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I love getting tributes. Genuine adoration. It does something undefinable to me; this tingling deep inside. This is the most awesome fun of the Domme/sub play, because when the demonstration is pure and real, it is beyond ecstacy.

I just, truly, absolutely love heartfelt gestures and sexual ones count too, most definitely.

I love to know someone authentically wants to add to my life; without the thought to take, especially what is not being offered.

I was daydreaming of being at a Domme event and a man falling before me to the floor on his knees professing true love, devotion and adoration of me. And them knowing stalker level things about me. Them showing their cards completely, in absolute vulnerability. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well……

Yes and no.

I want to pick who I love but I also want to be swept off my feet. Because if I get into another relationship it’s going to be to love the fuck out of someone and I want to have the ultimate say in who that is, not just take the first one to tryout.

I don’t know yet when, how or even if what I want is possible…. but I figure I’ll know when I get there, when I feel it, when I see it, I guess. The fun of looking for it, being open to the possibilities and enjoying what there is to enjoy in life isn’t bad at all, meanwhile……


I have already had two men write my name on their dicks in permanent marker. One I owned at the time, one wanted to be owned. I do so love to be desired and loved. In all fairness, who doesn’t? Right? Lol 💋


Loved to be loved – Peter Gabriel

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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  1. Women should be worshipped, willing to be love and be loved while being wooed until it gets on her nerves, to see a man on his knees and professing his love and devotion to her so much he needs knee pads and braces so he can walk after so much time on his knees.

    I wonder what it’s like to be owned by a woman?

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    1. On my side it’s positively heaven. Mind you it is a a lot of responsibility and thinking things through clearly for both parties. As far as the sub it is very liberating. To have someone make all your decisions and care for you, nurture you, protect you, open up a space for you to be vulnerable and authentic about your needs for them to be met. There is this deep connection and necessary transparency that is unequalled in typical relationship dynamics. It’s intoxicating. The intimacy is off the charts. I LOVE it!!!


      1. It’s a great responsibility, I think, to have such control over a person’s life as well as it is for them to relinquish control. Very major trust issue, can illicit a lot of fears but as the dominant, wow, how much pressure is on them to not screw up and knowing that if they do, the results could be devastating?

        I read the blogs of a couple of women – and one guy – who is all about D/s and for me, it’s very damned educational. I’ve never wanted to dominant someone (in this regard) and being submissive, well, not easy for me since I’m a bit of a control freak – but one born out of necessity since the man is supposed to be running all aspects of things but a lot of men can’t be all large and in charge and in a positive and nurturing way…

        And a lot of women ain’t gonna stand for some dude having near-total control over everything they do, let alone be punished for having a mind of their own and thinking they did something right and as they understand it… only to be told that they screwed up… now, prepare yourself for a spanking.

        The closest I ever got was being with a lady who loved to be punished – spanked, clothes pins on the nipples (and her clit) – all that good stuff and punishing her literally made me sick to my stomach; it didn’t make sense to me that I should spank her backside raw just because she took a half a second too long to greet me. But I got over it – you can say I submitted to her desires in this but in doing so, I learned something very scary about myself – I liked punishing her perhaps too much and found myself coming up with what I thought were too many reasons to punish her – I’m very intelligent and very imaginative – and would take her to task for the tiniest infraction of the rules she put in place.

        She loved it; I hated myself because I wasn’t raised to punish women for being “disobedient” and I sure as hell wasn’t raised to be putting my hands on a woman unless I needed to defend myself. Once, when she disobeyed – and, honestly, I didn’t think she did – I used a pressure point learned in my martial arts training to punish her, knowing that it would hurt like you wouldn’t believe – but not leave a mark on her.

        She was in heaven and writhed in pain as well as having a major orgasm… and wanted me to do it again to punish her for speaking when she wasn’t supposed to. Really? I did, we had some amazing sex (where I continued to punish her for her “wrongdoing”) and afterward, I got up, went to the bathroom, and threw up all over the place.

        But that was back when I was a lot younger than I am today; I’ve learned a lot about this… and I still don’t think I could be a dominant or a submissive – I just don’t have the right mindset for it. I’m the guy who says, “Whatever you wanna do is fine with me, hon!” unless it’s something I don’t think would be a good thing for you to do. I’m even the guy who, if we were together and you said you needed a dom, would tell you, “Okay – how’s this gonna work for us?”

        Maybe, in that scenario, what I should do is bend you over my knee and spank that ass until I get tired… then ravage you in some of the many ways I know how to do that?

        I get that this is very meaningful to some people; it’s a way of life for them and I say whatever works, works. I’m just still very much unsure that I could be “that guy” without invoking some personal demons or totally disregarding something I’ve always believed in – don’t even do her harm unless she tries to harm you. Self-defense? Justified. Because I love you? Whew, that’s a stretch even for me! Have that kind of power over someone or giving up that kind of power? Debatable, at best because while I’m sure there are a lot of up sides to it, there are also down sides that I’m fairly sure I don’t want to deal with.

        It’s a great responsibility. It wouldn’t really scare me… I just don’t know if I’d really be equal to that task even though I’m confident that, really, there aren’t too many things I think I can’t do… but some things I know I probably shouldn’t do.

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        1. Oh wow. You are brave.

          I am late threw up once after sex because it went very deviant and afterwards I couldn’t stomach where it had gone. It was all fiction but none the less, it was way too much for me and way too close to my own personal skeletons. So I know exactly what you mean…..pain isn’t that for me. Enjoying both being topped and dominating is a bit hard. Ultimately I want to be in control.

          But just sex and being in love are two separate beasts. There are plenty of things I would do for a man I loved I would never do for just sex.

          It seems you’ve had enough experience with dominance to know your enjoyment level of it. Until you try submission there is no way to truly know the pleasure of that. Like most things, it’s got to be experienced to be fully enjoyed and understood.

          I challenge you to that one day…when all else gets boring maybe

          Have you heard of the problems the gay community is having with GHB in England. Guys are being raped and even killed. They are having big orgies with the drugs too. Some men are mixing it in lube to then abuse the other party. There was even a serial rapist/murderer leaving victims just propped on the street like mannequins.

          I wonder if we would even know if that was a problem here as well. It definitely has had its media moments. Mostly teenagers and rape. The worst part is it’s still legally sold….in England at least.

          When did sex get so dangerous. I thought Aids was bad. Dying from an overdose of something you were not given a choice in…. worse. Much worse.


          1. I have, indeed, heard about that and it’s fucked up; easier just to ask nicely and if the guy says no, go, ask another guy. Lots of “party drugs” to be had, no restraint in using them even for nefarious means; I know people who can’t have sex without getting all fucked up first.

            And while everyone is fair game (until they say they aren’t), anyone can be a victim… and it might not be a stranger who’d victimize you like this, the fucking cowards.

            Is it a problem here? It happens but it’s not an epidemic… yet but some coward will get it into their head to date rape,drug some dude and have their way with him and just for “the thrill” of it.

            You challenge me, huh? I’d be challenging myself; could I be that submissive and be happy with who I am? I dunno other than women normally wanting things done their way and when they want it done while maintaining my right to refuse… but I could, say, tell you no… and be punished for it? For having the nerve to defy you and not submit to your will?

            Don’t know if I can do that and still be okay with myself. Would it be… fun? Don’t know that, either. Not even sure there’s a woman who can suggest this to me and get me to think, “Oh, okay! That makes sense! Command me, mistress!”

            Yeah… not that guy, I’m afraid. Or maybe I could be. Don’t know. “I would do anything for love… but I won’t do that…” – someone wrote a song with those words (I’m thinking Meatball but I could be wrong) but, sure, make me an offer – I’ll at least listen and consider it. But I know my limitations better than anyone.

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          2. It wants to follow everyone, even me – I just ignore it. It’s someone else’s drama and I’m not buying into it – take it somewhere else; plenty of other people who can’t live without drama in their lives.

            Bad planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine. You got a legit beef? I’ll listen… but if you’re just starting shit because you feel like it, you will be summarily ignored – I got my own shit to be concerned with and, by the way, shit I’m not dropping in your lap.

            I see people get all wrapped up in drama… and I just shake my head and sometimes laugh at how petty some folks can be,

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          3. Well, just because I wouldn’t worry about something doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t lose their minds over it… but I’m not gonna get caught up in it even when they try to drag me into it… and they do try. You got a problem? I’ll help if I can as long as you leave the drama out of it.

            I have enough drama deciding on what I wanna eat…

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