The suppression of female characteristics in males and the lack of acceptance of the bisexuality of human nature as a cause of pedophilia, extreme aggression and self-loathing

This will be the premise of an ebook I’m going to work on. I’ll have to do the research of course and while I am pretty sure I will be able to prove my theory I am open to other lessons along the way.

I recognize that violence and pedophilia are also vicious cycles within themselves. Those subjected to the extreme trauma of violent and/or sexual predators often continue the behavior themselves. This will need to be accounted for, as well as the many other things that can spur this and self-loathing.

I remember as a small child seeing young boys innocently hold hands, especially in Mexico and other nations where this was not frowned on. But beyond that men acting feminine has been seen as weak and “less than” the “true male” characteristics desired from boys. Then add to that our innate desire for either sex.

Nature and nurture determine how we lean but there is no real set point. There is only the way we are meant to procreate. A simple look at the animal kingdom will tell you that even though animals generally have the same male/female union for germination, they don’t always bond beyond that.

We are so versatile and complex and yet we pigeon hole ourselves into these small little narrow boxes for clarity and control. I was thinking…… wouldn’t it be nice to just pick who I want to be when I wake up in the morning. Do I feel like dressing feminine or masculine. Do I feel like wearing a wig or a baseball cap? A skirt or a kimono or a wife beater? Why should it matter to anyone? Why?????? Just why????

One day I will do this, make it into an ebook. No one will read it, but I’ll have written it. That’s what counts….to me at least. Lol


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

41 thoughts on “The suppression of female characteristics in males and the lack of acceptance of the bisexuality of human nature as a cause of pedophilia, extreme aggression and self-loathing”

  1. Oh my God porngirl you write fucken awesome then when you go back and forth with kdaddy who has been one of my favorite writers for a long time now I feel like I just absorbed more knowledge in the last 10 minutes of reading your comments than I have an a whole month… so here is my question for the day if we all lived in honor and only had to work a few hours a month but had as much as needed just like everyone else, and we did what we enjoyed and used our “gifts “ to better our community would sex still be such an important as say today.. sex will always sell and always be part of us.. but what if you were allowed to do what you want when you wanted nobody paid any attention because they were living there lives enjoying them busy doing what they loved to do to better the community.. sex is a escape from reality pleasure.. everyone has used it for that I. There lives but what If we didn’t need to ex cape from reality… ( granted good or bad we all want to escape)

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    1. That’s is probably very true. I never thought of it that way. Deviancy and sex as a coping mechanism for the stress and harshness of the world: even and maybe most especially illegal sex or sex that crosses the line. That’s a very good assessment.


    2. Thanks for that compliment. Kdaddy is very knowledgeable in the areas he writes so it is always a pleasure dialoguing with him. He makes me see things in a new light and I always appreciate that.

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        1. That’s astute. Most people can’t handle criticism very well. I suppose it depends how it’s worded and what the intent is behind it but if someone has good intentions than that seems a very wise decision. Yes. It’s why I am always mindful and listen intently to what my psychologist says. She knows me. She has sage advice and even when she has criticism she knows what she is talking about and it’s wise to at least give it some thought. More often than not she is right and points me in a direction I need to go. Shows me something I need to see. Wipes the mud off the glass so I can see the horizon better.

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          1. We all need that, it is so easy to become complacent in all areas of our lives without even knowing we are, until someone points it our. Even if the perosn is total wrong it still made the other stop and look at it or it should of. If we are not learning we are not growing and we are not living. Just my thoughts. I plan to keep learning and growing until the day i die. There is so much that i will never learn cause i dont have the time. But i plan to give it my all. peace love and happiness

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  2. Do not stop talking about it… I’m not sure what we are talking about I was reading your last comment about people need to wake the fuck up and I agree… the US now has the most kids missing aka traffic…. the elite are bored They want a play toy… so fucken sick…. those are the lucky kids cause they will be killed for their blood shortly after the master is board the others that end up the brothels sex slave homes they are in for many days and nights of unthinkable (bring tears to my eyes as I write this ) lives we can not stop talking about it.. fuck the pain we all have been in pain think about those girls our pain is nothing compared to theirs…. people need to wake the fuck up get up and stand up …. we have the numbers they don’t … im not talking violence at all I am talking exercising our Second Amendment that’s it. We the people


    1. I don’t know the stats on this, but one is one too many. That is horrid. Just horrid. No one should have to live like an animal for other people’s pleasure, with no say and no liberties. It’s sexual slavery.


  3. Well, if you write it, I’ll read it. Next, you know, being a guy and all that, we are told how to be boys/men and that suppressing any feminine tendencies is an absolute must because we can never appear to be weak… and that’s a serious load of bullshit that has pervaded human kind since forever. Some of us find that the bullshit is just that and bisexuality taught me this, showed me the truth of what we can really be absent the bullshit that gets shoved into our heads about being male and men.
    Pedophilia… seriously bad business… but our history is rife with it and has been and it’s the reason why we’re so protective of our children because it’s too easy for them to be victims of adults who prey upon them – and because children are easy victims just like the very elderly are so easily victimized. It’s sadly the nature of what we are; we prey on the weak and avoid those who aren’t so weak. Bullies don’t pick on the toughest kid in a group – they always pick on the the kid who appears to be the weakest… until said kid steps up and kicks the bully’s ass – and no one else will try to bully them.

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    1. That’s a sad truism. Isn’t it?

      Wish we saw the value of all human beings. We all have worth. We all have purpose. Otherwise why would we be here? But I get that not everyone feels this way. I’m ok with us all having different views. I’m not ok with people subjecting others to harm though. (Unless we are talking about consensual, age appropriate, and desired sexual acts of course 🤤🥰⛓️)

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      1. Okay, here’s something about that: Once upon a time, it was an expected and accepted behavior in many cultures – and still is in some and for what, oddly, was for a good reason – making babies is actually one of them. Now, our morality says that if some old dude sticks his dick in some young kid, he’s stealing their innocence and an innocence all children have and as a matter of fact… when that’s not really the truth and more so when today’s youngsters probably know more about sex than their parents do. Take the Catholic Church scandal – do you really believe that everyone molested by a priest was really an unknowing and innocent victim? Would it it surprises you to know that some weren’t really victims… but claimed to be to get paid? Not all victims were the victims we expected them to be.

        Having said that, yes – some people would rather focus their sexual attention on those who can’t really defend themselves and we say they’re mentally ill and certainly belong locked up under the jail and all that. Why? It’s easier to prey on the weak and defenseless and the very gullible.

        Yeah… and because of what we think and what we don’t know and, importantly, turn a blind eye to. Boy on boy experimentation, for example. Boys do it and while we frown on it, we get a pass until we reach a certain age and no more experimenting on each other – we’re now “prepared” to throw the dick at girls/women and that’s what we should be doing and to do so as an adult is about as fucked up as anything can be.

        Girls experiment with this too – again, no biggie if they do but don’t, say, turn 16 and keep doing it but if they do, women get a pass… because as lovers, eh, men are so inept but another woman get it because the sex is more emotional than just merely being physical. Bi guys, however, get it… because we find out what it’s like to be the girl when we suck cock or get boned, both the physicality and emotionality that’s involved…

        And those are historically feminine traits that we’re not even supposed to know about, let alone engage in. In any of this, we look at what’s happening… but we don’t always know why it’s happening – the details ain’t all that important if, say, a 13 year old girl convinces a 25 year old man to give her the dick and we assume that she doesn’t know any better when, for real, she knows exactly what she’s doing and the older guy is going to jail because he should have known better and ratted her out to her parents. But since he did her now he’s a pedophile, right? Stole her innocence? Ruined her life forever?

        We expect people to always behave in the proper way; truth is, not all of us do and especially when it comes to sex. What can we do about this? Sadly, not a whole lot even though we have enough laws in place and punishments that include castration – literally or chemically. All we can do is be aware of what our children and doing and finding out what they really know and who’s passing along this information, oh, like their friends and others in their peer group.

        As parents,that’s the thing that scares us shitless – we can’t watch them 24/7 and we hope that whatever we’ve taught them about those nasty pedophile will be enough to protect them from those very sick bastards and bitches.

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        1. Ok. Hmmmmmmm

          Children should be allowed to find their way to their own sexuality with whom they desire. This is why there are laws that allow for minors to engage in consensual sex with people within their same age range. Teenagers don’t understand the implications of all their actions so these laws are meant to protect them whether they understand that or not, thankfully.

          Experimentation with another child is normal to some degree. It’s the early and enforced sexualization of children that I am specifically talking about when I say pedophilia. Any adult contact with an innocent child meant to awaken them beyond where they would go of their own volition. This is not something an adult gets to decide. So we should be erring on the side of leaving them alone, period.

          There is a beauty to two teenagers innocently experimenting and learning about their bodies together. As opposed to an adult using a child as a tool for their personal gratification and satisfaction.

          Considering how an adult might see the situation of how they were treated as a child differently than how they saw it then, because they lacked the understanding and experience and boundaries. They lacked awareness of their own standards and desires because they had too limited comprehension.

          There is no normalizing pedophilia. It is absolutely wrong. I used to be more on the fence. I thought well…..if an adult was teaching the child how to care for themselves and how to pleasure themselves and what feels good and awakening their desires so they could have a good grasp of their sexuality for the child’s benefit. But no……even then. It isn’t fair to the child. We learn at our own pace and in our own ways and no one should take that privilege away from anyone, especially not in for self serving reasons.

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          1. It’s a very uncool thing about humans, hands down. Some of the history of this, when I read it, was appalling when looked at with “modern” eyes and our modern understanding of the applicable laws… but there weren’t always laws and our morality didn’t always exist and sometimes, this is a cultural thing albeit one that goes totally against our own beliefs.

            Not saying it’s right by our standards just saying that it happens. I think it’s totally heinous that, in some cultures, a family can sell their prepubescent daughter to be someone’s wife – and that’s the way things have always been done. In some cultures, an adult male is expected and required to take a young boy under his wings and teach him how to be a man and especially in things sexual.

            Deplorable by our standards… just they way it’s always been done in others. Seriously, do you think that kids tossed into an arranged marriage wants to marry a total and complete stranger? Do they, at any age, wanna be sexually intimate with someone they don’t like, let alone don’t love… and they have no say in any of it? They really don’t but it’s part of the culture and a part that Western thinking doesn’t ever agree with.

            How do we put a stop to these practices without starting a war or otherwise infringing on another country’s sovereignty… which usually starts wars? Some folks ask if we have the right to impose or enforce our morality on others – that’s started a few wars, too.

            I agree: It shouldn’t be done and the peoples who do this because it’s their way don’t give a fuck what I think. Doesn’t mean we can’t pitch a bitch about it – we do and across the whole planet… and that’s better than doing nothing at all.

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          2. That’s a heavy load to process.

            There is a culture in China that does not believe in marriage. It’s a matriarchy and men are essentially simpky sperm donors and women have all the power in relationships as far as who and when they fuck. There is no stigma to any of a woman’s sexuality. This works for them. They raise their children communally.

            I have no idea how they view gender and homosexuality. But on the surface it seems great to me. Who’s right is it to impose any social norms. But …

            They aren’t forcing children into anything against their will.

            I think that some changes need to start from within the cultures themselves. This will only happen by showing them how others function and what other options are available.

            Everyone wants a better life for themselves and their children. Some of us want a better world for everyone. There’s got to be a win/win for everyone, everywhere.


          3. Yeah, it’s some heavy duty shit. I leaned and sometimes by getting my head handed to me, that what we see as coerced behavior really isn’t; nothing more humbling and embarrassing to find out you didn’t know what you were talking about and what you did think you knew was a cultural bias on your part.

            But if the culture in question itself sees no reason to change, do we force them to change? I don’t know the answer or if there even is one.

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          4. Yeah, sometimes it does. Those cultures will have to want to change; their people have to sue for change while hoping not to get summarily slaughtered for turning their backs on their ages old cultural behaviors. Change is inevitable… but slower than molasses in the coldest environment you can think of.

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          5. Indeed. Just like all the bi guys who are seriously getting in touch with their feminine side. We’ll see a lot more of this but it won’t happen “overnight” and I don’t think it can be rushed. The thing about acceptance is that it would be nice to have… but we’ve never really needed it – bisexuals are gonna be bisexual even if the world never accepts it. Those female characteristics you speak of will come out – just not in a world stage kind of thing. Go inside, close the door, lower the shades, let your inner girl out. Put your “man suit” on, go outside, and be just like all the other guys who are wearing their man suit and busy being men.

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          6. Oh no.. let’s not go back to that. Let’s let that die off once and for all. No more pretending. Let’s just all be out authentic selves. Shall we? It would end so many of the problems of the world if we could do just that one thing alone.


          7. What would end most of the global problems is to stop being so tribal and divisive. We live for conflict as much as we dislike it – and we need to work toward not being that way by default. Problem is… someone would put up a fuss against such a unifying change in the global gestalt, wouldn’t they? They’d cite that the old ways are still the best ways even those some of those old ways are indicative of how ugly we are as a species.

            Which is why bisexuality is hard for many to accept; life was easier when you knew who the enemy was but now, your best friend could be bi… and you’d never know it unless they told you. The guy you dated in high school grew up and became a gay man. No big deal, right? But for many, it still is and we’re just not smart enough to see that at a global level.

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          8. Change is hard for people. Which makes no sense since we are constantly evolving and everything is in constant flux. I think for some reason humans love consistency and having a firm grasp on things. Labeling things. Putting things in boxes and that’s it. No moving outside the box. This is such a huge shift, these gender norms. I’m all for it. The world needs shaking up.

            I think genetically modified foods, vaccines and environmental contaminants have effected out endocrine systems vastly and that is a huge cause of some of the gender dysbiosis but at the same time I’m actually really glad this is happening. I’m glad the world is shifting like this. I’m glad it’s waking people up. Moving them away from their safe little mental harbors. It’s time the world woke the fuck up!!!

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      2. I agree with you… Everyone has a story and every story has a right to be heard as long as it’s real and raw.. I will listen to anyone who wants /needs to tell their story.. about f it’s just a story of no substance well maybe and maybe not.. time is valuable and a story without substance can not always be a waste of time… someone’s life story that is true real and raw that Is something I will make time for any day..

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        1. Lol. Yes. Exactly.
          May I ask? Why do you specifically like real and raw? We all have our explanations. I wonder if we concur in ours.

          It’s funny to me that sensationalism people seem drawn to……like Maurey Povich and soap operas. I’m not even sure people care if it’s real sometimes. Lol

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          1. I love days have watched that my whole life.. o haven’t watch lately , haven’t watch any shows for the last few months instead I’m reading laws and stututes and trying to stay awake because it is so fucken boring… real and raw allows people to be who they are.. being validated is a huge thing one we should be teaching our children to do.. we all want to be heard when we have something to say.. validation does not mean agreeing or excepting what the person says . it means that you’re listening and the person has a right to their view and you respect that

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          2. foreclosure, my husband had to fire his boss for shorting his check every week, and he is still owed a large amount, but thats another story. We started educating ourselves on what the process is and what are rights are….So basically we jumped into a lot more than we had ever known. Like how our homes are paid for 2 times before you make your first payment…and because its on the internet does it means its real??? So learning to check facts and read laws were the only way to know if what i was reading was correct. Now i had a little bit of knowledge on the all caps name, and a few others that go hand in hand with this… which made it easier I guess for me to keep researching it. For a year now this has been my life. Researching and learning to write contracts. None of it being any fun, but a must if one is to travel this road…
            Peace love and happiness

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          3. To save my home. That was the main reason, now its to help educate people on what is coming and its coming fast. This plan has been in the works for years now. They distract us with Race Wars, sports, and so many more to keep us from paying attention to what they are doing. Hollywood has been trying to tell us for years now, but nobody listens. I can not unlearn what i have learned (i wish i could there is something nice about being ignorant) but being ignorant is not an excuse. So i keep education myself and try to educate others with what i am learning. I don’t work 40 plus hours a week like most do so i have a little more time to research than most.

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          4. Oh. I see.


            How did you save your home? What’s coming fast? What is Hollywood trying to tell us?

            Why do your responses always leave me with more questions? Lol

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          5. How do i save my house, educate and keep trying. the problem is one became exhausted by the work that is need to do this. I will blog more on the steps i have taken so far. Like right now i have to read the banks bullshit they just sent me..Just know this the banks are bad, greedy and they dont care about anyone… peace love and happiness

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          6. When someone is willing to tell their story from the heart it’s raw and real means there will be pain uncomfortable moments which means you are dealing with
            Comfortableness and your pain which = growth.. this does not mean the pain will go away or even lesson.some pains will always be there ..maybe pain is the wrong word longings is a better fit… for example I waitress for many years and every time I seen grandparents come in with their grandkids my heart dropped in to my stomach it was painful , it also was a longing for something I never had.. I still have that longing but I am not In that line of work anymore so I don’t really see it.. but let’s say I went back would my heart drop in to my stomach still I am older now I am “adult” shouldn’t I be over such silly longing for something you can’t change.. Society is so sweet.. yes I believe my heat would still drop and I would feel that longing… people need to quite thinking that if it’s Uncomfortable it’s a bad. So what if I feel that longing of something I never had.. I can help those who do have it enjoy it cherish it.. my pain can help others stay in the now and be thankful for what they have cause not everyone gets to have’s a gifting …why else do we have to grow through pain if not to help others grow without the pain .. some of us have to feel the pain to make the change others get it faster… iv been trying to barter with God for years now I feel I have had more than my fair share of painful events with n my life that I would like a couple of free passes for my love ones so that I can give them the lesson learned with out the pain.. I think that’s far… so many hid parts of themselves that they think are ugly will change how people see them yad yad yad.. there is somethings that will do that change the perspective once it’s put there and that is a risk but really does it really matter?? At the end if the day dies it really matter what others think of us…when we are real and raw you have to respect that person for presenting that way… so if you learn they like to fuck dogs and that disused you does that mean you tear down the person for TMI you?? No it means that that is there thing and this person is not a person. You feel comfortable with so you walk away… no judgement no belittling be thankful for their honest and move on… shit you could of spent a lot of time with them and months / years later find out and it bring a deal breaker now have time wasted…

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          7. Lol. Yea. Not too many people would go around admitting that one and there is a huge taboo against it and it’s a bit comical to me but you’re right….reality should be allowed to exist and be out in the open regardless of how it makes people feel. And yes. You are allowed to “long”…..heck try and stop people. Lol


    1. OMG….fucking wretched. I think boys are even more susceptible because no one wants to believe and they are free to roam more and unsupervised more. Statistically supposedly more girls get abused, but this is self reporting we are talking about. Soooooo….who knows.


    2. Either way….this is so sad. This should not happen to any child. I don’t get it. Aren’r Indian people suppose to love their boys more than the girls. Obviously this isn’t that. Love does not equal sexual slavery. Love does not equal not letting a child evolve and learn about sexuality at their place and with whom THEY want, when they want and are capable of understanding that choice. Robbing innocence and breaking a child from their trust in the world. That will make people violent and or predators themselves, not always….. because again. No accurate statistics on these things.

      I could talk about this too much. That’s so depressing. All I can do is pray for humanity. Seriously. How else a. I expected to sleep and live with this sort of thing.

      Do what I can with who I can help when I can help them and spread rainbows. 🌈

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