The $7k dilemma / sexual vigilante (long)

I am going to try and see if I can borrow $7k from someone. Conventional loans wont work and I don’t know anyone in the Russian mafia, so we shall see.

I have two business ideas that I think may get me to where I need to be in life…. financially stable. Neither is gauranteed success, but then again…. few things are in life.

1) The most logical and easiest endeavor; training and adding oxygen to the colonics. Even though my Libbe is actually set up for it I still need a special added piece of equipment to hook up to it plus the oxygen tank and training. This is highly specialized and can potentially be very dangerous. Now the benefits far outweigh any possible risks but when it comes to healthcare and dealing with people who are already very health compromised it all becomes an entanglement.

Currently there is only one other studio in the area that does it. They get many referrals from naturopaths and doctors because of this and are backlogged up to a month sometimes.

But I would need to go to Utah to train as they are the leaders in this field and no one within 200 miles (that does this thing already) seems willing to train me.

2) Much more fun but potentially much more financially risky would be opening an upscale Femdom studio where I could host parties, one on one training, couples classes, and maybe even those case studies I’ve been writing about. I could potentially even do sexual retraining. My first success story should be teaching Brad how to make love. I could even rent out the space too, but I’m such a huge germaphobe that probably wouldn’t work.

When I Airbnb’d my house with the fifty shades room I cleaned every surface with powerful natural disinfectant (that stuff isn’t cheap either) and washed absolutely everything, because I was never sure what was used and how. It was so exhausting. We’re talking floors, furniture, doorknobs, etc. etc.

This would be soooo much fun though. Is there enough demand? I absolutely think so.

But what to do, what to do?

I decided the most logical thing here is to leave it up to the person loaning me the money. It is after all a loan. I do expect to pay it back. So the monetary risk is not mine even though the stress and time and sweat equity is. I don’t take owing people money lightly.

Just a few years ago I went out of my way to find an old co-worker that lent me $50, twenty years ago. At the time he was a rich kid and I was dead ass broke, but it was the right thing to do all the same. He rejected my money though and we remained in contact. But that’s how much it bothered me. Lol

Only the closest people to me know how much my word means to me. If I say I’m going to do something it will get done. Now the timing may be a bit off, never to the extreme above… that was an anomaly, but all the same. Being Hispanic time is something that I’ve learned to care about only in a business environment because Americans are so funny when it comes to time management.

This is also why I notoriously always used to tell my own family to come an hour early to everything, expecting them still an hour late. That’s just how we roll. Maybe not all Hispanics but definitely mine.


There was a girl in Alaska that got a ride from a guy. He told her he was going to kill her, choked her until she passed out, masturbated on her face and left her there on the side of the road. He got off with house arrest for a year and therapy.

If I were a vigilante I would stalk him, showing up with two big men flanking my sides. I’d tell him we were going to kill him and then choke him out, have them masturbate on his face, wait until he came to and tell him we would be watching him and that this would definitely happen again… when he least suspected and next time we may actually kill him.

From what I hear they’ve now made choking someone against their will and masturbating on someone a crime. At the time this happened I guess sexual laws had a huge loophole where he could only be charged with assault. Most states seem to have this same loophole still. Shocking as it seems.

There was a man that fostered children and he masturbated onto two children’s hands (I believe they were under 5) and made them eat it. It was not punishable as a crime in his state, because the laws are very specific that way.

I don’t particularly like having so many laws. I’ll refer back to if people self regulated and did the right thing we wouldn’t need them. But we can be a rotten lot; us humans. Given free will and being selfish and broken beings makes for a disaster sometimes.

What I would do to this man is force him to eat cum for every meal for two weeks from the dirtiest men I can find. Although maybe that wouldn’t be a punishment to him. Who knows?

I know being a vigilante is illegal. I know these thoughts aren’t particularly nice but it helps me cope to imagine doing these things. It helps me cope with this world and the level of cruelty that I sometimes can not comprehend.

Sorry to leave you with depressing thoughts.



I have an early client and then we are packing up and headed to the beach. Woot woot!!

I do so love the water.

Enjoy yourselves!


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

21 thoughts on “The $7k dilemma / sexual vigilante (long)”

  1. You are a Latina! No wonder I have the πŸ”₯ hots for you. I can’t fully explain my attraction to Latinas, physical beauty is part of it, but I also think it’s the love for family. I see iy in your blog when you write about your children.
    Good luck getting the πŸ’° money. I know you can do great things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwww

      Thanks David.

      I am. Yes. Mother was born in Cuba. Father in Mexico and I am first generation I guess. I say guess because my uncle was born here and I don’t know the technicality of that. Lol

      And I’ll take the luck. I could definitely use it. πŸ’‹


      1. Cuba. I have friends who are Cuban ex-pats. Two of my favorite restaurants in Richmond are Kuba Kuba and Kuba Kuba Dos, founded by Cuban refugees. The tres leches cake is to die for. SeΓ±ora MΓ©ndez made a cake for the parish Father’s Day Bake Sale that was too beautiful to cut.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Tres leches….🀀🀀🀀

          That is the cake of all cakes!! Yum

          Next time I go off my gluten free/dairy free diet that is on the agenda. I don’t indulge too often but OMG is that cake worth it.

          Too beautiful to cut. Lol. Bet it tasted even better.

          I’ve never been to Cuba. It’s on the bucket list and will happen one day. For sure.


          1. I don’t know enough to say. I k ow the US and Russia are in a heated war for the country. For geographic reasons the US wants political power there but the country wanted to remain self contained. There is obviously a base there which is what I don’t understand.

            It’s all a big game of war and it goes beyond what we are told….. always.


          2. There is that, but before the geopolitical ramifications of the Cold War entered the picture, Castro nationalized businesses, seized private property, executed his internal opposition or sent them into exile. Cuba had the third largest economy in the hemisphere prior to Castro. It had a literacy rate of 79%. The people of Cuba wanted a democratic revolution and Castro betrayed the desires of the Cuban people. He had to ally with the Russians in order to find a support for his regime. Sad, and the mainstream media are uncritical critics of the Castro regime.

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          3. Well. Not too many people have anything positive to say about the media. In general.

            I don’t know enough to comment on the politics of Cuba, but that sounds very sad indeed. I’m sure there where far more factors than we realize at play but you definitely seem to know what you’re talking about.


          4. The Castro exiles got a bad press for a long time, exacerbated by the actions of the exile groups who seemed to be so committed to anti-communist causes that they were used by rather dodgy players within government (the CIA) or on the periphery, the 1972 Nixon re-election campaign. Cuban exiles were directly involved in the Watergate break in. They were implicated, by credible accounts, in the Kennedy assassination. The vast majority of Cuban exiles lost everything when Castro seized their holdings. They follow the situation on the island and the deterioration of the quality of life among the people. The ropa vieja that was once made with beef flank steak is now made with horse meat is a common example.Look at movies on YouTube of pre-Castro Havana. This is not to say that It was a paradise. Organized Crime was well-entrenched. Then again, we could say the same thing about Chicago, New York, Boston, or New Orleans.
            It is very easy to write off the shortcomings of contemporary journalism in all its iterations. They have some blatant prejudices today. Sadly, the media and their various political favorites take advantage of the ambiguity and the half-truths. This is also seen in the related issues of scandals within the Catholic Church, but I digress..
            Pretty good rant, huh?

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          5. Epic….but informative.

            I think that the media has always been a tool of the powerful and had an agenda. It’s just that now we are aware of it. People on the fringe have probably known all along.

            I remember about 12 years ago (maybe) a Hispanic news castor in a non major city threw a rather epic rant of his own about how the media was fixed and he was tired of selling lies. He recanted the next day of course but was fired none the less.

            I know my family would have never left Cuba had it not been for Castro. Because of that that part of my family is scattered all over whenever they could find work and some sense of community. My grandfather was the most adventurous and bold of them all. He moved his kids a lot. He never found anywhere he really felt at home and given the chance he would love nothing more than to return to the Cuba he loved.

            Anyway. Thanks for the history lesson. πŸ’‹


          6. You’re right about the news/media always having a bias. There was a paper in Richmond called the Richmond Whig, whig being the name of a now-extinct political party, identified with the moneyed classes.

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          7. This has been bothering me all morning.

            Some of my clients are affluent. But they are nice people and some of them carry this guilt from being well off. Which also doesn’t seem fair to them. And……while I believe that we should all get along and all have deep true acceptance for each other and where we are in life I also understand the need and desire to have community with those on a similar life plan. So I get why they had a party and a paper. It makes sense.

            Doesn’t mean I excuse the few asshole rich people from being douche bags and using their money to influence laws and subjugate and abuse people but rich people aren’t the only assholes in the world. It’s just that their money gives them power. How they utilize it is up to them and it shouldn’t affect an antire category of people how some of them behave. Right?


          8. Yes. Supposedly, but the catch up for the marginalized is astronomic. Whether that be poor white or minorities. Some have it easier and opportunities are there but inheritance and networking opportunities are a HUGE part of people’s upward mobility and a lot of people don’t have access to those things. Unfortunately.

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          9. Thanks. Our family has always been that way. My Dad’s side was Conservative Republican, but there were fine with our friends and very accepting. My mom readily befriended African-Americans. We kept in touch, as in went to her family get togethers with her friend Ruth, after Mom died, until Ruth herself passed.

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