Most Pedophiles are Male


Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, little large scale analysis has been done on this subject. And a lot of what has been done is incorrect because most subjects studied are the ones that have been caught. But even so, the vast majority of caught subjects are male.

Now I believe most people don’t disclose any abuse they’ve suffered and men are even less likely to. Then there is another stigma of it not being abuse if it came from a woman.

We have so much to understand about this disorder. Having known so many and knowing how intelligent they are, how they fit into society so well, with no one suspecting anything at all about them, how easily they can get away with grooming new victims and targeting ones that have already suffered abuse.

It just sickens me. The fact that a lot of men abuse their own children too just because they have access to them and can. And how kids are stuck at home now and abuse is slated to go up by the metrics that people who study and understand this better than I do have already noted, is also sad to me.

I wish I had the money to open an institute to study this more and help people. I would want to help not just those suffering from this, who sometimes also have abusive backgrounds, but their victims as well.

One predator can affect dozens of lives. And yet as a society we turn a blind eye to it because we assume someone else is taking care of it. But the only people “helped” if that term can even be said, are the people in the system, i.e. caught…. and those generally are either the careless, less intelligent or less affluent ones.

It’s just interesting to me that this disorder skews so heavily male and yet most religious leaders are male as well. It is just a very odd thing to me.

I talk about this a lot as you all know, because it has affected my life deeply. It still does. And it’s something I can’t just shake off because I know it’s happening down the street, behind closed doors, behind veils of lies and guilt, to children that are too innocent to understand that it isn’t their fault.

I don’t ever want to “normalize” pedophilia or the act of it. But I wish we could acknowledge that it isn’t going away, that people of all walks of life suffer with this disorder alone with nowhere to turn for help and it isn’t right to leave that group of society to fend for themselves when they can cause so much harm to others, to society in general.

I’m not saying lock them all up. Frankly, it would be way too many people. What I’m saying is address it, put it out in the open, this exists, it is more rampant and common than we wish to believe and we can help. We can do something about it, by being a lot more proactive instead of reactive.

There are plenty of “pedophiles” who never touch a child. I’ve met some. To be a medically termed pedophile your main sexual drive has to be towards children. There are those that fill this criteria who never act on it. They need support.

We need to understand this disorder more fully to be able to help at the root, help before actions damage others.

It makes so much more sense to me. But I’ve given up my ideals of this world functioning not only logically but heart-centered. It just isn’t set up that way. Which is a real shame.

The world would be such a better place if it was more inclusive, cohesive and caring.

But…..all I can do is what I can do from my tiny little speck of space in this universe. I’ll never be able to help as much as I’d like to, but I’ll keep doing what I can, when I can.

And that’s all there is to it. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

17 thoughts on “Most Pedophiles are Male”

  1. It’s one of humanity’s dirty little secrets that we know about but don’t want to say a whole lot about because one of the things that would be uncovered is a practice that we do know about from history and that continues to be a thing in some cultures: Taking young women as brides and the ancient practice of older men, ah, teaching young boys what they need to know to be a man in their society and it includes sex. Then consider that youngsters make for good victims because they don’t know what an adult man or woman eventually winds up learning. And while it’s true that a lot of men are pedophiles, there are women who are, too – but let’s not say a whole lot about that, okay?

    So what to do about this? We’ve tried a lot of things to “cure” these people of their predilection up to and including both chemical and physical castration; we put them into prison, try every mental illness treatment that can be thought of and we long since learned that putting them to death doesn’t do a lot of good – you eliminate one and another one takes their place.


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    1. Sigh indeed. There has got to be a way though. Try and try and keep trying. You can find help and support groups for all kinds of things: depression, gambling, alcoholism, sex addiction, kleptomania, on and on, but none, zero for pedophiles.

      I looked. I researched. There are some centers. But all the ones I found are for people in the criminal system. Short of a psychologist who also sees mostly caught people there is nothing.

      So let’s say you have this problem, and you know you have this problem and you want help.

      Who can you talk to? How much can you legally say? How much and what can they even do? 12 steps?

      It’s sad. It’s just very sad to me. It shouldn’t be that way. Especially not when the people being hurt can defend themselves.


      1. If there was a way to completely eliminate this behavior, we would have found it by now. There are support groups and even mental health professionals who specialize in helping victims cope and come to grips about being victimized. Yes… it shouldn’t be this way but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s always been this way and the laws in place – and the associated punishments – aren’t that much of a deterrent. Those who are being treated for this are urged to direct their sexual desires in the direction they’re supposed to be – go find an adult man or a woman and one who’s more than willing to give you all the sex and emotional succor you can handle… and it’s a lot easier said than done when it’s said that those who have that affinity for youngsters have it “hard-wired” into them and the mechanism is something that I don’t think is really understood. We know the what of it… not so easy to pinpoint the why of it but, yeah, history does reveal some things – and it has and to the point where we have age of consent laws and our morality has been altered to make this a crime against humanity.

        It’s just not all that easy to fix a human mind that isn’t working the way our norms say it should be…

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        1. Yes. I agree not easy. But we need to try harder. We can’t just let this keep going as it is. We can’t. As a society. As individuals. This needs to be rectified. Someway, somehow. I don’t like taking people’s freedom and rights away. But the right to not be harmed by people should supercede the right to let people harm others. And turning a blind eye us in effect letting it happen, consciously or not.


          1. The problem remains of how do we get rid of it once and for all? No one has come close to figuring out how to eradicate this behavior and even though it might not seem like what we can do isn’t enough, we are, I think, doing the best we can. We do tend to turn a blind eye to those things we find distasteful and those things that, try as we may, we just can’t do shit about and, seriously, the only way to get rid of it once and for all is to make the human race extinct and the way other shit is going, that’s gonna happen at some point.

            As much as we try to be proactive about this, we are stuck in a reactive mode; find them, identify them then either try to cure them or punish them as harshly as we can manage and including taking their lives.

            And we know that none of what we can do will make this particular thing go and stay away from the human condition and, yeah, it’s frustrating. The best we can do is create awareness of this and to keep teaching our young ones what to look for and what to stay away from and to the best of their ability to do so and, as such, we will have successes… and there will be failures. We could summarily execute pedophiles but that would instantly turn into a Salem witch-hunt kind of thing where even being accused of being a pedophile will result in your death and there’s no truth to the allegations. So, short of that, we’re stuck with trying to educate, treat both perpetrators and victims, and punish to the fullest extent of the law in quite a few ways and it’s not like you or anyone else don’t know any of this but I just can’t imagine what else can be done that doesn’t call for the total and complete eradication of humanity. We know about man’s inhumanity to man; we know that we are the most vicious and destructive creature on the planet and especially where the lives of others are concerned. I’m not saying that we should stop trying to get rid of this – I just have no idea what’s going to be a permanent solution short of chemical and physical castration or opening up someone’s head and destroying that part of their brain – and that’s been tried before, hasn’t it?

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          2. It all has yes. Support. These people need support instead of just ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist until we can prove without a doubt they’ve done something bad to someone or have shared those sorts of materials.

            I know. Society doesn’t function that way. We don’t support people much more deserving and helpless in the world.
            But just telling children to try to avoid it isnt an sort of answer. It’s like telling teenagers to be abstinent. The problem could very week be within their own house and as such almost completely unavoidable.


          3. And therein lies the problem, huh? Then there’s that fact that all victims aren’t really victims – they’re the predator which is just as fucked up. My dear, it’s not that this – or anyone is being ignored; those on either side who need help are doing what they can to get it… but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it or think that they’re gonna be okay without it or there’s just too much shame and trauma going on that no one needs or has to know about one way or the other.

            It’s not that society doesn’t work like that – people don’t work like that even when it’s the way it’s preferred that we work. Protect the innocent and punish the wicked and by any means necessary. We do this… and not so much since we do tend to lack empathy and compassion over a problem someone has but it’s not our problem and despite being a moral problem.

            Real big sighs right about now…


          4. The help isn’t there is what I’m saying. And it’s not normalized. This happens. It, as you so apply said, has happened through humanity and will continue to happen. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I believe we can do better. And I believe we do ignore it, in general by leaving it up to the police and court systems to handle alone. Being again reactionary and not simply assisting people where and how they need. Like we are starting to do with drug abuse.


          5. Not much of anything about humans are normalized and belief, I’m afraid, doesn’t mean much of anything other than it’s what you believe. Shouldn’t be this way – gotcha. Doesn’t ever change the reality. We do ignore it and probably more so when we’ve already proven that we can’t do anything to prevent it and then even more so when we have historically and consistently failed to be able to do much about being human in the first place.

            For instance, we believe that no one should be anything but heterosexual and not being heterosexual used to be a mental illness that, oh, yeah, there was no “cure” for and what “cures” that existed were found to be inhumane. We have been waging wars here and there against the human condition and those things we deem to be totally uncool and immoral and it’s proving to be “impossible” – it’s not too unlike fighting a war that cannot be won but one we are compelled to engage in just the same. We just are not as normalized or anything that resembles that when it comes to dealing with mankind’s evils and those evils based upon a system of belief that is morally correct… but just doesn’t work the way we want and need it to work.

            All you – or anyone, for that matter – can do is whatever you can do to fight the good fight. Something must be done… but we’re right back to trying to figure out what that something is, aren’t we? We cannot and should not look the other way and many do not… but the rest of humanity?

            Welcome to the shit storm and great cluster fuck that is humanity. We are all not decent; we are not all that enlightened or civilized as we think we are or as we should be. So we protect as best we can; we warn of the dangers, and we do provide help for those who need it and, damn it, there are many who don’t want to be helped or can’t be helped. What are we supposed to do? What can we do to make this ugliness about ourselves just go away? You say there is no help and that it’s not standardize or some form of being consistent but there is help and, hell, no, humans aren’t known for being consistent in anything they do other than being consistently inconsistent and in a great many ways. I do not disagree: We must be better than this but the facts are that we aren’t and I’ll be damned if I know what it’s gonna take for every last one of us to be better.

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          6. I meant exactly what I said. Do you really and truly believe that everyone who falls victim to a predator is innocent and there’s no way they could get it into their head to be predatory in this? I didn’t believe it was even possible until I discovered that it is. What the holy fuck! We believe children are innocent and totally clueless about such things… and not all,of them are and I know quite a few personally who were big time predators or, at the least, wanted to be. And if they did and someone found out about it, the adult who was stupid or gullible enough to be seduced was the guilty party and instigator of the whole mess because there’s no way a young person is even capable of subverting a grown person.

            That’s what we believe. Thanks not the truth and a truth we also keep ignoring or acting like it’s not a real thing. I wish I could tell you that this is hypothetical… but it isn’t. Doesn’t make it right but, yeah – it all victims are really victims; what are we supposed to do about all the children who are really smarter than we think they are? We teach them stuff… but if they don’t believe it or their innate curiosity gets the best of them, what do we do about it?

            And yes – some legit victims do turn into predators themselves and the psychology behind it is morbidly fascinating and even inexplicable. What we don’t know about any of this is why this shit has been a part of humanity.


          7. Oh, and you do not get to shoot the messenger; this isn’t what I believe – it’s what I’ve learned; I know this and I don’t like it one bit and I know that my dislike changes nothing where anyone else is concerned. Bleh.

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      2. Oh, and to answer your question, if you know you have this problem and you don’t want to have it, you can seek professional help in combating it; that’s actually the easy part but it’s also the riskiest part since those same professionals are duty-bound to report such people to the authorities even though doctor/patient confidentiality is also something they’re duty-bound to remain true to. It’s no secret what happens to pedophiles who get sent to prison so I’d suppose there aren’t that many who are afflicted with this who’d be willing to set themselves up to be murdered. But, yeah – if it was me (and I’m damned glad it isn’t) and I knew I needed help, I’d go looking for it and PDQ since I know – and like everyone else does – what’ll happen if I get busted and sent to prison. What form does the help take? That’ll probably call for some serious Googling to see how this is being treated and maybe there’s some 12-step thing available – I really don’t know.

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        1. I have looked. I have gone to those professionals. As a victim and also while seeking help for someone else (not in the system). What’s out there isn’t great. It really isn’t enough at all.


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