I absolutely understand and your points are as usual exemplary.

      There was a doctor in California curing women of great cancer using ultrasonic waves. He created the equipment himself. He had cured over 20 women successfully when men in black (literally) came and burned down his clinic and threatened his life.

      That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as holistic medicine. I could go on and on.


    2. I’m not launching a campaign. But I do find it funny that based on the current criteria for drugs if Tylenol went to apply for FDA approval with the current formula it would not get approved.


      1. You’re right about that which is why there are now a ton of warnings about the use of NSAIDs and they still get the FDA nod because it’s been proven that the benefits outweigh the risks and as set forth by the existing standards. Some NSAIDs have been banned by the FDA and stuff like ranitidine – Zantac – have been removed from approval because it’s been proven that the risks outweigh the benefits… and that’s the thing where holistic items are concerned, oh, like consuming food grade hydrogen peroxide might have benefits… but it also has a lot of risks and side effects like nausea – and yeah I looked it up because you wrote about it and mentioned how you were feeling. It’s not that people can’t use hydrogen peroxide if they believe it’s gonna work for them – just don’t expect the FDA to give its approval since the risks seem to outweigh the benefits; they’re just not gonna do that unless it’s definitely proven that the benefits can outweigh the risks. As I read, consuming food grade hydrogen peroxide gets a body to produce more oxygen, which you’d think is a good thing… but it can be a very deadly thing given oxygen’s oxidizing nature and it’s been proven that too much oxygen in the blood messes with the brain in some not so good ways. The FDA can’t stop anyone from using it in a holistic way but they don’t have to approve its use like they would, say, a blood pressure medication or a birth control pill. Everything has its risks – it’s all about what risks are deemed to be acceptable and by the existing standards and, again, I happen to know that not all “legit” medications that goes before the FDA get approved for general or widespread use because the people who make them “fail” to prove effectiveness or can’t fully explain the more serious side effects in a way that those side effects aren’t greater than the benefits a proposed drug offers.

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        1. Wow. Super impressed with your knowledge. Most people I talk to have no clue about any of this.

          Yes there are risk factors. Very serious ones. H2O2 is very caustic and potentially dangerous. Especially at the level I use it, which is 35%.

          I stopped the protocol for now but I still firmly believe in it. I’m just a highly sensitive person in general to everything, my environment, medications, people’s moods. And if there are side effects I get them.

          I remember I went to the ER once and they gave my tylenol without telling me, in my IV and I went off on the nurse because I used to have a sinus reaction to tylenol. So I used to know the moment it hit my system.

          They looked at me like I was absolutely crazy. But acknowledged that they had indeed given it to me.

          I even have to be extremely careful with herbs. I can’t have cloves for instance. I know this about myself. I learn about my body and then it changes and I have to relearn. But the one thing that always stays is that I am sensitive.

          That’s why I don’t like pharmaceuticals. 1) doctors don’t even always tell you or always know the warnings on the meds they prescribe. And it should be illegal for doctors to prescribe black box scripts to people without explaining that risk and yet they do it all the time.
          2) They are generally in the business of treating symptoms and not root causes. Which is the most asinine way to manage healthcare. I think they are starting to get better about this but they give one medication and it gives you side affects so then they give you another medication for the side effect and if you get one form that medication tok, it just keeps going in this format until you have so many medications you don’t know if you’re coming or going anymore.

          I’ve seen this with so many people, especially older people. It’s so sad.


          1. I worked for AstraZeneca for 21 years so I leaned a lot about how drugs are made and what it takes to get them approved for use by the FDA. Here’s the things about doctors: They do know about the medications they prescribe but if you don’t ask them what the side effects are, many won’t tell you as a matter of course and they really should. You really can ask a pharmacist but they know the same things doctors know… and they both know what the FDA knows… because it is mandatory that any or all side effects and adverse reactions are not only published but updated as more information comes in. Every pharma company has a group of people whose only job is to take calls from patients and doctors about side effects and reactions – it’s required by law, too. The calls come in and another group investigates them and more so when they’re not already in their databases of known reactions and the process continues to either make the drug “better” or if there’s a shitload of adverse and life-threatening reactions, pull the drug and discontinue it.

            There isn’t a medication I’m taking that I don’t know about and it’s easy for me since I know how to read the prescribing information – I understand the chemistry – and if I see something that might concern me, I don’t waste time asking my doctor about it and what I should do if the more… bad side of things show up. These days, even my insurance company has gotten really good at letting me know about the meds I’m taking and if they’ve been recalled or discontinued… and my doctors are good at changing the medication and letting me know the details. Some stuff is… questionable but, again, if it’s on the market and approved by the FDA, it’s been determined that the benefits outweigh the risks but while knowing and understanding that it’s not going to work for everyone and the way it’s expected to. I just happen to be someone who knows how this works.

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          2. Yes. But here’s the thing. Healthcare shouldn’t be profit driven. Holistic medicine should have funded studies just as aggressively as scripts. It goes against humanities own interest. So often I’ve found holistic medicine to not just work better but also not have any side effects. Not always but so often it’s truly ridiculous.


          3. Shouldn’t be… doesn’t change the fact that it is. I know that AstraZeneca’s proven breast cancer drug cost the $1.2 billion dollars to create, test, and get approved including building the facility to make it so, yeah, they’d be keen to make that money back… so they can use it to come up with something else and there’s no real business sense in doing it in a non-profit way. That market is cut-throat competitive and companies lose millions when their hard fought for patents expire and their money making drug can now be made genetically and for less money and, sometimes, a generic isn’t as good as the real thing.

            This is some really deep shit that, again, not many people know about or why it is the way it is.

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          4. 25 years on a patent is more than enough money made. Especially with the ridiculous price of some of them. But when these companies get subsidized by the government it really makes no sense.

            Plus the incentive for then is never to cure. I mean that would ruin the bottom line. And that’s just looking it at it harshly through a business lens. So it makes zero sense that it be that way.

            The world is maddening to me. 😭


          5. And to a lot of people, sad to say… it still is what it is and why it is. You kinda have to know how it works, like having a patent doesn’t make a drug safe since other companies are doing whatever they can to make sure you lose it because they prove that they can make it better and cheaper. And you gotta go through some shit to renew a patent and not many of them succeed, like AZ’s Nexium; the company shit itself and lost a ton of money when their patent expired. They still make Nexium… but there are a shitload of companies making a much cheaper generic version. Companies have been trying to get the patent laws for drugs changed to prevent this from cutting into heir bottom lines and profits… and it’s been rejected out of hand. There are some drugs that shouldn’t go generic and some are exempt from patent expiration… but there aren’t that many of them.

            The price per pill can be insane… but not if you know what goes into determining that price – and it’s pricing is also something the FDA pays attention to before giving approval for the drug to go on the market. My mom, before she died, was taking a medication that, at the register, cost an ungodly amount of money just for an 30-day supply and to the tine of $15,000/month. But she only paid $48 for it because the company that makes it subsidized it… and the FDA strongly suggested that they do – read that as they had no choice if they wanted it approved. That drug had the “benefit” of being the only one of its kind and while some people can afford the high prices, many cannot so what do they do? Let people die when their drug can do something about that… and then face all kinds of very bad publicity that says they care more about money than they do human lives?

            One of this changes the fact that the pharmaceutical industry, as a whole, is multi-trillion dollar business.

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          6. And I go back to my premise that something that benefits humanity should not be profit driven.

            Look at what they did to the EpiPen? They priced people out of it. For absolutely no reason. Just because they could.


          7. Pharma is a business and they’re in the business of making money… and cures do not make money but treating symptoms does make a shitload of money. We should have learned how to cure and eradicate the common cold… but there’s no money in it outside of whatever it would cost to get the cure.

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          8. Until someone comes up with a better way to do things, it is what it is and if you (not you) don’t like it you can either keep not liking it or try to do something to change whatever it is you don’t like or find your own way to deal with your health. There’s probably nothing really wrong with holistic medicine… just don’t expect the FDA to be all on board with it other than to make it a point to tell you that you use these means at your own risk and you have no real legal recourse should that risk ends your life. Now, if you know about “snake oil” and what that means, then you might understand why the FDA came into existence.

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          9. Yes. I understand but you have too much faith in the FDA. I get that they have standards but they also have special interest and they aren’t all for the benefit of humanity.

            And as far as legal recourses. That’s laughable. That’s one of my counter arguments for vaccines. You have an insurmountable amount of proof (which no doctor will ever back) to give and good luck if you truly do have it even because the system is set up to there they can not get sued. It has to be arbitrated by people with vested interest in the system. Which makes zero sense. If you guys believe that strongly about the benefits of vaccines then why take away people’s right to legal recourse. Idiocy and profiteering at such a high level and we just accept it.


          10. Um, no, I don’t. I know how it works which has nothing to do with faith or lack thereof so allow me to make that clear. The FDA is part of the US government and we know how that goes. Should they approve holistic medicines? Yes, they should… but they won’t unless there’s a compelling reason to and good luck trying to give them a compelling reason. Besides, you can embrace holistic medicine and for whatever reason that makes se see to you; some doctors do recommend many of these methods and medicines… but the FDA ain’t hearing any of it and whether you believe their reasons behind it or not is to to the individual.

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          11. Well. I have seen what they’ve done to holistic doctors. How they’ve gone after them. I’ve had doctors tell me they refuse to even discuss holistic medicine. The system is completely broken. But I guess you’d have to see it more from the lens of natural medicine working well. I’ve seen it for myself so many times I don’t question it. But I suppose that’s not everyone’s understanding or knowledge.


          12. The FDA notwithstanding, doctors have a code of ethics they are held to and like anything else, those who fail to toe the line and abide by the established ethics will be shunned or lose their license to practice medicine. Even despite this, some doctors just don’t believe in the effectiveness of holistic medicine but, sure, many are more open to it but there are professional organizations for doctors who for whatever reason, ain’t feeling it, it because it’s membership doesn’t agree with it but because it’s just not the way it goes. And there is nothing anyone can do about it. Nothing except keep their own counsel and embrace holistic medicine even if many doctors don’t and won’t advise it.

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          13. Yea. Well. It is what it is. I don’t like it. I scream it from the rooftops as much as I can. But the establishment does all it can to make me out to be a fool and ridicule me and my beliefs and my rights to put what I decide into my own fucking body. All I can do is keep trying to reach people and spread the knowledge I have. And keep fighting this uphill battle.


          14. It is your body and you have the right to say what goes in it and what doesn’t. Many feel the same way you do and there is, I’m fact, greater awareness of things holistic… but just know that there are those who think you’re not right about what you’re doing and think you’re out of your mind for doing them. I respect your right to consume 35% hydrogen peroxide… and I know that medical authorities – Including the FDA – aren’t going to endorse wholesale approval given the known side effects. That’s just the way it is and will be until something better comes along. You can’t do shit about what a person believes and it’s a fool’s errand trying to change that which they believe, well, until something bad happens, like you or someone you know dies from something that, if they’d taken a known and prescribed medication, chances are good they wouldn’t have died.

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          15. I appreciate that you have faith in pharmaceuticals. They have their place. But scripts kill so many people every year and people find that completely acceptable without even questioning it much at all. They are vastly over prescribed. And I am just not a fan. Especially knowing what I know about holistic medicine. And having seen it cure people naturally, with food, water, oxygen, energy, herbs, and more. Things that are not harmful to the body.

            Now yes. There are some that are some holistic remedies that one must use caution with. Just because something is holistic doesn’t mean I don’t do my own research about it first.

            People trust western medicine far too blindly. When it is the culprit of many fatalities and many horrendous side effects. Which again is fine if you’re I to it and don’t care. But I do care. I am VERY mindful of what I put in my body. Much more so than the vast majority of people. Which made me go and learn about pharmaceuticals foe myself. Which made me go and learn about holistic health for myself.

            It’s exhausting really. But I have the knowledge I need to circumnavigate these systems and care for myself within my own ideology. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for most people who just blindly believe what they think is true and actually isn’t.

            I’m glad I have the knowledge I do. I’m glad I’m smart enough to figure this out. I’m glad I’ve managed my health well on my own with natural remedies. But it doesn’t give me much hope for the future when I keep having to fight tooth and nail to safeguard my body against constant invasion.


          16. Again, you misunderstand; don’t take my understanding of the system for having faith in it because I also know what’s wrong with it, too. There are approved meds I probably should be taking… and I’m not going to because I understand some shit about the system that created it. That’s not faith – that’s knowledge.

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          17. It’s not the benefit that people object to: It’s the impression that they have no choice but to be vaccinated… and, my dear, there are few things that are solely for the benefit of humanity and fewer things that don’t have some kind of price attached to it. You can’t stand the way the world is and I get it… but it’s the way the world is. You choose methods that you believe in and there’s nothing wrong with that… but the FDA isn’t sold on it and that’s just that.

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          18. Fine. Ok. Fine. Yes. This is reality. But it infringes on my rights and that’s where I draw the line in the sand. That’s where I get my panties all bunched up. I understand the implications better than most people. I have studied these things in depth and I’m seen as the idiot. It just boils my blood.


          19. Of course it does… whatcha gonna do about it? It’s not your fault that your view of this isn’t the mainstream view even though it’s grudgingly accepted that there must be something to Chinese holistic medicine since they’ve practiced it for thousands of years… and even they have people who have MD after their name.

            The system is what it is and a lot of it very badly sucks. It needs to be reworked badly… and that’s not gonna happen any time soon. Many people support holistic medicine and in a not-for-profit way… but that’s not the typical business model because while companies to make drugs to make people better, they also do it for the money because it costs them a shitload of money to create and produce them and there are rules about doing that.

            All you or anyone can do is not like it and living here, you have a right to pitch a bitch about the unfairness of it all but unless you’re willing to put forth the effort to effect change and do what that might take, whatcha gonna do?

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          20. You are always going to do what you think is the best thing for you to do… and even if people think you’re a few fries short of a happy meal for doing it. And if you don’t care what they have to say, it doesn’t matter, does it?

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          21. But I do have to. Kids can not attend any school in California without being fully in compliance with all vaccines. ALL. They don’t take into account a child’s immunity, health, risk factors, nothing. No exemptions, not medical, not religious.


          22. Yep, that’s a fact and unless you can prove that a vaccine is very detrimental to your childrens’ life, compliance with the law is non-negotiable. You can choose to not send your children to school… and have a nice time explaining that to the judge when you get arrested for not having your kids in school and you’re not home schooling them. But last time I looked, you’re an adult so while you’re bound to some aspects of the various laws, not all of the apply to you so you can do whatever you feel is necessary for yourself in this.

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          23. Yes. Barely true. Let’s see what comes out of this new vaccine and what laws it spearheads.

            I’m cynical enough to believe this could be an engineered benefit for pharmaceutical companies. But I’m open minded enough to wait and see.


          24. Yes but if they muzzle you then what? That’s how I feel. Muzzled. Like I have to comply and knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen I just can’t. I really can’t.


          25. Then you keep making much noise as you can, which is what you do with your blog, ain’t it? You could bug the shit out of all of your representatives at every level about this and it’s because the law says you have the right to. And you are aware that in some things, non-compliance has some unwanted consequences and I’m pretty sure that you’re a smart cookie, too. You know what you have to do and you do it.

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          26. I have and I do as much as I can. But I have a life. I have a lot on my plate. This is just one tiny aspect of what’s going on in the world.

            I will keep doing what I can for myself and for humanities sake. Even if no one appreciates my effort and actually battle against me. So be it.

            I have to follow the knowledge I have, the ideals I believe and my heart. And they all point me to natural healing.

            At the point I need Western medicine I go and am grateful for the choice. But it should be my choice, not my obligation. And I’ll keep at it because I won’t just roll over and give up my rights so easily.


          27. I’m not sure if I’m going to take the vaccine if it’s, ah,,very strongly recommended that I do so… because I understand the science and the processes involved and I’m always leery of any quick fix that’s approved; there has not been enough human testing in the clinical trial phase to make me feel comfortable so I will defer it until it see how it’s affecting other people and in what ways that’s happening. And even then that’s no guarantee that it’s not gonna do something I’d rather not have it do. Trust… but verify and I’m down with verifying but not trusting a whole lot.

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          28. Good for you. I respect you greatly for that. You understand the system. You understand the detriments. You are deciding for yourself based on your well gained knowledge what is best for you. It’s more than can be said for the vast majority of people. Especially those that oppose my own views so vociferously.


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