Coffee Enemas 2.0

Ok. Sooooo. Here we go ladies and gents.

Coffee enemas are a great way to detox your liver. It also has many other health benefits. They can be used along with a cleansing/juicing protocol or just as a stand alone. I personally do not recommend extended use of them as there have been some reports of addiction and also of deficiencies. If you do them for an extended period of time please make sure your diet is high in food sourced nutrients, minerals and vitamin b.

Let me preface this by saying that all this information is vital. Do not skip any parts of this.

For starters the water you use MUST be distilled (or filtered well/spring water but only if it has been tested for microbes, bacteria, parasites, chemicals and pesticides and even then it’s best to just stick with distilled). DO NOT use tap water.

Any additive to your enema should be organic. The coffee absolutely must be organic. They even roast and sell coffee exclusively for enemas.

For cleaning materials you will need 5% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I buy 35%* and dilute it 5/1 (one part H2O2) into a spray bottle. You can find this online or in some health food stores. It’s generally refrigerated. You also need a mild, natural dish soap in a dispenser with a long cylindrical nozzle to put soap easily into enema tubes.

As far as the types of enema products I find the old fashioned red bag one easy to travel with and good for other uses.

But if you’re going to be using it regularly then I recommend the stainless steel bucket. Easier to use and clean IMO.


Gather all your materials. Grind the coffee in a dedicated grinder for your organic coffee only. I prefer to grind my own but you can buy it ground too. I would not use the grinders at stores though. You just never know. Sealed and ground from the source is ok though.

Decide how much liquid you want to utilize. You can start with 4 cups and work your way up to 8 cups total liquid. Boil 1/2 cup coffee grounds in half the distilled water you want to end up with. So if you want an 8 cup experience use at least 4 cups of water. The other half will be used to temper the enema water so it is not scalding hot. The temperature should not go above 103. I’ve heard of people going higher even to 108 degrees…..I wouldn’t. Warm is good, body temp is good, even on the colder side is ok. Warm relaxes the muscles and colder contracts them.

You must filter out the coffee grounds. I put a large round unbleached coffee filter on the lip of a large glass cup because I don’t want to pass scalding liquid through plastic as it will leach out and we have enough plastic particulates in our systems as it is; unfortunately.**

Clean your equipment before you use it the first time. Run warm soapy water through all of it, then spray with H2O2 spray bottle, inside and outside and in all hoses and crevices. Rinse thoroughly.

Put the equipment together and fill bag or bucket with coffee. Lubricate the end of the anal tip with coconut oil, castor oil or even saliva. The anal tip is generally 3-5 inches long. Make sure the stopper is set on your equipment so the fluid doesn’t leak out. Position yourself comfortably on your back and insert the tube up your rectum slowly and carefully. You do not want a puncture there. It should glide in easily.

It’s best to do enemas laying on the bathroom floor. Put a towel on the floor and use the toilet seat, countertop or the doorknob to place your bucket or bag. You want about a 24 inch gap between you and the water for gravity to not push anything the wrong way and for it to not rush into your body too quickly leading to any discomfort.

Sometimes if you are backed up or new to this holding the suggested 15 minutes is not possible. You can use a 4 cup water enema ahead of the coffee one to empty your chamber and/or you can use a butt plug or compress a cloth on your anus to stop the reflex to push.

Start the flow and relax. You can go up to 15 minutes ideally. If you want to move onto your left side once the coffee is in to try to help it move to your ascending colon go for it.

Then release into your toilet and clean up. Clean the equipment just as you did before use: soap and then disinfectant (H2O2). Clean and rinse thoroughly and set it out to air dry. Wash the towel. Use paper towels, soap and the disinfectant everywhere. The sink, counters, toilet and floor. If in doubt clean it out.

We carry all kinds of toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites in our intestines….highly contagious things like Hep C and worse. Sooooo disinfect and clean thoroughly.

Other enema ideas:

Colloidal silver*** as a natural antibiotic

Garlic tea as a fever reducer and antiviral/antiparasitic

Probiotics to increase healthy bacteria

Remember your colon is acidic and the ph balance is important for it to work and function properly so don’t just go sticking random things up there. This is your body. You get one. Only. Make wise choices. You know your body better than anyone else except your mom maybe…so don’t let others dictate what you need for yourself. But also…do your own research, know all your options. I know plenty of doctors who would never take the things they themselves prescribe.****

Be well.



*VERY caustic at 35%. Use gloves. Don’t spill. Clean any spills immediately and dry area thoroughly.

**They did a study where they tested hundreds of randomized people for plastic particulates in their cells and every single person had them. Everyone. Not a single exception. That can’t possibly be good. We aren’t meant to have plastic in our bodies……but we aren’t meant to have lots of things we put in them: aluminum, Mercury, formaldehyde, toxic food dyes and food additives/perservatives, on and on…and yet we do…. voluntarily….for some strange reason.

***I just caught wind of Structured Silver, which I was told was better than Colloidal Silver. I have over a decade experience using Colloidal with excellent results but if there is something better I’m all for it.

****And whatever you do .. absolutely DO NOT even fucking dare stick alcohol that way. People have died doing that. Don’t be an idiot. Please!

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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