Rainbow Unicorn, Ribbit, Two Daddies

In the sex world a “unicorn” is considered a single woman that wants to play with both parties in a couple with no strings attached. I guess I can see why they are called that. But in my mind a true unicorn is a beautiful boy trans with breasts and long hair. One that when clothed looks just like a pretty girl and when unclothed has a hard dick ready to play with. I think though… and I hate to generalize that most trans men prefer men and/or like to bottom.

So I believe a rainbow unicorn is a trans boi that wants to play with both parties in a relationship. Now that to me is mouthwatering. It’s not in the top 5 but it is on the sexual bucket list.


Brad blew it with a cute sissy boi I had been talking to and and directed to talk to him. He didn’t let me read the dialogue so I can’t say for sure what happened. What I gleaned is that Brad started taking about double penetrating me and it turned him off. I don’t know that he realizes that the people on Fetlife may be kinky and into what we are seeking but they are still people with their own desires and limits. It’s one thing to throw out a precise add for a play partner and take the best in show and quite another to find a person to incorporate in your life as also a friend.

I’m not sure what his aim is exactly. I haven’t invested any time trying to help him because we aren’t at a place I feel stable enough to want to play with others as well.


I’ve been told I put too much faith in people. I’ve been told I’m naive. I’ve been told I’m worth more than what I settle for. I am usually pretty self content is the thing. And I also believe people are capable of so much more than they even believe. I’ve never in my life felt I’ve settled, with the exception of my marriage maybe. And even then I was absolutely ok with that decision (at first)…. until the situation became unbearable….and I had to walk away.

I remember reading about a woman who was in a very abusive marriage. She routinely got beat black and blue by her partner. She somehow stuck in there and managed to get herself a higher degree and left him only after she secured an offer for a good job. That is much smarter than I’ve ever been in life. I just leap from lily pad to lily pad trying to catch my moment in the sun. One day soon I hope to end up on a stable rock and just enjoy the rest of the show.


The 6 year old says to me this morning. “Mama, I don’t think you should marry Brad. I think Brad and daddy should get married. Just like Jude has two daddies”. OMG. I laughed so hard (on the inside). I said “Yep, you’re right sweetie, that’s a great idea. Why don’t you mention it to them?” (Because sometimes I love to just see where things go). And then she says “well…daddy doesn’t seem to want to meet Brad.” These damn kids are so smart. Lol

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Unicorn, Ribbit, Two Daddies”

  1. May I kindly point out that the true “unicorn” you are describing should not be named a trans boy or trans man, but trans girl and trans woman ? A trans boy is a female-to-male transgender and uses to have a vagina and no breasts.
    Of course, there are femboys (also called bois, or gurls, or other things) that do not consider themselves truly trans-girls, but bi-gendered, agendered, queer, non-binary and even –now more than ever– sissies. They may be having oestrogen and progy, and so have grown breasts and curvy hips and bottoms, and nonetheless disagree with being considered transgirls.
    That most (if not all) femboys like to bottom is a fact; that many of them like topping is more dubious, and as far as I have seen and known, not true. For instance, I am pansexual and almost never like to top anybody (except when I am in love and, so, wanting to satisfy my mate’s wishes, whichever they are.)
    My best regards !! ❤ ✨ 🦄

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    1. Thank you for correcting me. I hate to offend anyone. It’s all so very fascinating to me. I’m all for being who you want to be. I personally hate labels. But I definitely don’t want to get assigned the wrong one. Lol

      That’s an interesting distinction that you will top when in love. That is such a beautiful sentiment. Love does miraculous things. 😉


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      1. You’re very welcome, dear 🙂 You’ve neither offended me nor anybody else, surely, but to us in the gender-variant community, a trans boy is quite the opposite of what you meant.
        As for my sex life, I enyoy hugely more bottoming, but love transcends everything else (and, then, the joy and the pleasure come from the soul) and does miracles as you well say :))

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      2. I do agree. It’s all a bit confusing to me as is all the terminology in BDSM but I ty to understand it the best I can. Thank you for your graciousness. 💋❤️


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