Coffee Enemas – Part 1

This is the first of 2. In this blog we will discuss the why as well as look at the opposing thoughts. If you have no interest in coffee enemas please disregard this blog entry.

Let’s begin. So……
Ok. Even though you can easily find this information on the web and also on my Facebook page I’m still going to go through it all for edification purposes.

I LOVE coffee enemas. I had never heard of them prior to reading The Gerson Therapy book in 2009. Being Hispanic I was well aware of and had had enemas before…. but coffee?


Coffee as we all know is a stimulant. When it reaches your liver via your rectum it forces it to expel bile. Which then forces it to create fresh bile. It does more than this but we’ll stick with the basics. Your liver detoxifies your body and consequently holds A LOT of toxins in it.

To say your body is overwhelmed with toxins is an understatement, unless you happen to live in a pristine environment, and eat whole organic foods, and don’t come into contact with any pollutants, chemicals, toxins, pesticides, etc. Yeah…dream on.

Your liver is overloaded. Period! To what degree will have a lot to do with how well your body works, your genetics, your mental health, your immune system, your diet, on and on.

While I love enemas I will give you the “devil’s advocate” of them.

1) You’ll get addicted. Well……ok. a lot of people are addicted to coffee but let’s address the enema issue specifically.

Enemas hit the first foot of your colon. That’s why they ask you to keep coffee enemas in for 15 minutes (max) so that you have absorption and also the chance to move it higher. But your Sigmoid is in the first foot. That’s the area that when full says “hey….time to rock and roll”. So theoretically, your body will become lazy and bypass giving you the signal if you use them habitually. Now. I did the Gerson Therapy for 6 months straight. 5 coffee enemas a day and at the end of that my digestion was better than it’s ever been before or since and the mechanisms all worked perfectly.

But…your colon also absorbs nutrients, so when you use enemas habitually you have to make sure your diet is very high in nutrients, minerals and vitamins; ideally whole food derived. Or you will be expelling them before your body has a chance to absorb them. Now you can add them anally but I would not.

I am a less is more person and your colon is acidic for a reason and the ecosystem is sensitive and you have to know what you’re putting in and how it might affect that balance. PH balance is not just some New Age B.S. it is real and relevant to good health.

2) You’ll puncture your colon. I don’t even get this one. Please! The tube goes up about 3 inches into your rectum. You do it gently and safely with plenty of lubrication. Even colonoscopy’s (which I highly recommend everyone get when due) rarely have a puncture occur and they stick that tube clear through to the end.

3) It will cause hemehrroids. Ummmm. No. I’m pretty sure not but let’s delve in. I venture to say a good percentage of the population has them to begin with. If you are overweight, bore children, sit on the pot for more than 5 minutes, are constipated, etc. etc. chances are you have them already.

A few words of advice. Don’t bring reading material to the loo. Push them back in if possible and appropriate. That will alleviate a lot of the pain as well. I use a product called Vein Tonic Solve by an online company called Jae Bird. OMG. This product literally saved my life two years ago after a major mishap with a hemehrroidectomy. Even the script medication the ER and my gastro gave me didn’t come close to this product.

So all this said. Yes. It can aggravate your rectum if you are prone to hemehrroids, but one must weigh the pro’s and cons of everything for themselves. You can also exercise your rectum. Kegels aren’t just good for the vag. Rectal exercise helps the hemmies.

4) Someone died using coffee enemas. I haven’t checked into this story. Supposedly a YouTube couple who loved to do them habitually got harmed. Ok I believe it is possible. I’m not quite sure how, but you can die from ingesting too much water too, so sense and moderation applies to all things. Plus. Come on. Please have a plan. I suggest to have someone to help navigate your health. Isn’t that what doctors and naturopaths and the such do? Going it alone is ok if you know what the heck you’re doing. But this is your health we are talking about. Please take it seriously.

The next blog will tell you how to do them safely and effectively in complete detail because well…’s good to know the correct way to do things.


As an interesting aside colonics actually condition your entire bowel muscles. Think of it like exercise for your colon. They can be used daily for specific protocols or purposes but again….no…not generally. I personally don’t suggest it unless you’re on a really great juicing/food/supplement protocol and even then it’s a case by case situation. I don’t see clients more than 3 days a week, and even then most of them are getting infusions of vitamins, minerals, etc. for specific healing reasons and under the care of a physician.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

13 thoughts on “Coffee Enemas – Part 1”

      1. Yes. Exactly. That’s suppose to feel good. Lol. But I’m not being sponsored by anal sex. I just have a very huge preference for it. Unfortunately because of said mishap 2 years ago I have only been able to have it once painlessly since then. 😭

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      2. But also. While there is a very small subgroup of people who sexualized enemas and it has crossed my mind how to possibly incorporate them into sex…. I have never done so nor can I see a way to do it clearly. So that said. This is medicinal. Just clarifying.


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