A push and a pull (pedophilia)

So from my mother’s words I wanted to see if there was any association between autism spectrum disorder (ASD; I hate that they term it a disorder) and hyper-sexuality and I found that there is a link. However because this is something people need to self disclose the extent of it isn’t exactly known. Most closely linked are men with high functioning ASD and paraphilic disorders. It’s very morbid, so read at your own discretion if you’re interested in this at all.

I remember last year reading an article that tried to give physical commonalities to pedophilia but they linked this based on people that got caught. The men I’ve known in my life that are pedophiles do not fit that physical description given. But the men I know are all very intelligent, have never been in the system and at least two would absolutely qualify as being on the spectrum.

I will never stop trying to understand and bring pedophilia to light. Much like alcoholism, it is both a mental and physical compulsion that may never be cleansed out of someone, but if we can learn to mitigate its harm to others then we may be able to break the part that makes it into a cycle and leaves traumatized victims and potential future perpetrators in its wake.

Obviously this isn’t all pedophiles. I think lack of self-control and empathy* also play out, but the desire itself may not ever be killed. I’d like to believe otherwise but I’m not sure.

This is just me trying to understand something about it better as well. Until we unmask this, offer help to this segment of society, offer real solutions to the problem instead of just turning a blind eye as if it didn’t exist at all, all we are essentially doing is allowing it to happen….being complicit, if you will. Word of the decade, I know.

But anyway, yes. It is very possible to be hypertactile and hyper-sexual and be on the spectrum. Learn something new every day. Not my goal, but I enjoy that life gives you that opportunity continually.


*Which is definitely not me. If anything I think I have hyper-empathy. Which is also classified as a disorder. I hate science sometimes. 🙄 More boxes.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

21 thoughts on “A push and a pull (pedophilia)”

  1. Interesting. One thing even I’ve noticed is that ASD is really just now being better recognized and enough to be on the official list of disorders… but I’d also point out that once upon a time, masturbation was on that list and was a vector for all kinds of sexual misbehaviors and a disorder that had to be cured… and I’m thinking you do not want to know how those “cures” took place.

    I don’t think that, on the whole, we really understand how deep the ASD rabbit hole really goes and if pedophilia is somewhere down in this particular rabbit hole, identifying it gets interesting since I’m thinking that confessing to this can land someone in prison for a very long time and despite doctor/patient protections.

    Is it a hypersexuality thing? Could be – are there actual documented studies that, through peer reviews, cite this as part of a hypersexuality behavior set? I dunno. I think that society has been looking for a definitive answer to this and even studying known pedophiles, they’re not really close to such a definitive answer although I have heard that people who have no sense of right and wrong – sociopaths, if I have it right – are often pedophiles; to them, they’re not doing anything wrong even though they do know how forbidden it is.

    When we think of hypersexuality, we tend to think of people who are just wired to have a lot of sex, from nymphomania to satyriasis – male nymphomania – to those with that “odd” addiction to sex that has people literally doing any and everything to get it. One could argue that people who cheat or otherwise engage in “free-for-all” sex – swingers, those in open relationships and even polyamorous folks – are hypersexual in that they’re not content to just stick with conventional outlets for sex and under the social and moral guidelines allowed.

    Is ASD involved in these sexual behaviors? Are bisexuals potential and undiscovered cases of ASD because they prefer to have sex with both men and women? Again, I dunno. If a woman has reason to believe she’s “suffering” from nymphomania, is she really someone dealing with ASD? And how do you prove it? We again believe that men and women who have sex – and a lot of it – well, there’s got to be something wrong with them, right, because such behaviors fall way outside societal norms.

    I know that in my life, I’ve been subjected to a lot of psychological tests and probably as many of us have been; I vividly recall all of the tests I endured testing my intelligence, for example. All of those tests say that I’m really intelligent (and more than average) but otherwise pretty normal… but I do love having sex and as much as I can get – and being bisexual really does give me more outlets to have sex. But I have my limits in this which is right and proper…

    And some people don’t… and no one really seems to know why they don’t. What they do know that this is a state of mind that needs to be treated in some way, from huge doses of antipsychotics to the more extreme things like chemical and even physical castration; shut off a person’s desire to have sex and their ability to have sex and problem solved.

    Mental illness? Some yet-undiagnosed thing? Chemical imbalances that somehow manage to override moral imperatives? Genetically predisposed to have a broken moral compass? Signs of ASD? Once again, I dunno. Are some people just more “autistic” than others and it can manifest itself in a great many ways other than the ones we’ve already identified?

    Still don’t know. I know you’re on a mission to find answers and I hope you find them.

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    1. Thanks. I’m not sure that Autism aligns directly with sex deviancy. But I found the article interesting in other aspects. Self-loathing and suicidal ideation seem to point to a moral compass. It all gets rather murky.

      I don’t think we should go around calling things disorders willy-nilly. A disorder should strictly speaking be something that is debilitating and can not be controlled. Something that has a very negative impact on someone’s life with very little to no control possible.

      Masturbating could be considered that I suppose. Lol. Now I really want to know how they tried to control this.

      I always appreciate the dialogue.


      1. Humans have always been “sexually deviant” which is why our morality is set up to mandate that sex only happens under “strict” conditions, like being married, the boy/girl only thing – stuff like that. Were made to indulge in shit like self-loathing when it comes to sex, like slut shaming as an example. It’s not all that murky when you understand why we’re made to behave the way most of us do… and sometimes tweaking our moral compass here and there in the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

        Anything that can be defined as obsessive behavior or that which is outside what is considered normal is an disorder, like those folks who either gorge themselves and are unable to stop themselves from doing it to those who eat and barf it back up ASAP.

        These behaviors and many others have to be called something… and “disorder” serves that purpose and even when we don’t fully understand what’s being done and observed.

        The cures for masturbation were inhumane and included electroshock “therapy” as well as other stuff like employing devices to prevent masturbation like cages and “chastity” belts.

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        1. I do love a cock cage.

          But I think calling someone by a label that includes the word disorder is a slippery slope to categorizing someone as inherently faulted.

          My hangup I guess. Lol


          1. You may be right; bisexuals are considered to be gay when they aren’t – but it’s hard to change minds about that. In 1974, both homosexuality and masturbation were removed from the official list of disorders once it was decided – and by some means – they were t mental disorders that required curing.

            You display behaviors that fit a disorder, tag – you’re it!

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          2. Well, we know that about ourselves… and “fallible humans” is itself a label. Labels are identifiers that help us exist in this environment; we have to have them to understand stuff. Some labels are deemed to be inaccurate – like labeling a bisexual as a homosexual – and usually by the person being labeled or, as I say, they’re not the duck they’re acting like. Or saying I’m “Black” while others say I’m “African-American” – but i was born here in the US and have never been to Africa.

            Many don’t like labels and believe them to be unnecessary… but the fact is that without labels, we cannot function and interact with the world and because were prone to screwing up, sure – we mislabel stuff until we eventually get it right.

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          3. I don’t know about them always being necessary but you’re right. Once I wrote fallible I second guessed it because people live up to the expectations set for them, usually. But I can’t very well say “perfect humans” so just human it is.

            The bisexual vs homosexual thing is a pet peeve of mine. Because both groups: heterosexual and homosexuals, sometimes use it as a stand to hate each other. I think we are ALL capable of being bisexual. Too many factors determine how one leans but the possibility is available to everyone and the urge is completely normal.

            Like you said. Things are labeled deviant or wrong to get people to stop doing something humans have been doing for millenniums. It’s about control.

            Homosexuals can be just as intolerant as hetero’s. Just as minorities can be just as racist as non minorities. It’s intolerance. Period. And it looks bad on anyone. No one should get away with it, no matter what side of the fence they landed on in any matter.


          4. Example: what if you didn’t know what that white on red octagonal sign meant? What if you didn’t know what red or white was, let alone what a sign is? Think about that and you’ll see what I mean by labels being necessary.

            We label EVERYTHING because we have to. What’s that? Oh, it’s a stop sign! Not only do you know what it is but you know what it means.

            The sexuality label war is ancient and it is still true that the worse thing you could call someone ”gay” when they aren’t… even if they exhibit behaviors that appear to be gay. We use it as that stick to beat each other with and it makes no sense to do so… but we’re just being humanly tribal, aren’t we?

            I’m bisexual – a label – and I demonstrate the behaviors that the label defines… just not precisely so. It is what it is but others insist that the label doesn’t and shouldn’t apply to them even when they behave the way I do.

            The label isn’t the problem – facing the truth and reality is – and is why we create other labels for this to avoid “bisexual.”

            Inescapable and forever necessary… and some folks disagree and it’s something I find disturbing in that it rejects reality in favor of a more insular worldview. I say the word “tablet” and depending on your education, you’ll automatically envision every kind of “tablet” you can think of – and you know what a tablet is and what they’re for. However, if I say, “iPad” you get a specific picture in your head if you’ve ever seen one and if you haven’t and ask, “What’s that?” iPad will forever be added to your list of labels.

            Male is a double-label that refers to our sex and gender role and as it’s been defined for us already… and many people reject the gender role of being male – and it has nothing to do with sex as inferred – it simply the act of being male and by the generally accepted things that applies.

            You can diss the gender thing, can’t escape the sex your were born into but from the instant you’re conceived, you’ve been labeled: Fetus.

            You feeling me yet?


          5. I think of not labeling things as liberating, not insular. It would give us a chance to feel and use our innate sense of things.

            I mean yes I want to know the meat I’m eating is raised humanely and fed non antibiotics, non GMO but….labels only mean as much as the honesty of the person giving them and the understanding of the person seeing them.

            I think we over do it is all I’m saying.


          6. That would be fun to hear about. Guess if you get bored of all the rest, bit j don’t see you ever getting bored with all the sex and variation you have.


          7. Honestly, I couldn’t see myself being that bored to say, “Hey, lemme try it!” There are some things I’m never gonna do… and locking up my dick and thinking it’s fun ain’t one of them. And believe me, I’ve had a lot of different kinds of sex being bisexual and not being a fan of monogamy… and it’s never boring.

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