I hate masks – pandemic pandemonium

I really, really, really do. They aren’t comfortable. They slip. If they don’t slip they feel too tight or constricting. I get dizzy and lightheaded wearing them. I also feel manaced. Not consciously. But the mental association of a mask is always one of danger or pain; isn’t it, historically. It’s a subconscious response.

This Pandemic is so fucking confusing too. Misinformation seems everywhere. And who’s information do you trust? Because the answer to that question greatly determines your stance towards it.

Is it a hoax? I don’t think so.

But I do think there is too much misleading information.

If you need masks and to close everything down, why has Sweden done so much better than the UK with it’s mortality percentages per 1 mil.

If it mostly strikes minorities then why haven’t we heard of mass waves of it in Africa or South American? If it affects the poor more than why was a slum city in India able to conquer it?

If they’ve found several things that seem to rapidly expedite recovery of this, that have been widely used before with little to no adverse affects, why haven’t we started mass producing this in huge quantities and giving it out like candy?

Do you see why it is all so confusing?

To me at least.

But I comply maybe because complying is typically in my nature. Maybe because if it helps saves one person’s life it will be worth it to me.

But I can’t say with all certainty I truly believe it all is the thing.

Especially when there is so much seemingly contradictory information and it really depends on your news sources what reality you seem to get.

It’s almost why I would prefer to take Sweden’s stance or even Italy’s (they saw a giant surge), unfortunately China isn’t too open and transparent about their numbers and methodologies and they seem very extreme in their responses. Like that one baby limit thing. That bit them in the ass; didn’t it?

But I guess the containment of this contagion seems to now be going smoothly for them.

Do we just have to bide our time and ride it out the best we can?

My only concern has and will continue to be having hospitals overwhelmed. And of course all the unnecessary deaths is a horrible thought to me.

Why we have no general consensus in this country intrigues and troubles me though. Greatly.

But I try not to worry.

Plus they are saying that people are dying from “broken heart syndrome” right now in very high numbers with this pandemic; which is a stress induced heart issue. Mostly couples that have lived their whole life together get it where one partner dies and then that same day or within days the other does too.

So stress is now more than ever a really bad killer. Not that it wasn’t before. But we need to guard against living in fear. Right?

I think that’s a worthy fight. And I try to champion against it every day. Until the day I hope to just be able to live, wholeheartedly, with no fear but solely with happiness at the prospect of being alive.

Gratitude is a huge factor in saving my life and my day to day quality of life. And I try so hard to speak my gratitude to people. I try to be gracious, respectful, give people their own space to be. I try to be genuine and honest.

I fall short, of course. I am a human being having an utterly human experience.

But I still hate masks.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

10 thoughts on “I hate masks – pandemic pandemonium”

  1. “broken heart syndrome” – I’d never heard it expressed that way but it is a very apt description. We think the only economic impact is people not working, as if we are unfeeling automatons that just need to keep the gears turning. But when we get the economic/healthcare balance wrong there’s going to be an economic price to pay because of all the grief.

    A couple thoughts: I don’t think Sweden is doing all that well. They were held up as a great model early on, and maybe they weren’t shut down as much as the rest of Europe but their deaths/1M pop is close to the numbers in Italy and Spain. Perhaps they just managed to spread it out a bit (check out worldometers.info – they’ve got sortable tables for cases / deaths per capita)

    I heard a really good interview awhile ago with a Canadian epidemiologist who said “nobody in a pandemic gets it right”. The science is always trying to interpret and catch up to the latest data. And there isn’t much data at first.

    I found it oddly reassuring – if it seems confusing and muddled, it is because it is. And, for me, that means putting trust in the epidemiologists and virologists who, while they may be playing catch up, are at least in a better position to understand the conflicting data than us laymen.

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    1. I kind of agree, except that by relying on them we are only seeing and trying to contain things from a very clinical perspective and as you said there are financial perspectives and mental health perspectives as well.

      I think Sweden accessed themself that they every country would probably have close to the same numbers at the end. They were simply trying to flatten out the other burdens and make sure the hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed. Which I think they successfully have done.

      Plus some of the prominent virologist in this country have conflicts of interests, which to me are huge red flags.

      I don’t think we will truly understand the breath of this until it is done, if ever.

      Sara lasted 8 months, but it didn’t spread globally like this. So if we are to be heavily optimistic then maybe we can see a downturn in a few months. China has almost completely irradiated it and this would indeed be their 8 month mark, but they are much more aggressive and United with their tactics.

      We as a country function more like a many headed dragon. Not understanding always that the individual heads sometimes need to work in unison for the good of the whole. Which is why we even have a federal government, to step in in times like this, one would hope and think, but 🤷🏽‍♀️.


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