Oh…. what a night

Let’s review the day……

Taxes got done. House got tidy to a level of acceptableness. I got offered the part-time job I applied for earlier in the week. Brad took me to dinner and kept trying to propose with a straw paper wrapper quickly made into a ring shape. Lol

Let’s unpack that a bit because all these make-ups and break-ups are probably causing whiplash and last we knew he was out of the picture.

See what happened is that…….

I, me, this person here, broke down and called him a few days ago. Which is an unusual stance for me. In that in all our break ups I’ve never been the one to reach out to him. But I was missing him so much and when Sylvia (my therapist) suggested that maybe he and I just needed to come in for couples therapy to learn to argue effectively and not detrimentally….it kind of felt like a green light.

Still took me a few days after that to decide to contact him. So when I called him he immediately came over and took me to lunch and grocery shopping. I spent the night at his house and things felt really good between us.

Then the next night we argued and I was absolutely besides myself with anger, especially at myself for having re-engaged. But, very unlike him within less than an hour he apologized, explained why he reacted the way he did and took full responsibility for the ordeal.

So I told him we needed to have a serious discussion, which he generally avoids at all costs. I told him we needed to sit down and figure out our issues, if we could resolve them and figure out what we were doing, where we were going, and how to stop driving each other crazy with these on and off dramatic episodes.

So….. he picked me up last night to take me to dinner and have the discussion. I was shocked that he wasn’t stressed, agitated or short with me. He actually seemed pretty calm, especially for having to drive around a major traffic jam to get to me.

Beforehand I had made sure I knew very clearly what I wanted in this situation. Because it’s no fair asking someone to have a difficult conversation when you have no idea what you really want out of it. Surprisingly it came very clear to me. And after when we sat down and got drinks and chit chatted a bit I started in…..

“It’s been over 3 years that I’ve been divorced now. The first year I couldn’t yet date. The second year I dated but wasn’t quite sure I could see myself getting married again. But now after 3 years of struggling and working so hard and trying to make a go of it alone I’ve realized…. I really just want to be married again and be a “housewife”. I love nurturing my family and I want a husband to adore and be my best friend. I’m tired of this constant struggle with no one at my side.”

Then he shocked me a bit when he told me his desires. He wants to convert his garage into an extra bed and bath and have us all move in with him. We talked about the logistics and possible difficulties, the finances, and tried to stay focused on the big picture of it all.

That’s when he started trying to propose. It was funny and I laughed it off as I firmly said “no, stop, don’t do that”. I’ve never been proposed to and that wasn’t going to be it. It’s not that I need some huge ordeal. I simply want it be special and I want us to both be 100% sure.

Then we went to the sex club; Privata. It was busy but not excessively so. In all I had 4 glasses of champagne and thankfully, no more. We ended up making out throughout the club and finally made our way into a room. I undressed him and laid him on the bed. I climbed on top still fully dressed, my shoes off only because they had broken. I rode him as I pinched his balls and nipples, slapped his face and made him writhe and scream in pain. I was trying to get his screams to match those of the girl in the next room.

We were getting there when he tapped out because his back was hurting in that position. That’s when I noticed I had inadvertently left the curtains open and we had a small audience. I blushed as they walked away and I closed them. Then he got on top and opened them again and fucked me hard. His dick was bulging to the point it was causing me a little pain. “Ow daddy” I protested. “Take it for me little girl, take daddy’s big dick” he came back with and became the tiger I hadn’t seen for a while.

Then he abruptly stopped pumping, and stared into my eyes and said “I know we play these games, and they are all fun and great, but this man Brad really loves this women, Macy” and I teared up instantly.

Then he did something he also hasn’t done in a long time. He got into the only position that makes me orgasm though PIV (penis in vagina), because it stimulates my clitoris effectively and I was so close, but between the possible audience and the alcohol I couldn’t. I was closer than I’d been with him in months though and it all felt so wonderful.

He dropped me off at home. My head hit the pillow at 2am and then the munch woke me up at 8 to start her birthday extravaganza.

I briefly discussed the new turn of events with the girls this morning once we settled into the morning and explained that I wanted their opinion and that it was a possibility and not a definitive thing. It’s hard to merge two families with so many moving parts and issues and Brad and I don’t scream stability.

But I realized this morning that Brad and I have a lot of difficulties between us because we are both fairly grouchy sometimes. Him because of his constant back pain and me because of my many life stressors. Not to give an excuse to either of us, but….I guess I am.

Well…. so….. this is a whole new turn of events and things will progress as they progress and we shall see. Shan’t we?

Now to make breakfast and get going. Birthday girl needs some smooches and attention.



Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

152 thoughts on “Oh…. what a night”

      1. That’s so sweet. Thank you. I could definitely use more real friends in my life but I’m not sure I have the time and energy to devote to a new friendship. I’m sorry.


      2. I was sleeping. Friends should not be so demanding, especially if they know how difficult their friends life is and that they don’t need more stress. Friends should alleviate problems not add to them. Do you understand?


      3. I like like your life quote posts very much, very inspiring. But I truly don’t know you yet. I do enjoy the attention though. πŸ’‹

        Where are you in the world?


      4. Lol. Well …I need more of that in my life.

        When I have the time and energy I enjoy:
        Yoga, thrift stores/garage sales, the arts (ballet, museums, music, theater), movies, reading, studying spirituality, exercise.

        But I rarely do any of those things. However as you can tell. I do write which I enjoy tremendously.



      5. Thank you. That is so sweet. We all deserve special care and love.

        I’m not sure what is going on with you, in your world, with your situation in the lifetime. But I don’t think I can help you. I’m sorry.


      6. Lol. Well…it’s a symbolic gesture. Ive been married but never been proposed to. So I wanted it to be special if it ever happened. I mean….. I did just turn down a paper ring proposal last week. And now an internet proposal. Seems to be a theme right now. I mean….I truly appreciate your willingness to marry a stranger. I mean if Bill Gates can do it. Lol

        But…..I don’t know you. And my life is too complicated to run off to visit you or invite you here, but is you ever find yourself in Portland. However, my life is very volatile right now and I can’t say with absolute certainty I will be here come next year. Right now I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and handling every moment as it comes with as much grace, compassion and calmness as I can, even if it’s just towards myself.

        So, please don’t take this as a no. I just want to know the person I marry somewhat better than just by a dozen small blurb exchanges and first name. Seems extreme even by mail order bride standards. Do you understand? I don’t want you to take this personally against you, but it is a lot to ask of someone. Especially and precisely because we don’t know each other. πŸ˜‰


      7. its ok.
        I am Sri from India.
        i am a spritual leader and a bussinessman too.

        i am not stranger just take your time to know me. I am very trustworthy . you know i am not an ordainary man i am very special because i have such a great friend and it you “Macy”.
        Macy i am very deeply in love with you.
        Never think i am going to mislead you i am very attracted to you.
        I belive you just take your time and i am not forcing you to merry me
        we can also be good friend always if you want .
        Tell me what relation you want to have husband , boyfriend, or friend ??


      8. It’s romantic and exotic to think of a love affair, but one must be somewhat realistic. No?

        Your enthusiasm and passion is very sweet though. Truly. πŸ’‹πŸ₯°


      9. Life is very hard. It took me several failed attempts to realize that life is a gift and that we must never let ourselves lose hope.

        Think of life as a challenge and reward. Strive only to be your authentic self and live moment by moment. Don’t worry about the future or have pains about the past. Learn to let go of all of that however you can. Be the blessing the world needs by keeping your heart open. You were meant to be here. I have absolute roof of that. Because…..you are here. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


      10. Ahhhhhh. What a gift and honor. I long for such a love.

        Strive to be grateful for what you do have. When I get in a rut where I feel down and sad and angry at my circumstances I ask myself “why should I be given more if I can’t even be appreciative of what I have now?”.

        Do you have your health? One good friend? A beautiful sunset to admire? Something! Find meaning to your life. Look for it. You’ve misplaced it or forgotten where it is. But it is there somewhere and if you can’t find it outside yourself the best place to look is within. πŸ’‹


    1. It’s western medicine. He has seen so many specialists. He has been having injections and is trying to stay off the major pain pills. It’s been an ordeal he is constantly working on. But he is in a lot of pain. Which is why he hasn’t been working. He can barely walk some days.


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