Chemtrails and abortions and such……. (Rant) added to.

Ok. So here is the thing. Am I 100% convinced? No. But all the right elements of a plausible conspiracy theory are in full swing. Anecdodatal evidence, website from seemingly credible, credentialed people, media scrutiny, whistleblowers, visible effects, the government publicising weather engineering being a fact, white/acid rain, etc.

The thing is that I can more so even believe that the government thinks we are that stupid that we can’t be told about UFO’s or about the earth getting so hot they have to blanket it with chemicals to stop us from melting to death. That seems even more likely; no?

Look. I know. I’m cooky when it comes to natural health for some people. But I’ve been priviledged to see the effects first hand of a healthy body. Even if you only think it’s healthy, that can work too (I think, to some great degree). They did some gory scientific studies, those Nazi did. The pharmaceutical companies had deep trenches in the fold back then too from what I read; even funneling money.

One study showed that the ones who ate slower and more thoughtfully outlived the ones that seemed to die of starvation. Morbid. Sorry.

Point is. What is my point?


I was sitting at the beach with the girls and all of a sudden my eyes start to wobble and I felt dizzy. We’d been there about half an hour. I look up and there is a checkerboard pattern across the sky. 6 by 4 at least. Not perfectly aligned or anything, almost faded out completely. But still noteworthy. About an hour later I was fine, everything back to normal but only a bit more tired (probably more from work and life than anything; this I’ll readily admit).

But we were at the beach 6 hours total and never saw it again or felt dizzy again. And I was cloud watching a lot. I absolutely love cumulous clouds. I even saw a huge dove kissing a bat. At least that’s exactly what it looked like to me. Nature’s Rorschach test. Lol

Listen……It could be nothing. It really could be contrails like they always say it is. Ok fine. It’s just that I don’t trust the government to tell us the truth anymore. I unfortunately don’t have that kind of confidence and maybe as some people say, it’s not our place to know. But I think it is. I think we should at least have a choice in the effects of anything that can potentially damage our body (like vaccines).

Like a hazmat warning or a truthful and detailed prescription warning leaflet. Something, even if I can’t seem to get an opinion into the matter; which seems more and more the case. Like why can’t I know these things? Why can’t I have honest and accurate statistical evidence?

When they bring back abortion clinics I may think maybe these aren’t conspiracies. But when you straddle poor, uneducated, handicapped, marginalized, and/or minority people with kids they don’t want or can’t afford because of some morality issue. That just seems cruel and part of some agenda. Not one I understand mind you, but it just feels that way.

Obviously they should be receiving free or very affordable and readily available birth control but if all else fails or in the case of rape, incest, the mother being at risk if dying….. I mean common sense please people. No???

Some women maybe do want these babies given the chance to raise them with decency. But it’s just not always possible and until you walk in someone else’s shoes you can’t make a judgement on their choices. And if their was a need for babies in the world; a safe place for them to have a good, healthy, happy life I’d say maybe closing all abortion clinics is right. Maybe?

But that simply isn’t the case. How many kids are in foster care right now? It’s not about children. Is it? It’s not about killing? Some of those states dismantling clinics still have the death penalty in effect. Ugghhhh. Lol

It’s not funny ha ha. I don’t know why I laugh at the odd parts of life. I guess seeing the stupidly of it makes me laugh.

I refuse to give up on this planet. I refuse to give up on its people. I refuse to sink myself to the lowest standards set. Everyone has their own hills they are willing to die on, I suppose. Mine just happen to be on the spiritual and holistic side of things. Why that seems to almost be a crime baffles me deeply. When I’m just trying to be all about the good of humanity in its entirety with no one left behind. Most people only talk that talk. I try like hell to live it and no. I’m not advocating for killing babies, but a life sentence doesn’t seem the answer either. There has got to be a viable win/win, but people seem so closed off to even exploring that these days. Like no “only my way”. I don’t get that AT ALL.

Thankfully others are out there; fighting what feels a futile endeavor, in a world that seems so me-centric and over-judgemental/uncompassionate.

I think until we heal those diseases, all else will be a wasted endeavor. Yet that battle must be fought on an individual level and most people don’t seem to want to work that hard. I get it. I really do.

Life isn’t set up for deep introspection, true communal living, deep compassion to all, caring for the whole of existence. We don’t seem to want to see the big picture. It’s so deeply obscured. What really matters. What gives us true happiness, divine purpose and deep serenity.

But I’m no one to judge or implement any of this. I’m just trying to live this existence, one moment at a time, truly vested, truly present, truly trying to understand the reality of it all. That’s my hill. Guess we all must know our own.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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