All change is disruptive; even good change.

The world is changing at break-neck speed and instead of taking the time to acclimate to it.

Instead of being more mindful, kind and purposeful in our beingness

We speed along trying to play catch-up always.

Until we slow down so much we start to realize how wrong we did it; and that’s if we can open our eyes then even.

Oversimplified of course….but it proves a point I think. Yes?

This is the sole reason I can get behind reincarnation; because so many of us seem to do it so very wrong….this thing called life.

I’m not blaming any one person or entity or religion or politics. I’m blaming society at large….all of humanity for letting ourselves become so inhumane. We need to lead by example each and every one of us……don’t we?

We are after all just spirit energy having a mind and body experience. Collectively. That’s it. All from the same place. All capable of going to many other places after this. If I do believe and know of anything it’s heaven, hell, purgatory (ghosts/demons in mid earth – mid here with mid who knows where) and earth*. I’m positive there are more realities, more dimensions. This seems to have been proven by science by now. No? Maybe I need to go back and watch all the Big Bang Theory shows. Lol


*And let’s not forget Angels; which I know exist but can’t even begin to explain. The why isn’t as important as the belief. Find your belief and live it.

I’m just happy to have found people that understand energy. I finally feel like I fit in a bit better than I ever have before.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

25 thoughts on “Madness”

    1. I appreciate that you don’t try to think you do know it all, although opinions are fun. But I realize that truly none of us do and I’m happy about that. It’s probably one of the most stress relieving thoughts I can think of. That there is no single authority here on Earth that has every single answer to the mystery of life. So we get to decide for ourselves. I love that. And for those that don’t theories about life and death and spirituality are in no small supply and no short supply of people trying to convince you of their version being right.

      I can only ascertain that mine is right for me and also a work in progress but I’m so happy to be on this journey……even if I’m the one coming off as mad. Lol

      Health, wealth, freedom and fun. πŸ’‹


      1. Trite. Ohhh ouch. I never did like that word much. So dismissive. Lol. I prefer corny. Corny is endearing to me. But I suppose you are right. Some may find it trite to say it….it’s been said so much we dismiss it’s validity and render it meaningless.

        Did you get back to sleep?


      2. Oh yeah, I hate it too, except the end when he says “Atta Boy, Clarence” Capra made a movie called Mr Smith Goes To Washington, about people getting government back from special interests. Very idealistic. And with Jimmy Stewart

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      3. I haven’t seen it. I love old movies. I’m gonna make a point to watch it.

        But….no person or entity in power relinquishes power voluntarily. I’ve yet to ever hear of that ever happening. Wonder what the direct correlation is between ego and power. It’s all so very complicated and yet it all seems so easy too. Like people purposely complicate it to justify their behavior without bothering to consider any win/win scenarios first.


      4. Yes. The more I read about politicians, I get the idea that they have powerful emotional, psychological needs for power. It is obvious with tyrants like Hitler, but your every day run of the mill politician is driven by the same urges. Hillary and Trump are but 2 examples

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      5. Yes and this notion that only they know what’s best. How about we ratchet that down and try to be more unified. Right? They both have plusses and minuses. We have a decent system, but the corruption within the system, which is the corruption within each if those individuals seems out of control. But until they see or are made to see that for themselves I harbor so little hope. One tyrant leaves to make way for another. The mechanism seems to be getting worse and while everyone seems to care….. until people’s hearts are in the right place. Until we are each full of love and centered it will continue to be a “shit show”.

        All I can do is watch it feels like and ask for more popcorn.


      6. Oh yeah, The Framers of the Constitution had ideas about what it meant to be a citizen in a free society. Key was the notion that we need a moral compass that compels us to do the “right” thing, the moral thing, such that laws governing behavior and conduct are minimal.

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      7. Yeah. It’s my firm belief that what this world needs most is advancement in spirituality and spirit awakening and by that I don’t mean more lip service….. I mean more living our unique truths and by example of that truth.

        Like I told some friends earlier. We were talking about hate crimes and MAGA hats and I said “I’d rather know if someone hates me”. It probably is unjustified but at least I know their truth or what they think their truth is. I’d rather know a hurtful truth than a palatable like.

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