Not trying to be an ungrateful bitch

As much hardship as I’ve endured here: a lot personal, a lot financial/careerwise, some because of intolerance/prejudice and even a bit from others spite.

But truthfully, it’s still all been worth it. And if I have to leave Oregon I am going to miss it. I’ve had some great times, met some really great people, some very interesting characters and seen and been privy to a lot of generosity (of spirit too).

It’s really been an honor and a privilege to get to know Oregon and especially myself and the thankfulness I feel to be allowed to fumble so much and still be humbled by people’s consideration and care.

I have had help. The government has and is helping me. I’ve had some great local help. I’ve been brought to tears by people’s kindness and help. So many times, it’s too many to count in these last 6 years.

And I have truly opened my eyes to the world in a way I’m really not sure would have happened anywhere else. There is just something really beautiful and magical to Oregon.

I was just mad. Lol.


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

4 thoughts on “Not trying to be an ungrateful bitch”

      1. indeed giving the burden to God and if it starts to build again Give it to God again and again. my burden was accepting first that she wanted a divorce and then 3.5 years of figuring out how to settle it. It took that long but the burden is gone. now like You i am looking for someone to love and love me for who i am. It will come for me as it will for You
        hugs as we wait
        Peace and Love

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