Republican vs Liberal (long)


Brad was talking about marriage again today. Which causes me great conflict. It feels wonderful that he cares so much for me but I also know that we can’t possibly get married. As things stand it just wouldn’t work at all.

I tried today to classify our relationship and I couldn’t. I enjoy labeling things and putting them away in neat little color coded folder files inside my head. This relationship defies classification.

He isn’t my lover. He isn’t just a friend with benefits. I guess he is my boyfriend, but……. is he? It’s all rather confusing to me really. I care for him deeply but…… a few things happened today that were somewhat upsetting.

1) He could not get hard.

2) He finally admitted he does have COPD, which is a sidenote from a different post about this.

3) We argued over Trump.

Now…. I actually voted for Trump and I can see that not all he has done is horrendous. Honestly I think most all politicians are corrupt. I don’t care what party they belong to. But Trump is such a bully and a seemingly huge asshole and he won’t stop tweeting stupid shit. Dude just do your damn job. Stop ripping the nation apart, but maybe that is his real job. I don’t know.

I do think the media has a vendetta against him, but I also think he needs to stop lambasting them. He seems to have created part of this mess himself really. I personally just don’t like him. Do I want him impeached? No. I don’t see the point of it.

But when Brad refuses to even admit that Trump has EVER lied and blames the media for his being portrayed negatively it infuriates me. You can like someone and still see and know they have flaws, but his glorification of Trump is so disturbing to me.

I don’t hop on the anger bandwagon with Trump. I’ve formulated my own opinions and I just think he is an asshole. I also think he has no clue what he is doing. I stopped believing all his campaign promises shortly into his first year, so my standards for him are very simple. Don’t crash the economy and don’t put us at war. If he does those two things I’ll call his tenor a success. That’s just how low my standards now are.

His family and himself have and will continue to benefit from his position. But I suppose most people in his shoes would probably do the same. That he does it so blatantly and unscrupulously is actually comical to me. Like there really is nothing this man can do to piss off his core supporters. It’s fascinating and nauseating.

Every politician makes promises they never follow through on. Doesn’t matter the lapel pin you tote around on that one. The political system should theoretically self maintain though and the president is simply a representation of this country. As far as that is concerned I am ashamed to have such a stupid, arrogant and delusional man representing us, but this is the state we find ourselves in. This is the state of our country. We are all in essence now Trump. Stupid, arrogant, delusional Americans. Is anyone else connecting the dots from the murders of American abroad to how much people hate us now?


This also cements for me how very different Brad and I are. How very opposed our ideologies are. He looks at the stock market for a barometer of the economy and I look at the homeless surge and true livability factors. The stress people live under to just maintain a roof over their heads…. and not just me unfortunately.


I was reading an article today where Jennifer Lopez savagely stated that her first two marriages don’t count to her. She said the right person is someone who makes you better. And that she had married them to not be alone, which is obviously a bad reason.


So I refer back to not knowing where this relationship is going. I told him today to stop talking about marriage. Which is sad, but it’s just the truth. I don’t want to discuss it anymore and I don’t want him thinking that’s where we are headed because we aren’t and our political views aren’t even in the top 5 reasons as to why really.

But I’m also not ready to let him go. As a friend I don’t ever want that to happen. But I understand not everyone feels that way and while I’ve maintained a friendship with (all of) the few men I’ve had serious relationships with since I was 18 the trend was probably bound to be broken at some point I guess. Brad seems adamant that if we break up we can’t be friends. We aren’t there. So who knows.

I’m so tired!! It’s been a long ass day. I was up early for a client, cleaned my house for 4 hours, then spent an hour pulling weeds and spraying vinegar on the roots (which works better than Round-up), and went to three stores for food and sundries for the kids and pets. I’ll sleep well tonight I hope. Full day of work tomorrow.

Sweet dreams world.


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

2 thoughts on “Republican vs Liberal (long)”

  1. My disconnect with the left has to do with their collective partisanship. For example, people put in cages down at the border. The initial photos showing immigrants in cages were taken in 2014, clearly during the Obama years. It’s fine to be appalled by those images, but be principled regardless of what team is in the White House.

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    1. I agree. I think people weren’t aware then though. But now that this is common knowledge stop blaming Trump. It is a bit out of hand how much the man gets blamed for.

      But I have a hard time feeling bad for him. Politics is the lesser of evils to me. If people self regulated. If they did the right thing. If compassion and philanthropy were important. We would have almost no need for laws and regulations. So….

      These problems aren’t easy to fix but expecting everyone else to solve our problems to our individual satisfaction is completely unrealistic. We are a country divided and the politicians we currently have do nothing outside of their own benefit.

      I blame no one. But at some point people need to realize that just mouthing off from their couches isn’t going to do anything. It won’t change much.
      And I’m not of the opinion that voting will change much either. The system is in place and the problems are syatemic. I refuse to keep playing along. Which is why I voted for Trump in the first place. Which was the lesser of evils I thought. But I won’t be fooled again.
      I’m just going to do my part to make this a better world from where I stand. And let those fools continue their madness.


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