Disengage from the world /last anti-vax rant

It doesn’t help that I’m sick of course

But I feel like completely disengaging from the world right now.

It doesn’t help that I’m a bit heartbroken about the break-up with Brad

It doesn’t help that all the girls are sick too

And it definitely doesn’t help that I’m out of pot


I was so tempted to text him

And say what?

“I’m sick, come hug me and bring me food and pot…please”. Lol. Nah. Just drive the boi crazy.

The teenager is getting Five Guys. I think I’ll take a long hot bubble bath. Nothing french fries and a hot soak can’t make better. A little better.

I think I’ll hole myself up all weekend and figure out why I can’t cure myself.


I read a post on my Google feed. It was horrible. I know news is suppose to be quasi-factual but this report was just a capture of a Reddit post against anti-vaxxers. So I commented. I was the first person to comment against vaccines and of course everyone came after me as if I was trying to kill their puppies. I can’t keep fighting this fight.

It reminds me of our first stint in Iraq. I was so adamantly opposed that when we invaded Afghanistan I could barely muster the desire to care. I just gave up. It seemed so pointless. I care. I obviously care but no one wants to listen. We’ve become a world of “I’m right and your wrong and nothing will change my mind”.

In truth I am absolutely not opposed to vaccines; not at all. I’m just calling for some common sense and sensibility. We can’t go from my parents generation of only 8 vaccines to mine of about 30 to my kids of over 70. Take out all the junk, and carcinogens in them. Schedule them based on the child’s own unique health history, age, weight, etc., separate them so they aren’t given so many at one time (especially the MMR), and don’t take away people’s right to sue if they have adverse affects. Plus don’t pit doctors against patients in this dogma of “greater good” where NO ONE takes any blame, fault or responsibility when a child does get injured and or dies from them.

Once they fix the (money grab) system I’ll be more on board. But no use…..no use trying to educate people when the mainstream media is on the pharmaceutical payroll. It made me wonder today if all that backlash against Facebook and Amazon has anything to do with the fact that now all of a sudden, quite simultaneously they both are taking all anti-vax info off of their sites.

Freedom of speech is no longer true when governments and corporations conspire to keep people shackled to the regulations and agendas they want to pursue and censor information. One day it won’t be vaccines. This is just proving the power these entities have. The rhetoric has gotten so bad and these people they have zero ethics….zero.

I’m really giving up. I’m considering this fight dead. Corporations win. Pharmaceutical companies win. Government wins. The people……lol. No one cares……..we aren’t people to these entities. We are pocket books at best and expendable nuisances at worst.

Freedom is no longer truly possible in this world. Only freedom within. Thankfully that’s still available and I’ll have to settle for that.

And as far as those greedy fucks go. I’m going to tell them the exact same thing I tell those people that send scam emails and texts:

“There is a very special place in hell for you. I’ve been there so I can tell you that from experience. Life is very short, but a second in hell is an eternity. Good luck with that…asshole(s). Lol”

Karma is good, but honestly knowing they’re going to hell is even better. I should feel compassion. They’ve lost their soul. They’ve lost their way. They’re just stuck in a wonky world doing the best they can. Uhu. Yeah. No!! Most of these fucks know exactly what they are doing. Hey. I didn’t invent this system. Doesn’t mean I can’t be glad it exists.

I have compassion…..I just exercise it wisely. On some people it seems completely wasted. Sorry.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

12 thoughts on “Disengage from the world /last anti-vax rant”

  1. That there is a whole lot of vaccines. My son is vaccinated. However he did not have nigh on 70 you are talking about. As a baby he received an extra vaccine due to being 2 months premature. This was to ensure that he would not end up with pneumonia like illness. (Needless to say at 1 1/2 we had four day hospital stay due to pnuemonia. Spelled wrong.) I have been lucky in that my son has a great immune system…..much like his mom and dad. I read a lot about states care and ummmmm…..move to Canada we are awesome. LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thing it most people consider like the Polio vaccine one but it is a series of 2. Some series have 3-5 shots.  So overall from 0-18 if you include things like whooping cough, flu and HPV, we are talking a whole heck of a lot. 

      I’ve considered moving to Canada actually……but we are not exactly white.  Oregon has been a little hard in that regard.  Even worse the people that don’t think they are but kinda are. Reminds me of people who think they are just chivalrous and family oriented when they say women belong at home.  I mean I’m all for that, but shouldn’t it be a woman’s choice.

      But thanks for the invite…

      Who knows what life has in store. Truth be told one child is fully vaccinated, one child is only missing a few and the last one….well…..we shall see.  I’m still working on her immune system before I expose her to more vaccines.  She got pneumonia after her first polio shot and has been very susceptible to respiratory issues since then, which she never was before.

      Sooooo…I’m just very concerned but it seems like I won’t have the luxury of making choices for my own children anymore and it seems I just have to accept it.  Sadly.


      1. Wow…….that’s is definitely not what’s going on here. Between the EpiPen price gouge, the opioid epidemic and mandatory vaccines the pharmaceutical companies have shown no remorse and no end to their greed. But they have managed to convince the vast majority of people that they are for “the greater good”. I find it funny that one of the best anti-vaccine movies is called just that.

        I have to come visit you. You and I are most definitely soul sisters.

        Got any pot? Lol💋


      2. I’m wondering how fat of a drive you are to me. I could just pop in for a quick visit. I’ve only ever seen Vancouver which I absolutely loved. How many hours are you drive from Vancouver?


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