Vommit girl – continued

I had told him he had absolute carte blanche. He could do not only whatever the hell be wanted to outside my limits he could also make me do whatever he needed or wanted me to do for him to cum. Anything!!! Either way, all ways. Any kink. However he wanted to parfait it.

So this was not bad I thought but I still didn’t want to pick up vomit from my favorite bedtime blanket. I told him now sassily that I was not about to pick up vomit. He knows once I’m done being sub. Once he taps out game over. He cleans the toys. His, at the very least and I consider this vomit his toy since he is making it happen.

He tells me to go get a towel. Bright idea. I quickly go to get it. Was I secretly hoping the vomit would make him not make me do this? I had to admit I was. (Sometimes I hate when I can watch myself think.)

I set the towel up under his ass as he lifts for me and start immediately. I keep trying and gagging and coughing but I am definitely “in it to win it”. Best girl scout trooper in sight. 😉. He takes it easy on me and tells me to get on my back. He gets on top and starts slow but is very quickly pounding me hard and strong. Thankfully my cervix wasn’t overly sensitive and I could take it pleasantly even at times. We stared into each other’s eyes. He was trying at least. But it was a squint almost as if he was in pain or really getting lost in the pleasure. Same look.

He kept telling me how great my pussy felt. How tight it was and how deep he could go, how it felt so good to him. How much he loved me. It all melded together into something quite like making love. A little more BDSM style and completely unconventional though, so nothing like it too. (Hard to explain. It’s like a word I was reading in the dictionary recently it meant both itself and it’s exact opposite. So one word meant it’s antonym as well.) That’s what this felt like and it was hot as fuck.

He got tired and asked me to get on top. He grabbed my tits and swung them around. He asked me if I would let him hang me from the ceiling from them and fuck me or eat me out or have another man fuck me. I said yes to all of it and meant it and he knew it then beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was something we needed to talk about more but he wasn’t asking to do it now so more words were not necessary.

At this point was there really a doubt I enjoyed sex and multiple partners anyway?

He kept pulling on my nipples. Twisting them, smacking them around the way I told him my ex would. Why did I ever tell him that? He was digging his nails in, only once did I come close to yelling pink. I try, boy do I try, but I am thankful for safewords even if I don’t use them. Especially after the fiasco last time. Ay yay yay. Let’s just say thankfully that the swelling went down fast. Whoever says BDSM can’t cause you harm doesn’t play hard. Which is cool, I don’t want to get hurt either (again). We did a total stupid mistake and I take the brunt of that, all ways unfortunately and I so know better as does Brad. Old dogs do learn new tricks. Sometimes. Sex is a great incentive….. No?

He didn’t pull my hair, thankfully. I forgot to throw that in to the hard rules. This girls hair is thin enough, but I wouldn’t be able to protest much, not while being a good girl. I had my chance to set up the play already. No new rules.

He takes me off when his dick starts to soften. It’s down to about 6.5 maybe, half hard. He pushes my face down and tells me “suck it to the end” very sternly. The towel is still under him. I go. Will he get harder, I wonder? And secretly hope not.

He pushes his dick in my mouth with one hand and pushes my head down. He plans to make this happen of my own accord or with help. So I do my best to do exactly what he wants. He tells me to put both balls in my mouth too. I choke a bit. A gush of mucousy clear fluid hits my mouth. Not vomit, more like really thick saliva. He pulls me off and uses that lubrication to masturbate while I pull on his balls as he tells me too. I can tell he is loving this.

Once the lube dries out a bit he puts my mouth back onto his dick and forces both hands behind my head so my face is smothered into his groin and I struggle to breath. He lets me up between giant gulps of cock, but in one final attempt he holds my face and out it comes. I hadn’t even realized it was coming until it was in my mouth. I swished it around. Was it the thick saliva or vomit?

I was a little light headed and it was hard to tell until I felt the tiniest pieces of food. Well. I do chew my food pretty well…I laughed a millisecond and grabbed at the towel when he let me up a moment later. He used the lube again to rub himself even when I told him it was vomit.

He was hard now. He plopped me back on top…me not even thinking that this was vomit lube. Yes boys and girls welcome to dirty sex. It’s fun. What can I say?*

He puts me on top for a minute but quickly I am on bottom again. It’s no wonder I get rats hair nest with this boi. He is ramming me into the wall almost immediately. I have to brace myself with both hands just to not fly my head into it. Thrusting harder and harder until he literally almost passed out besides me. He taps out. I laugh and immediately dig out my bullet vibrator. I am more than fucking ready to go.

I ask him for his help and he says “with what?” and I say “just touch me” and boy does he. I have to purposely delay my orgasm now just to enjoy his hands strong but lovingly carressing my breast, pinching my nipples and working his way into my pussy.

He finds my g-spot like the Uber driver pulling right into the drive, smooth like silk, opening the door and getting your luggage like you a “balla” (baller). And goes to town. Pressing and releasing and pressing harder until I gasp. I had to let go of the bullet at one point the pleasure was so intense. I almost orgasmed with that alone. I was getting tired though and I wanted to just try it alone. I pulled his hands away and asked him “daddy can I please cum?” and immediately my orgasm came hard and fast.

Magnitude 9.0 at least. He saw me creasting and cupped his hands over my mouth and nose. “Oh no” I thought. I have a love/hate relationship with breath play**.

I get to the point where I am pulling at his fingers. He said “to the count of five”, he isn’t counting slow, I’m just panicking like an idiot. It’s part of the fun though too. He lets off at 4, he’s such a good guy, and I roll over catching my breath trying to be able to swallow. Takes a little and I finally come back. The breath play extends and expands the orgasm to where they explode and meld together. Fear and orgasm. Can’t explain but boy is it intense.

We both tapped out now. Silly boi. I gave him anything he wanted and he didn’t even orgasm. It was well worth it to him of course. He got something he had been really wanting. He had wanted that vomit from me. Lol

Next time he needs to concentrate more on himself he says. He was for some reason feeling self conscious when he was masturbating. I don’t know why. I find it hot as fuck***.

I also told him later I wish there had been a man behind him fucking me while he masturbated over my face, but that just watching him alone was such a huge fucking turn on for me that had I had my bullet I definitely would have orgasmed as I have before with him doing that.

Anyway…..it was a fucking awesome time. Vomit and all.


*I’ll use a natural healthy bacterial supplement as a douche later if need be or good old fashion plain unsweetened yogurt. Potato-potato. I prefer my method and I think it works better but I haven’t done the double blind studies yet. 🤪

**Love it but you’re not supposed to do it. It’s too dangerous and risky and no doctor would advise it to be safe in any form. I find that hard to believe but whatever. I am sure there is a safe way to do almost anything. The liability thing is such a huge thing in this country. So much so doctors would probably rather kill people by the book than save them outside of the rules.

But then again, doctors can lose their licenses and have. Naturopaths end up dead under mysterious circumstances, enough to where I know at least two that are completely word of mouth only. I don’t know. Maybe I have it all wrong but the way I see it it’s healthcare that seems a bit wrong in this world.

***I told him that’s where mindfulness comes in. All mindfulness is to me is using all your senses, calmly, without judgement to really see where you are in the world, what it feels like, witness yourself, your life, using all your body, connecting to you and your environment. What are you touching, feeling seeing, hearing, how does it taste, sound, how is my heart rate, my breath… simple yet complex. Bet someone else could explain it better and differently. Lol

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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