Soulless Monsters

I reserve a lot of my anger in life towards certain particular things and corporate greed is very high on that list.

Apple is one of the corporations I used to love. Before they became a phenomenon I was already a fan. I’m talking OG iPod and everything. But now? I’ll be the first to spit on it’s grave should I have the pleasure of seeing its demise. Unfortunately, I doubt I will ever see it. These companies just swallow each other up and grow exponentially and find new ways to control and ruin our lives. I mean improve. Uhu. Yea. That’s what I meant. 🙄

I haven’t been able to receive android texts for almost two weeks. Coincidentally right at the exact same time I did an update on my phone. I called Verizon and they said “Well…. we did all we could; your phone is just old”. I googled it and did everything I could on my end. So I gave Apple the benefit of the doubt and bought a slightly newer phone. One that has a headphone jack because I’m old, set in my ways and paranoid. Plus I don’t want to have to buy more accessories.

Everything seemed fine on the new phone until I ran the same stupid update and guess what. I’m sure you have no idea; right? Planned obsolescence, more like planned robbery. In exchange for being connected to the world these corporations want to be connected to your bank roll. They’ll let you know when they are ready to make a withdrawal. Don’t worry.

Didn’t they use to make refrigerators that lasted more than 30 years? They made them so that anyone with basic mechanical aptitude could potentially fix them too. Now? Don’t even open the panel of your own phone because it will void the warranty; as will a plethora of other things. Because you’re suppose to live in a bubble and depend exclusively on them for everything, including how to spend your money more efficiently (for their bottom line, at least).

I really hope it’s a glitch they are aware of and working day and night to fix and that tomorrow morning an update will arrive for this dilemma and I’ll find myself with a back-up phone instead of the two overpriced paperweights I find myself with now. But alas I harbor no hope.

Greed knows no bounds. And the faceless, soulless, government subsidized corporate free-for-all we have now is pungent of all the worst qualities of humanity and human existence. I find myself feeling very “Fight Club” right now. I usually say “find the positive, focus on the silver lining, find the joy”. That is my mantra. But not today. Today I have only two words.

Fuck Apple!!

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

18 thoughts on “Soulless Monsters”

  1. With Windows 10’s mandatory updates, U2’s whatever album on every iPhone by default, iTunes coming with stealth DRM and the ridiculous decision to discontinue iPod Nano series, I feel more that these corporations have shifted to testing how much they can make their customers accept.

    Oh and don’t get me started on the “wireless earpods.” Way too much to pay for something you’re gonna lose on a normal rush hour.

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  2. I have bitched for years how we are constantly being forced to throw money into this black hole. Thing used to last, people didn’t have to stay in debt to keep buying the same crap. I have complained about so much crooked stuff. The fact that they purposely design stuff to break is BS. I paid for quality but I got crap. My computer got an update years ago and blue screened after. I have also believed the reason we have viruses are because the companies like Norton put them there so they can have a job. These people should all be in prison but instead they are getting rich off the backs of hardworking yet gullible people. I went four years with one phone and the only reason I traded it in is because half of the functions stopped working. Things shouldn’t break or fall apart after four years. I can hold out and not give them money and rally for the people to do the same, but as long as everyone is willing to bend over and take it then things will not change.

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    1. Could not agree more and unfortunately the people in control are so far removed from reality and having to “budget” and corporations feel zero obligation towards anyone outside their bottom line that things will not get better of their own accord.

      We could as you said use our “consumer power” but we have gotten so dependent on technology and complacent and lazy quite frankly.

      I get it. There are only so many mountains people are willing to die on in life. We have finite energy and “give a shits”. But….. how far can this keep going?

      Such a sad, little, greedy world. If an alien dropped down from the sky right now I’d be embarrassed of the stupidity of our human race and what we’ve done and keep doing to our beautiful habitat.


      1. People have to be willing to go without the technology and make a point. There are so many way we could change the world. We absolutely could take the power back and fix everything that is wrong but it takes us all banning together to make it happen. Why do you think they go out of their way to devide us over stupid shit? It’s because if we stopped fighting among ourselves then we would realize who the real enemy is.

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  3. While I loved my iPods that I used to have I’ve been staunchly against having an iPhone for a long time now. Aside from being expensive, they break so easily then that’s all that money down the drain. Like what Mr. A said, tech can be good to connect the world, but robots to fold laundry for people who can do it themselves (for people who can’t it’d definitely come in useful) but just to lazy is ridiculous. I’ve seen it where online resources have crashed and people (who don’t have difficulties in this dept. in which case is completely understandable) have genuinely said that “Oh God, I don’t have to read books do I? It’s just so hard.” in a very whiny voice because Oh! The effort!! 😨 It’s reading!
    If we’re not careful with technology we’ll end up like the floaty chair situation in Wall-e! 😫

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    1. Or we will end up just like in the film “Idiocracy” or some species with a very large head and puny body and have robots for a mate (which now nearing reality with the hyper-realistic sex dolls I have seen on facebook)

      But to be serious, I just hope that we still have mastery of skill trade such as cooking or tailoring or plumbing. Just imagining a world filled with dirty toilets, that actually is scary! 😱

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  4. Refrigrrrrrrators – I feel your pain. We’ve been talking about planned obsolescence for so long, we’re going to have to change our ways eventually. It probably means paying more but it would be worth it if things lasted thirty years, right?

    (I’m a programmer too so like Mr. A I’m not anti-tech but I think we could do better at product stewardship)

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    1. Agree. Wholeheartedly.

      We live on a planet with finite resources. I’m not sure about other people’s wallets but mine isn’t ripping at the seems and even if it were it simply isn’t right.

      This is not just absurd and wasteful it is absolutely ruthless. And yet…… I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

      The world needs a big giant reset and if that means the demise of humans I’m absolutely fine with it. We’re a bunch of worthless fucks thinking our lives matter one iota. We play all these stupid games. Boggles my mind; all the farcical idiocies of our species.

      I totally get why people resort to violence. I totally get why people kill themselves and each other. I absolutely get why people break down. This world is fucking maddening. Maddening!!!


  5. Despite being a programmer, I share your sentiment.
    Companies today make their income from the consumer’s dependence on their products…
    I’m not anti-technology but it is kinda absurd that we rely too much on tech for our everyday lives.

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      1. In my opinion…

        I just think its so absurd, the very small lifecycle which by the way I dont know if it’s intentional or what…

        Then the laziness of some people, I mean technology is great, but a machine that folds your laundry or a robot chef that cooks for you. It’s just ridiculous…

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      2. I like to say it’s all relative. Right? Relative to people’s different realities and understanding; but such disparity is truly mind boggling.

        I’d like to take every rich person and CEO and government official and strip them of all possessions and drop them off in a homeless encampment and force them to stay a month. Without being able to reach out to their families and friends. Yea. Reality check please.


      3. I agree 😉

        Back when I was younger, I used to think that we should change the format of the election from my country. Drop off each candidate in a deserted island and let them fend off for themselves for a year. Then all of those you survived the island will face off in an arena gladiator style with a hungry lion, then cast off the people’s votes to the survivors of the arena 😅 😁

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