Case Study #132 – the weekend (fiction)

Melisa had come to Mars 6 months earlier. She had put in a lot of hours and hard work. She was doing extraordinarily well. She advocated for herself, her self-care habits and coping skills were vastly improved, she seemed much happier than when she had first come in but her taste in men had not improved one bit and that was because while she had incorporated all these wonderful habits and boundaries into her life at her core she still believed some inherently bad things about herself.

Melisa looked apprehensive. She knew this was her intensive weekend at the clinic. She had heard whispers about what that entailed: she had heard rumors of drugs and sex and BDSM. She had also heard so many success stories from the clinic; other patients that had suffered extensive sexual trauma and healed from it here. And she trusted Mars without question, so that definitely helped. She wondered if the story was true of the man that after his intensive weekend could not be comforted and grew violent and had to be taken to the county mental ward.

Melisa tried not to be too distracted by these thoughts as she followed Mars to a part of the clinic she had never been in. She took her into a pleasant and comfortable bedroom. “This is your room, you can lock it whenever you’d like. No one will come in when it is locked. There is a room we call the white room you will be going into later this afternoon. In that room we will start your sexual retraining. In that room things may happen that will seem wrong. You will be touched by force and inflicted pain and pleasure. Your safe word is Red and your safe gesture is raising your index finger alone in either hand. If you do this all play will stop.

However, we can go into the room one time or 100 times during your weekend. Your tolerance and responses are what we are looking at and will determine your exposure to the room. Other than that room you will be not be touched sexually. Outside of that room you will be pampered extensively.

Gourmet room service on command, 2 massages a day, jacuzzi and saunas, an extensive movie list on the TV, book library, guided one on one yoga and meditations, plus your usual therapy sessions. Do you understand everything I’ve said?”

Melisa blinked hard and nodded. She knew now the rumors were true and she hoped she could get through it quickly and as painlessly as possible. She wasn’t sure what Mars wanted to see but she wanted so much to please her. She had grown so fond of Mars. She admired her strength and inner beauty. She hoped she could be as centered and strong one day, full of this graceful, self-confidence she didn’t know how to achieve herself.

Mars pointed Melisa to the robe on the back of the chair. “Whatever you need should be in those drawers and that will be the most comfortable thing to wear over or instead of clothes. You are in complete control of your stay here outside of the white room. I want you to self advocate for your needs. This is all for you, about you and your pleasure and comfort and healing. No request is too big, too small or too unreasonable. Do you understand?”

Mars knew that while Melisa had heard the words and understood their meaning that it would take all weekend if not more for them to sink in to become her reality.

“There are a few mantras located throughout the room; whenever you see one I want you to stop and read it to yourself out loud. Do you see any?” Melisa frowned. She hated mantras; but she didn’t want to displease Mars so she nodded. “Say it out loud.” Mars instructed her. Melisa stood and stared at the mantra above the bed.

“I am in control. I am safe. My body is safe. My thoughts are safe. My heart is safe. My soul is safe.” she read out softly. “Very good, I expect you to say these to yourself dozens of times each day. Is this acceptable?” Melisa wondered why Mars was asking and not telling her and she nodded slowly. She was very worried and scared. Mars could tell.

Mars put her hand on Melisa’s shoulder and lovingly caressed her hair. “You’re going to be fine Melisa, I promise. Why don’t you shower and rest, order something light from room service. We will be headed into the white room in a few hours and I want you to be rested. You have a full body massage scheduled for right after.”

Melisa sighed as Mars walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. She looked at the soft robe on the chair and started undressing. She threw on the robe over her naked body and flung herself onto the bed with the room service menu. It all looked so yummy. Beef burgundy, fettuccini Alfredo, parmesan crusted scallops, swordfish tacos, chicken fried chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, on and on it went and the dessert menu was no less appetizing. No alcohol though.

She settled on half a cob salad and a juice spritzer. She didn’t want to chance being too full with whatever she had in store. She showered quickly while she waited for her food. The overhead rain shower felt amazing and the soft fluffy towels made her feel luxurious.

She enjoyed the salad tremendously and as she was finishing her spritzer she realized she was a bit tired and closed her eyes. About an hour later Mars brushed her cheek lightly to wake her. “Put this on under your robe. I’ll wait for you outside the door. Take your time.”

Melisa looked at the items on the bed beside her. She picked through everything. Black garter belt with black thigh high pantyhose, thin lace underwear with the crotch cut out and a spandex type bra that had large slits where her nipples rested. She felt subconscious. It all fit perfectly and comfortably but she wasn’t used to dressing like this, let alone in whatever capacity this was. She shuddered but started to dress herself.

Melisa exited the room slowly. Mars looked at her inquisitively. “Follow me” she said. They made their way through a thick door and into a long hallway. Melisa had never been down this corridor. Mars entered a room and flicked on the lights. It was completely white inside; white marble floor, white cushioned walls, white cabinet and what appeared to be a full size bed with white vinyl bedding and a very soft white blanket draped on top.

Behind them also entered a man. Melisa hadn’t seen him and was a bit startled by his presence. “This is the Gimp. You will not need to address him. You will only address me. In this room you shall call me Master. Do you remember your safe word and hand gesture?” Mars asked Melisa and before Melisa could respond Mars slapped her hard across the face. “Do you remember your safe word and gesture?” She said again louder and more forcefully. “Yes” Melisa responded quickly. “Yes Master” Mars corrected her and Melisa promptly repeated it.

“Take off your robe and get on the bed sitting up on your knees with your hands behind your back and your head bowed” Mars instructed Melisa and she quietly walked over to the bed to do as she was instructed. The Gimp took no time to blindfold and tie Melisa’s hands together.

“Alright you little slut…..isn’t that what you are?” Mars began. “you’re only good for one thing, aren’t you?” “Aren’t you?” Mars yelled at Melisa. “Yes Master” Melisa stuttered out as quickly as she could as she felt the sting of a tear starting to form in the corner of her eye.

“You will be used and abused because that’s what you deserve. That is your only worth. Lay face down on the bed and push your ass up in the air. We are going to show you what little girls like you deserve. Aren’t we Gimp?” and Melisa felt the first sting of a hand smacking her ass. “Why aren’t you thanking me for this? This is who you are after all….a filthy little slut for the pleasure of others to enjoy. Aren’t you? I expect you to thank me for allowing you to be who you truly are?” and another smack landed on her ass, stinging her greatly. “Yes Master, thank you Master.” Melisa groaned and the tear made its escape and she wondered what else was in store for her.

To be continued…….

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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  1. OK. This is pushing a lot of buttons for me. As I want to be the rutting pig that has his way with Melisa, maybe because my sexual energy is stored up too and needs to get out.

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