On the Road to Shambala

The kids broke my bedframe.

I’m guessing by jumping on it

I could mount an investigation and get to the bottom of it but it’s done

So I’m just going to replace it and wait until they ask


I can’t wait to fall in love again

And yet I can wait lifetimes more if I have to

For the real thing

The right person

It doesn’t consume my mind though

And thankfully it’s usually a happy thought

Although sometimes a sad one

It’s something to look forward to

And something I sometimes miss having

And there is that sense that I don’t know when or where

How or who

And there is excitement there

The notion that when it begins

It may be magical

It may change everything

It may be better than my wildest dreams come true

And that gives me a strange comfort


Busy day. Errands, bedframe, client, and major cleaning. I prefer to clean alone with music blaring and this space is tiny enough that this isn’t a huge task.

Plusses and minuses to everything. πŸ˜‰


I’ve been watching movies in Spanish. Trying to stretch my linguistics muscles. It’s amazing how quickly I go back to not having to translate it in my head. I can think and understand in both languages fluently. Now I just have to get the specialized training in: medical terms, court terminology/processes, and practice translation in real time.

Not everyone that is fluently bilingual can do this. It’s multitasking on another level. Having to listen, translate and speak almost simultaneously. But I’m pretty sure I’d be good at this. I’m going to give it my best shot at least. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Another sunny beautiful crisp fall day. Maybe I’ll go lay in the hammock a bit before I start off.

Hiking tomorrow would be nice. Fall blessings ❣️


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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