How many men does it take to make one woman orgasm?

Last night I went to Tyler’s. I had put off visiting him for months and finally he told me I was not invited anymore if I did not make a plan to go visit him. He left it up to me as to when but told me I could not cancel. Now normally I do not do ultimatums but I have cancelled and delayed him so many times I could rightfully understand his frustration.

So I made a plan to go last night and went straight after work. We talked and talked for hours completely entranced in science and the metaphysical world. We walked around the property he is staying at and watched the sunset and laid in bed for hours just talking but once I was engrossed in watching his YouTube videos he started moving towards my nether regions.

My pants were thin and I wasn’t wearing underwear so when he started pushing his face into my pussy and nibbling lightly, breathing hot air and rubbing against me it was very tantalizing. I let him take off my pants and he went to work. He was very good at his endeavor. I pushed his face into me with both hands until the pleasure was so intense my hands flew to my mouth and above my head as my back arched. I then threw my legs around him and pulled him tight into me and locked him in place.

When I finally pulled him up to me, I immediately noticed how hard he was. I had forgotten how beautiful his cock was. His tight, lithe, young body pressed against mine was intoxicating. I wanted him but I didn’t put in any effort. I made him entice me. I was so wet when he finally did penetrate me it felt heavenly. And I was so close to orgasming with just that. But the need for clitoral stimulation is real and as soon as I was about to orgasm he would switch gears on me and instead of grinding on me slowly he would hop into bunny pounding mode.

I would immediately stop him but he wasn’t grasping it. So I had to tell him to slow down. He told me “don’t worry I won’t come” and I had to stifle a laugh. It made me remember how young he was. But 28 is not young enough to not know how to fuck a woman. Only a single digit percentage of women can orgasm through penile penetration alone and even then usually only when stimulating the g-spot. This fast pumping action does nothing for most women, and all it does for me is dry me out.

He gets some lube and we keep trying but every time as soon as I am close he switches gears and I start to get tired and frustrated and I give up. I push him off me. I wasn’t mad. I was still having a good time, but being on the cusp of orgasming so many times had me pretty wound up. He started to fall asleep as he laid on me and I wanted to test his pain threshold. As I caressed his back I dug my nails in slowly and the softest sweetest little “ow”, almost a whisper of sound would escape his mouth.

He sounded like the sweet little boi I know him to be inside. I did it over and over waiting for the sweet murmur that seemed more like a gentle supplication, like a “no mommy, please”. Good boi that he is; he wouldn’t move or flinch or stop me. I kissed him and pushed him off of me, got dressed and left. I drove straight to Brad’s house.

I immediately got into his bed naked and he grew instantly hard when I told him about Tyler’s beautiful dick pounding me. I climbed on top of him and grabbed my bullet but he wanted to talk about my night more and I kept getting distracted and soon he was too soft. So when I would start to orgasm I would push his soft penis out which just frustrated me even more. By now it was almost 2am and I was pretty exhausted, but still determined.

So when he went to get his nightly milk I willed myself to orgasm with my bullet as an aid. It was a bit of work but finally I got the release that had been building up astronomically all night. I could barely keep my eyes open any longer.

This morning as soon as we awoke we resumed talking about it; both of us excited about having Tyler or some other man join us in bed and all the fun that will be. With dicks in all the orifices of all the bodies present. Then he “punished” me for being a bad girl and fucking another man by pounding me hard and fast. When he grew soft he turned me over and started spanking me hard.

Maybe it was the position of his swats but it was hurting monumentally. It felt to me like I had taken much more severe spankings before but in no time I actually called out “red” for the first time ever.

Is it funny that neither of them orgasmed? Just me. Is it funny that this is how I like it? In my kingdom I orgasm first and you orgasm maybe and frankly I just don’t care about the male orgasm….. mostly… and why should I? Lol

Happy Father’s Day!!!



Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

4 thoughts on “How many men does it take to make one woman orgasm?”

        1. It’s up,but chances are it won’t stay up for long. I don’t particularly like sharing my submission with the world. Much like my spiritually it is something very personal and intimate and I don’t feel the need to expose all the details of it. But I am also a bit of an exhibitionist. Hard line to stradeel sometimes. Lol


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