Common Sense (to me)

I realize I suffer from gross and negligent naïveté. I also realize I am an expert at absolutely nothing*. You would think that would stop me from weighing in on hefty subject matters; but it doesn’t. Rest assured I feel well within my rights to espouse my opinion if for no one else’s delight but my own.

1) Climate change may or may not be caused by humans. Frankly it’s an idiotic stance either way. Reality is that it’s happening and it’s detrimental to our habitat and is impacting not just our present atmosphere and weather patterns but will impact every aspect of our lives; from food and air quality, land structure and natural disasters to simply being able to stand in the sun. Can’t we stop arguing about who, why, when and just fucking handle it. Let’s be proactive although at this point it’s beyond the pro part really.

2) Mexican Caravans? We’ve done more to affect the economies and governments in South America than most people realize. Just one example: we helped lead a coo against the democratic government in Guatemala that instilled military oppression and ruined their economy. Our hands are as bloody as most world powers from any age past. It surprises no historian but my thing is fucking own this shit. Own it!!!

Why do we even have borders? Why do we even have fences and cages and them/us mentalities? It boggles my fucking mind. Truly does. You see an image of the world from space and it looks so serene and beautiful. I want to see all the wonders and meet all its cultures and people and experience it all. We selfish, useless humans are idiots of the grandest scale. We take this gorgeous, glorious world and ruin it with petty grievances, war mongering and me, mine, ours mentality.

3) Corporate greed is rampant and completely out of control and the fact that corporations have as many if not more rights than human beings is disturbing as fuck. Two example: Enron and Monsanto and there are many, many, many more. At one time corporations provided life long stability and safety for all workers and now it’s a mass cash grab for investors, CEO’s and government officials with little regard for public safety, employee retention/happiness (let alone livelihood) or environmental duty. Treason!! That’s right; I said it.

4) Big Pharma: I could rant for hours on this one. I’ve never, not once had a convincing argument with anyone where my points weren’t valid against the power that pharmaceutical companies have and yield; scholars, doctors, pharmaceutical reps. The damage these companies cause to me generally outweighs the benefits, but that’s a hard argument to push when some of these drugs do save lives. It’s how I feel about western medicine in general though: absolutely fabulous, world class, emergency care. I would want to be no where else in the world for that.

Preventative, palliative and rehabilitative care is mediocre to absolutely, deathly damaging. The flu shot this year had a less than 20% efficacy and they push it like it’s a fucking life-saver. What about all the carcinogens and additives they put in it? No one blinks twice. Everyone needs more aluminum directly in their blood stream. Don’t they?

One thing. One last thing. Why are vaccines the only drug they give to everyone exactly the same; irregardless of health issue, weight, heredity, or anything else? No other drugs are administered like this. Do you know how many billions of dollars these companies make off the fragile backs of our children? I am not giving my child over 70 vaccines before they turn 18. That’s fucking ridiculous!!!! And if there is any question whatsoever as to their danger they should err on the side of caution…. but no. You’re not even legally allowed to sue pharmaceutical companies. “Good luck suckers!”- pharmaceutical companies

I could go on…. but I’m super busy today.

I care. I truly do care but I’m beyond doing anything more than helping those I can from where I am in the world. And just laughing at the lunacy of everything else; because the alternative is to cry and I’d be crying all fucking day long.

God I need to have sex. Can you tell?? But I’m left to masturbate for the next few weeks as Brad just flew out to help his father move. Ugghhhhh. Frustrated. Don’t even have time to masturbate…… have to pencil it in for later tonight …maybe…. hopefully. This frustration needs an outlet and I’m not feeling well enough to exercise yet. I’ll just plan out my fantasies now that I’ll masturbate to later. That will be good. Gotta go! ❤️💋


*Well. I know a few things: digestive health, sexual delights, mothering, getting to a place of serenity, homeopathy, maybe a couple more. Lol. But an expert? Well, frankly, I’m just not pompous enough to even want that title.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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