New World Order (I’m just going to rant)

We live in a racist, sexist, homophobic, status driven, materialistic (and more) world. Right?

I often talk about these issues. I talk about politics and war and human rights.

I talk about how people should stay in their countries and decide whether their rights are worth dying for or if their current form of enslavement and “freedoms” is enough for them. They should not, if at all possible, leave. Yet….

Black people didn’t have this choice. They were forced to leave, brought to a “new world” and left with no country (so to say). The Mexicans that owned land in southern and western parts of the US where killed for their lands. And we all know what happened to the native Americans.

Life is not fair to those on the wrong side of any power dynamic, generally. And it isn’t simply because money and power hungry people, the kind that typically lead armadas are not the most benevolent of people in the first place. It isn’t solely because they have some false sense of entitlement or superiority. It isn’t because they are too stupid to see that what negatively affects any part of the world and it’s inhabitants, affects us all…. eventually.

It is also because we humans can be very cowardly. It is our mortality and fear that makes us bow to those we know we should not be appeasing.

I am not trying to start a war. I’m not trying to incite anger. I’m simply trying to state what I consider the truth. Something many people seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

I personally have no issue with One World Order. I find it hysterical how both the left and the right fear this “demonic” entity equally, as if it represented the boogie man to both. As if it were the end of all ends. I find it really rather fanciful that they both fear the same nomenclature, even though they each attribute each other’s worst agendas to it. It truly does make me laugh.

I wish we did live in a world that could have One World Order. The way I see it is……like neighbor’s under one HOA and with the same access to utilities and use of emergency services. Whether desired or not, all paying into the system and abiding it’s basic and simple tenants.

While everyone does whatever they want within the confines of their own territory. As long as their rules operate under the same basic humanitarian goals. So in other words:

One military

One banking system (money)

One aeronautic system

All resources shared

Everyone gets a basic living wage

And basic healthcare

And access to clean water




It’s a Utopia that will never exist in my lifetime or on this planet. I see the world ending with nuclear war between the big dick idiots and their empty pissing contests first frankly. That seems much more likely to happen.

Honestly, I’m done caring about it and politics in general. To me it all seems a fable. Let me distract you for a bit. We’ll move the pendulum this way….watch the uproar from the other side (audience laughter here). Then when that gets old or starts to create too much drama we will swing it the other way (look laughter from the other side).

If that doesn’t work we will cause chaos and destruction through war. Because the powers that be don’t give a fuck. They aren’t getting guillotined. They escape it all. Don’t they? Sure one takes the fall here and there. Like Epstein has recently. But overall they get away with it and life goes on.

Because that’s what money, power, priviledge and connections are suppose to do. Isn’t that why everyone wants them? Who wants to suffer? Who wants consequences for their actions? Who wants to be limited by their circumstances in life? Who wants poverty and hard work and sacrifice for nothing or not much of anything at all? Who wants to barely grind out a living? Who????

Show of hands please.

I just want to be happy within myself and none of that crap (money, power, priviledge, status, people you know, etc.) none of that shit guarantees inner happiness. Thank fucking God for that much or most of us would be screwed.

But also what I want…that I’ve wanted my entire life….that which I’ve strived and pushed for, within myself at the very least, and hope beyond hope to find in this life… truth.

The truth shall set us free. Don’t quote me. A book I read said it better. 😉😝🤣

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

4 thoughts on “New World Order (I’m just going to rant)”

  1. I read a lot of “space operas” and how humans are depicted in them is like this: We’re either one world and one people… or a planet full of violent, divisive, primitives that spend more time starting and fighting wars than anything else. “Evil” aliens learn that messing with us is very bad for their health; “good” aliens don’t want anything to do with us until we wind up pulling their chestnuts out of the fire because we are masters at waging war and they’re pacifists and don’t know how to fight once they became one people, on world.

    The stories are either really good or really bad but you can see where the authors are sending a lot of messages and examples of how we behave, not in some distant future, but right now. Some write and that utopian society we somehow managed to form gets torn to shreds because the rules of that society don’t allow people to be the people they want to be and even then, there’s a still that divisive line where the haves are doing much better than the have-nots, who have utopian services… just not the ones that the haves are enjoying while looking down their collective noses.

    In some of the better books, Earth and it’s population of warmongering misfits are given a choice: Unify the planet, get on the same page, or face the eradication of the human race and no matter where it is in the universe/galaxy. Sometimes they – we – get our shit together and sometimes there’s so much in-fighting that our demise is imminent – but we pull together enough to fight as one for our right to exist.

    It paints pictures of our forms of government that aren’t pretty and lines drawn in the sand between politicians and the military are wide and deep and, “as usual,” the politicians want to argue and bicker while humans everywhere are being summarily exterminated and, sometimes, for their own selfish reasons… while the military is remembering how to make war – there’s always this one ship commander from the old days who wants to kick ass and take names.

    While these and other books I read are flights of fiction, it tells stories about us in both good and very bad ways. Sometimes the message is clear: If we don’t get our heads out of our asses, we’re going to cease to exist; if those who govern us don’t stop pushing their own agendas so they can control everything, someone or something is going to come along and takes care of the problems we have, like that asteroid that’s headed this way and will erase humanity from the face of the earth if we don’t pull together and do what we gotta do to keep living.

    Sometimes it’s about money; sometimes the rights of the people are being stomped on “for the greater good.” Sometimes marvelous advancements in medicine are in play… but not everyone has the same access to it and the same for stuff like food and shelter. Sometimes, utopia has been achieved and it’s all good… until a threat presents itself and one that we’ve forgotten how to handle.

    Everything that I read in these kinds of books says that we can and should be better than we are. In many stories, it shows that we need to stop the bullshit we’re really doing now because it won’t be some space-faring, conquering alien species or some really big rock that will doom us:

    We’ll wipe ourselves out and because we just don’t know any better. In many books, the rich and powerful have to survive whatever’s coming and everyone else? Sucks to be them and none of the rich and powerful give a fuck as long as their asses get saved. Sometimes one rich and powerful person is the one trying to save humanity – and sometimes from itself – and he/she is doing it alone while getting bitch-slapped for it.

    We need to be better than we are. In some books, sexuality ain’t an issue; race isn’t an issue – unless you’re an alien, of course, and we ain’t sure you can be trusted. There’s either a clear and defined class system established… or it doesn’t exist.

    Sometimes, we refuse to fight until some alien asshole makes us; sometimes, that’s all we do – if you’re not with us, you’re against us and have to be dealt with or if you have something we want, we’re just gonna take it and if you get jacked up – and because you just didn’t hand it over and as expected – well, no one’s gonna feel sorry for you while we either bend you to our will or summarily exterminate you.

    The books tend to show the best we can be as well as how totally fucked up we can be; it’s the way we are right now – just set in some future that, unless we get our shit together, none of us are gonna be around to see.


    1. Interesting. Well. That’s all nothing I’m going to lose sleep over.

      I do what I can to enlighten myself and stay positive and effect good where and when I can a d that’s really all most of us can do. No?


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